Naruto: Call of the cherry blossom

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Chapter 1

Life is unfair. Many dont realize this fact until their dying breath, but there are those few that figure it out at a young age. Those people are often those abandoned by those they loved, put into unrealistic situations or live a life filled with misfortune. But the one thing that all these people have in common with eachother is death.

Life has an expiration date. Some live until old age, some die on a battlefield, and some even end it themselves. The point is that they all wished to live a happy, long life. Not everyone is that lucky. Roger was one of these people.

Roger started out as a young bright child. He worked hard to achieve all that he could, while he could, because he had often thought about the fact that he was going to die one day. He got high grades in school, played sports and never went to parties. He never really felt like he was alive though. He never went out to have fun, never had any real friends, hell, he never had any real parents.

His parents were of the old school where they wanted the perfect son, he got a slightly off grade in a class, punishment, he showed any interest in skipping studying for hanging out with someone, punishment. The list goes on. He never felt safe in his own home to be himself. This was especially true when he found out his sexuality, he found out he liked other men. This made him scared of their reaction so much that he locked himself up in his own mind as to never let them cath on to his real feelings. This went on for years until he was finally drafted for the army.

The army came as a godsend at that point. Yes they were about to participate in a war, but to him, every day had been a war since he was young. A war against himself and his feelings. But in the army he allowed himself to feel, to release the part of him that had been locked away, to love.

Being able to love for the first time, he ended up starting to love a man that served in the same regiment as himself, Jacob. They spent every day in eachothers arms when they had the opportunity, this included the time they felt ready to make love to eachother. They followed this routine for nearly three years. Fighting, briefing, training, love-making. This was their life for three whole years until their time to return home came.

They ended up going their seperate ways seeing as they each had their own families that they wanted to see. While Roger knew he didnt have the most supportive family, he still had some hope and faith in them. Therefor he had decided to tell them of his relationship. He had faith that for once his parents would be happy with him, how wrong he was.

He arrived home in the early evening and was met with the table set and the dinner ready. He had greeted them and sat in on dinner, mentally preparing himself for the reveal. Once the dinner was over, he had asked for them to listen to his experiences while serving, and finally came the topic of his lovelife. He had barely managed to mention Jacob before his father blew up. He was nearly chased from the house while hearing his mother crying and his father yelling about disowning him.

Now on the street without so much as a dime on him, he started to walk in the direction of Jacobs home. The rejection from his parents had broken his spirit, but he thought that as long as he had his lover he would be alright. He walked for about an hour before he arrived outside a pretty modern home. He steeled himself and walked up towards the door. While passing a window, he was met with the sight of Jacob hugging a woman while two kids ran around his legs. He could clearly hear them yell `Dad! Dad!´ This was the last straw. Jacob was a father, a husband, a man that had played him for a fool while he, like a good little dog, followed his every little whim. Without a word he turned around and started to walk away.

Aimlessly walking around the fairly large town, he kept silent. No emotion was seen on his face, even if he was broken on many different levels, he still kept calm for as long as he could. It wouldnt do to be seen crying in public. He didnt know how or when he had gotten it, but he found himself drinking from a bottle of whiskey while continuing walking through the streets.

Not paying attention to anything other than the bottle he found himself staring into two bright lights. He had only one thought when he realised what was going to happen: `After all that has happened, I at least wanted to finish my favorite anime.´ And it all went dark.

- In another space.

He opened his eyes and just laid there. He couldnt feel anything, smell anything or even hear anything. It was as if there was nothing, HE was nothing.

After thinking of his new situation for a while, he finally managed to sit up, or what would appear to be sitting since he didnt have a body. It was as if he was only a pair of eyes with consciousness. He looked around to see if there was anything in sight, there wasnt, so he rose to a standing position and started to walk in a random direction.

Walking for a while, he kept thinking of his life. Strict family, working hard to achieve his parents recognition, finding the love of anime that he harbored, entering the army, finding a lover, coming home only to be disowned, finding out that he was a mere plaything for his then lover, and finally ending himself. He had to admit that his life sounded a quite boring in the end. He never really had anything to say in the end. He just existed.

`Was life really all it ended up being?´

`What about all those saying that life is beutiful and all that jazz?´

`Maybe this space is empty because I myself am?´

Many thoughts invaded him, making him contemplate wether it really was for the best that he finally freed himself.

He kept walking for hours, days, weeks, months, or even years. Time was irrelevant to him now. After all this time however, he could only think of one thing, his final thoughts as a living being...

`.... I at least wanted to finish my favorite anime....´

With that thought, what seemed to be a blue panel opened in front of him. It resembled those found in video-games.

- Hello, and welcome to `THE NEW LIFE´ -

He blinked owlishly at the introduction. Cautiously, he tapped the screen, making it change.

- The new life is a program introduced to those that believe they havent seen the best life has to offer. You, Roger, are one of them. Here you will get the chance to be reborn into another world, only restricted by your imagination. -

His first thought was, of course, that it was too good to be true, but the screen changed once again.

- Like you might believe, there is a catch for this opportunity. -

`Of course.´

- The person initiated into the program must live life to the fullest. This also means that if you die prematurely, you will not be allowed into the afterlife. Of course, this only applies to you if that situation occurs, so have no fear. -

He let out an audible sigh.

- Now, this panel is not only here to instruct you on what is to happen, but also will allow you to choose your world. Families will be random, however, if you choose worlds such as one piece, you will be allowed to make a devil fruit. Same goes for other worlds. You will be able to choose a couple of perks. Now the selection can begin. -

He looked over the panel once it started to show names of different worlds.

{ One Piece }

{ Hunter x Hunter }

{ Pokemon }

{ Harry Potter }

{ Cyberpunk }

{ Elder scrolls }

{ The Walking Dead }

There were a lot of choices. There was, however, one world that he simply couldnt pass up on and he pressed the select button.

- Thank you for choosing the world of { Naruto }. As previously explained, families/clans will randomly be selected and cannot be changed once selected. Please spin the wheel! -

Many names of famous clans came forth.

{ Senju }

{ Uzumaki }

{ Uchiha }

{ Shimura }

{ Kurama }

{ Otsutsuki }

{ Aburame }

{ Hyuuga }

{ Nara }

{ Yamanaka }

{ Akimichi }

{ Hatake }

And those were only the few that were immediatly shown. Many more names were displayed across the board as he prepared himself with a deep breath. His starting clan would be either a boon or a curse. The biggest downside would probably be the Otsutsuki and Uchiha. Otsutsuki because of their power hungry ways, and Uchiha because of their pride and arrogance.

He took a deep breath and let it out as he prepared for the worst but hoped for the best. He finally pressed the button that had the word SPIN on it, causing the names to light up in quick succession. They kept changing for nearly a minute before landing on a specific name that he had honestly hoped he wouldnt get.

`Well, fuck..... Im a Haruno...´

- Congratulations on getting yourself a new family. The next and final step will be to choose your perks. Please refer to the next screen. -

`Well, if Im going to be a Haruno, might as well be the most badass one to ever emerge...´