Naruto: Child of Chakra [COMPLETE]

The cycle of hatred. The will of fire. The curse of hatred. These three ideologies ran the world. Sons kill their Mother. Fathers die for their sons. Friends become enemies. One massacres people to save his village, one enslaves mighty beings in the name of peace. But what happens when peace is still nowhere to be seen, even after the so-called wise men constantly kept on failing? What happens when the wars, the murders, the backstabbing never stops? What happens when the people in power are too incompetent or ignorant to hear the plight of people? A strange boy, with an unknown past and a mysterious body, who was raised by 9 powerful beings, away from the darkness of the civilization, will now stand tall. As he has seen the truth beyond his bubble. Kindness, he has enough, but not all shall receive it. Strength, he has enough, but it's time the world knows it. Follow the Journey of a strange man, confused about his origin, trying to make the world better with one head at a time. [This story is AU.] _______________________ TAGS: Overpowered MC. Slice-of-life. Humour. Wholesomeness. No-Harem. Romance. Kind MC. Old MC. Tsunade X MC. [A/N: The MC for the starting 20 chapters will be young. The story will start 150 years before the foundation of Konoha. But it will reach the timeline of Naruto by chapter 40. MC will not be a babysitter, some characters will come and go in his life. He has his personal agenda and goals. He will be very overpowered, but not above all. It will be a mix of slow and fast-paced at times. The romance lead has already been decided. It will be TSUNADE. Also, this story exists in the Omniverse ruled by Grandpa Universe.] _____________________ For advance chapters and more fics visit -www.patreon.com/misterimmortal ______________________ ***I do not claim to own anything written in this fic except my OC characters.***

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Shisui went tough on Danzo, not even giving him a chance to move. Danzo was out of his options at this point. He could only avoid Shisui's attacks, he was not even allowed to kill himself, and it filled his heart with dread, knowing that Shisui was just the first threat to his existence, the main threat was sitting at the side.

Shiroken was just sitting at the side and looking at the fight. Out of nowhere, there was even a table in front of their bench now, with a lot of dumplings, all heating and steaming.

"Tsunade, try this one, it's my favourite dumplings. It's pretty unique, Aunt Fumiko came up with this. It has a dumpling inside the dumpling. Both have different flavours. But not so different that you would feel it tastes bad. In fact, the two complement each other." Shiroken enthusiastically explained.

Tsunade picked one and ate, though she felt weird, as she was still in the middle of a fight technically, and here she was, eating dumplings. Then suddenly Monari whispered to her, "He likes dumplings a lot."

Tsunade nodded and glanced at Shiroken's face, which looked too happy while eating. ~How can someone look at a dumpling so lovingly and cutely?~ she wondered and looked at the one in her hands.

It certainly looked yummy. Just then, a voice of encouragement came from Jiraiya. She glanced at the man and found his mouth full of dumplings and now he looked like he was a chipmunk. "Tsunade, they are good, you should try."

She took a bite quickly. The next moment, her eyes widened. "IMPOSSIBLE... HOW IS THIS SO TASTY?"

Shiroken proudly and smugly laughed, "Fu Fu Fuuu... Dama Country's science of dumplings is strong... TOO STRONG..."

"Pfft..." Tsunade nearly laughed out loud.


Danzo landed on their table, spoiling all the dumplings. Shiroken angrily slapped the crap out of his face, "YOU JUST COMMITED A SIN, BOY. *BAM* MY DUMPLINGS. *BAM*"

Danzo's face swole up like a balloon. Shiroken then threw him towards Shisui, "Beat him some more."

At the same time, Shiroken brought Darui's injured body to himself and healed him. The man silently got up and joined them to watch the fight. He was just too chill with everything, and he also knew that Danzo f*cked up big time now.

"Lord Dama, I would like to come and see Dama Country once, and learn how to make Konoha like that as well." Tsunade requested.

"Sure, I can assign someone to show you around... aunt Fumiko can do it." He muttered.

But suddenly Monari punched him secretly and he got her message all clear, "Oh, I can show you around too if you want. It's a huge country after all."

"But let's finish this mess first. I think it's time the world saw for what Danzo really is." Shiroken got up and patted his clothes clean.

Shisui had already beaten him up enough. Danzo looked like a beaten ragdoll now, bloodied and crying.

"Sad for you, this is just the start of your misery. We should maybe change the location of the event now, hmm... Konoha seems to be the right place. Everyone should know what we do with the traitors after all." Shiroken grabbed him by his neck and started to drag him out of the forest of death.


He snapped his fingers and all the Shinobi forces came back to their senses and started moving. A lot of them fell down to the ground and cried in pain while the rest were confused and looked around themselves.

"Take the injured to the infirmary, then gather around the Hokage palace, Danzo will get his punishment after his crimes are announced," Shiroken ordered everyone.

"YOU ARE NOT THE HOKAGE..." A Hyuga clan member shouted, he was not injured enough it seemed.

Shiroken walked to him, *BAM* "AAAAAAARGH!..."

He stomped on his already broken leg. "I will deal with your Hyuga clan later, you dared support Danzo, a criminal like him to overthrow Tsunade. Your clan is no less than a traitor in my eyes.

"And get these words in your primitive skull, I am the Supreme Daimyo, your Daimyo Unchi has already signed his surrender to my authority. That gives me the total authority to rule this little village. DO YOU WANT ME TO PUT YOUR CLAN ON TRIAL TOGETHER WITH DANZO?"

