Naruto: Child of Chakra [COMPLETE]

The cycle of hatred. The will of fire. The curse of hatred. These three ideologies ran the world. Sons kill their Mother. Fathers die for their sons. Friends become enemies. One massacres people to save his village, one enslaves mighty beings in the name of peace. But what happens when peace is still nowhere to be seen, even after the so-called wise men constantly kept on failing? What happens when the wars, the murders, the backstabbing never stops? What happens when the people in power are too incompetent or ignorant to hear the plight of people? A strange boy, with an unknown past and a mysterious body, who was raised by 9 powerful beings, away from the darkness of the civilization, will now stand tall. As he has seen the truth beyond his bubble. Kindness, he has enough, but not all shall receive it. Strength, he has enough, but it's time the world knows it. Follow the Journey of a strange man, confused about his origin, trying to make the world better with one head at a time. [This story is AU.] _______________________ TAGS: Overpowered MC. Slice-of-life. Humour. Wholesomeness. No-Harem. Romance. Kind MC. Old MC. Tsunade X MC. [A/N: The MC for the starting 20 chapters will be young. The story will start 150 years before the foundation of Konoha. But it will reach the timeline of Naruto by chapter 40. MC will not be a babysitter, some characters will come and go in his life. He has his personal agenda and goals. He will be very overpowered, but not above all. It will be a mix of slow and fast-paced at times. The romance lead has already been decided. It will be TSUNADE. Also, this story exists in the Omniverse ruled by Grandpa Universe.] _____________________ For advance chapters and more fics visit -www.patreon.com/misterimmortal ______________________ ***I do not claim to own anything written in this fic except my OC characters.***

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140. A Hard Lesson


Shiroken continued to chip his skull and question him, "How? Tell me your whole planning."

"I... I stopped them... from stopping the nine-tails. Kept them away... then... AAAA... then I-uh... spread rumours that they were behind it... I... and the village hate the clan... then... they tried to sta... *CRUNCH*"

Of course, Shiroken didn't want him to reveal the information about the coup attempt. After all, Itachi and the clan had already paid the price for it.



Shiroken didn't stop until Danzo understood that he was not supposed to say this. So he changed his words and weakly spoke, "I... I hired an S-ranked rogue nin and with him killed the Uchiha clan in the middle of the night."

"What about the Pain attack? Why didn't you come out to help back then? Nor did you come to help during Orochimaru's attack." Shiroken asked him.

"I hoped that... Tsunade would die or lose people's confidence, so I can become Hokage. Same with Hiruzen." Danzo answered.

"And what did you try to do to Hiruzen in the past?" Shiroken added another question.

Seeing hesitation, he took a bigger chunk of his skull, "AAAA... I TRIED TO ASSASSINATE HIM... 7 TIMES!"

People gawked at Danzo. This was a crime that they could not tolerate. They might have not felt anything for the Uchiha clan due to their bias, but him trying to kill the Hokage was surely an eye-opener.

"What about the children that you kidnapped from the orphanages or streets and provided to Orochimaru?" Shiroken asked further.

"I... I sold them to Orochimaru... for his expertise. He experimented on the children." Danzo confessed.

"And do they survive?" He inquired.

"Rarely," Danzo muttered.




People started boiling in anger. Harming children was the no-go zone for most of them, although they were being hypocrites as they also bullied Naruto, who was a kid. Still, they could not tolerate children being experimented with to death. Some people who had lost their kids in the past thought that Danzo was the one behind it, and it enraged them.


Shiroken slashed through his whole right arm that had the many Sharingan planted on it and severed it. Then he forcefully took out the Sharingan in the skull like plucking rubies from an ornament, making it as painful as possible for him.

"Now, how would you like to die?" Shiroken asked him.


Shiroken faced the crowd, "He still justifies his crimes."

Not keeping it for too long, Shiroken dragged him away, with half of his brain exposed for all to see. He cried in pain, it'd be strange if he didn't.

"THIS IS THE PUNISHMENT FOR TRAITORS." He announced and angrily swung his arm.


Danzo's body was thrown towards the sky at great speed. People saw his form slowly becoming smaller.

But then Shiroken joined his palms and thrust them towards Danzo. *WOOSH*

A bright blue beam of concentrated fire shot out of his hands and burned Danzo. The man couldn't fly, nor could he move in the air as he was nearly dead.

"AAAAA... DAMN YOU KNONOHAAAA...." Danzo cried loudly as his body turned into ashes and even ashes burned into nothingness. This was the tale of Danzo the traitor, who probably saw himself as the hero of Konoha every day in the mirror, but he was the opposite, a villain.

There were many delusional men in this world, chasing after glory, not knowing what they were doing were instead really gory.