"No... No... Lord Dama."

Hiashi Hyuga cried in pain from somewhere. The man regretted even talking to Danzo now. His clan was no match for the whole village.

"Good, it seems you still have some brain. Now lay down in the infirmary and I will deal with all the traitor clans later." He ordered and left.

Monari, Shisui, Jiraiya and Tsunade followed him behind. A few clan heads who were fine also followed them.


Shiroken's clone had already prepared everything for him. He had made sure that the entire village knew what was going to happen. He had loudly announced that all children be sent to homes and adults be present near the Hokage's office.


People love drama, even more, they love to see someone in misery. But sad for them today, they will be going home with one thought hardwired in their heads, which was "Never betray Konoha and Lord Dama."

Soon the clone disappeared and Shiroken was seen dragging Danzo's beaten body through the village slowly. It left a bloody trail behind, yet nobody dared to speak against him. As Jiraiya and Tsunade also followed behind stoically and looked injured.

The people already loved Shiroken so they had more trust in him than in the Hokage anyway. They saw Danzo getting beaten, they reckoned there must be a reason, it wasn't like they loved Danzo anyway, the man never showed himself to the public.

It was the truth, most of Danzo's allies were a few clans and clan heads. But, now all of those who supported him were in the hospital; with broken limbs, regretting their life choices and wondering if their clan will even survive anymore.

"Jiraiya, why don't you announce why we're here?" Shiroken asked.

Jiraiya nodded and loudly spoke to the people watching them. "LISTEN EVERYONE. Today... Danzo gathered some of his men from his illegal organisation. They decided to kill the envoy from Kumogakure so that a war starts between us. Then he tried to kill me and Lady Hokage, so he can become the Hokage.

"The Traitor has been caught, and many of his past crimes have been unearthed. Gather around the Hokage office to hear about his crimes."

The village was in an uproar. They had never imagined that their top brass had gone so incompetent that it was fighting among themselves for a seat that only made them the boss of one village.

It didn't take too long for all to gather. In front of the Hokage building, a small stage was created on the square. Shiroken dragged Danzo on it and made him kneel.

"When I woke up today, I thought about doing something positive, something productive. Yet, here we are, catching rats in the sewers. Seriously, Danzo has an illegal secret base underground, made from the money left by the fourth Hokage for his little son, Naruto Uzumaki, the boy many of you cursed for years." Shiroken revealed.

"Today, I caught Danzo doing the unspeakable. But, just with a small investigation, I learned about all of his past sins. My friends, how many of you have lost someone in the second and the third Shinobi wars?" He asked.

Nearly everyone raised their hands. It was understandable. Shiroken continued, "What if I told you, that a majority of the deaths were due to this man here."

"DID DANZO KILL MY MA AND PA?" One man loudly asked.

"He may have. Danzo was the person who stopped a peace treaty between Konoha and Iwa in the Third Shinobi War. Not just that, he partnered with Hanzo the Salamander, just so he can gain political power and become Hokage.

"But, what was the result? Danzo and Hanzo killed the leader of the first Akatsuki, an organisation in Ame, made by orphan children to keep their home safe and peaceful. Yes, the reason Akatsuki turned into the monster is the man right here.

"But he did many much darker things, that I will make him confess on his own, but first, why don't you see what's under his bandages?" He moved his hands towards Danzo's arm. He made sure to pack the man in bandages again to give the audience more shock.

He slowly untied the arm and soon it was for all to see, a whitened arm, with creepy and disgusting looking eyes that were Sharingan. "He used Hashirama's cells from the body in the grave to implant Hashirama's DNA in his own, then he also got these eyes from the bodies of many dead Uchihas from various wars.

"But... he didn't stop there. He aimed at one of the most peaceful and strongest Uchiha clan members, a member who could have made Konoha one of the strongest villages, a person who desired peace above all."

He untied the head bandages and showed the Mangekyo Sharingan of Shisui to all. People were in awe and shock. "He took the eyes of Shisui Uchiha."

"But... his thirst for power didn't stop there..." Shiroken put his index finger and thumb on the left side of Danzo's skull, which had a normal eye. At the same time, he whispered in his ears, "The longer you make me wait, the more painful it will get. Tell me everything I will ask... and you know the answers I want."


"AAAAAAAAAA..." Danzo screamed in pain.


"NOOOO... NO MORE..." he whimpered and cried.

*CRACK* "Tell me, who killed Uchiha Clan?" Shiroken asked.




Shiroken slowly chipped Danzo's skill like it was dried leaf. The man cried, but Shiroken didn't stop, chipping it more and more in small pieces, even his bran became visible. It was a bloody and gory scene, not for the faintest of the hearts, yet the people could not move, as they wanted to know the answers. It was a big secret and often talked about, everyone wondered who killed one of the strongest clans in the village.

In a show of blood, rage and cries, Shiroken was taking his sweet time in getting to Shisui's eye.

"SAY IT..." He forced him. *CRACK*

"IT WAS MEEEEE... GRR... AA..." Danzo screamed in a maddening painful rage. His face was completely bloody.



[A/N: Lads, Shiroken is soon going to lose it and show his astronomical strength and rage. Also, after Shiroken takes over all the villages, there will be chapters about world-building, romance, some more plots and then a time-skip to adult Naruto. We will reach the Boruto timeline but there won't be much stuff about Boruto as even I didn't see it beyond finding Mitsuki arc.

Then there will be more romance, plot and THE END. Probably around Chapter 180."

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