The people of Konoha took a breath of silence as they saw Danzo getting spectacularly killed. Their hearts were cold, and some who did harbour any opposing elements in their hearts felt dread, imagining themselves in place of Danzo.

A long chapter had ended today. Hiruzen, who saw everything sighed, and a drop of tear fell from his eyes, not due to sadness for the death of his old friends, but for the fact that he could not bring his friend to the right path.

The crowd slowly dispersed. Jiraiya and Tsunade stood beside him, as they were the other two ruling members of the village. Shiroken, passing by them, walked to Shisui and handed him a closed container.

"Take this, boy. And tell Itachi to bring that crow out. You won't have to use an eyepatch this time." he jokingly said.

Shisui took his eye back in his hands. Today, his chapter came to an end. The biggest criminal of Konoha was dead. "Thank you, Lord Dama."

"Nonsense, I would have killed that guy anyway." Shiroken shrugged.

"Tsunade and Jiraiya, come with me to the infirmary. I'm going to unify Konoha today. I will not tolerate any crap about clan traditions and whatnot anymore." He sternly ordered and walked away.


The people of Konoha were scared, to be honest. Today, they saw how terrifying Shiroken can be. Although they fully supported him and wanted him to keep ruling them, now they also feared him.

This was exactly what Shiroken wanted. As he knew, that you needed to discipline the child when he made mistakes while being a loving parent. Otherwise, your ignorance boosts their confidence that they can do anything with no repercussions.

After today, many government officials will never commit corruption.


Shiroken arrived in the Hospital. It was full of activity, as many families of clan members rushed there in fear that their loved ones would die. They would not though.

When Shiroken arrived, he called for all the clan heads among those injured to talk with him in an empty room. There were clan heads of the Hyuga clan, Aburame Clan, Inuzuka Clan, Shimura Clan and a few more. He told Jiraiya and Tsunade to wait outside.

They were all in wheelchairs so there was no need to give them any seating, Shiroken had already gifted them before. He didn't stand, instead authoritatively stood and spoke, "Do you all know why your arms and legs are broken here?"

All of them looked down in shame. If the news that they were initially siding with Danzo is revealed to the public, they feared the general public, be it Shinobi or not, would be after their blood.

"LOOK AT ME DIRECTLY... I AM YOUR DEFENDER, YOUR JUDGE AND YOUR EXECUTIONER." He roared, scaring them as if they were little kids.

"You... in your selfish little greeds decided it was right to side with a man who you already knew was a criminal. For what? More land? More money?" *BAM* *BAM* *BAM*

Shiroken took out 10-kilo weighing gold bars and literally threw them to their faces, making their noses bleed. "Just tell me how much, I shall give you."

"Do you know why this world is a mess? Because of people like you. Do you know why I am doing all this? Why did I decide to stop living happily with my little family? Because people like you can't overcome your greed. You always want more, when you have that, you want more. It never ends.

"And that is why I am here, to step on your necks when your greed becomes so big that it starts killing people. I am going to bluntly say this, you either accept or die right here due to some medical complications.

"From now on, in Konoha, there shall be no clans. Sure, you can keep your techniques among yourselves, but there will be no segregation anymore. From now on, you are no different from a commoner." He announced.

"B... But you are an elder, you can't dictate us. And if Tsunade does not hear us, we will change her. Without our confidence, she can't sit at the top." The Lord of Aburame clan barked.

Shiroken walked to the man, *SLAP* A nice warm slap with a handprint was received by the man. "Did you forget what I said outside? I am Supreme Daimyo, my word is the law. *SLAP* And it's Lady Tsunade for you. *SLAP* And she has my backing, nobody can remove her from her place. *SLAP* And did you forget so quickly? You are just a commoner now, one of the many common voices, and right now, the majority love me and support Tsunade. *SLAP*

"I hope you have understood my words. Nod for a yes."

The swollen-faced Aburame Clan Head simply nodded. But then Hiashi Hyuga spoke. "What you are doing is not right. We are heads of clans, give some respect."

Shiroken mockingly replied, "Ah, finally our enslaver of Konoha speaks. You couldn't even save your own brother, the same brother whom you enslaved so he won't take over the clan someday. Just out of fear, you have enslaved most of your clan. Tell me, is it really worth it?

"And you forgo all your rights to have dignity the day you sided with that criminal, Danzo. You thought there would be no repercussions? No, you overestimated yourself. Get this in your thick skulls, I RUN THE WORLD. Do you want to oppose me? I am ready to fight."

They shivered and trembled in fear. Truly, they had hit Shiroken's patience. And Shiroken also had no pity for them, not after how a few nobles of Kirigakure ended up killing innocent boys of Dama Country.

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