Naruto: Blind Hyuga

He was a transmigrant from Earth and was born in the Hyuga branch family. To avoid being controlled by anyone, he willingly became blind. But with his blindness came his cheat that is template of Fujitora from One Piece. Patreon Link:https://www.p@treon.com/Hkj822 Discord: https://discord.gg/3bVuQxhY

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Ch-5 Acceptance of Terms

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Finally, Jiryoku reached the meeting hall of the Hyuga clan, where Hiashi and the elders were waiting. At this time, there was one more person present - none other than Hyuga Hizashi.

"Good day to everyone present here," Jiryoku said as he bowed slightly.

However, Jiryoku's bow was just a simple greeting. He didn't bow respectfully and greet the clan head like he did before. Seeing this, the Hyuga elder became displeased and spoke up, "Don't you know that the clan head and elders of the clan are sitting in front of you? You should show proper respect by bowing and greeting them properly."

Jiryoku spoke calmly, "And why should I bow respectfully to you all when I know that I will be expelled from this clan? It would be meaningless."

The Hyuga elder spoke up, his tone sharp and laced with disapproval. "And what gives you the confidence to believe that after what you've done, you can simply walk away from the esteemed Hyuga clan without facing any consequences?"

Jiryoku spoke with a smile on his face, "Considering that what happened in the hospital was witnessed by many civilians, it is likely that news of it has reached the ears of Hokage-sama. I believe that our Hokage-sama, being a kind and benevolent person, would never let any harm come to me."

The faces of everyone present in the meeting hall changed rapidly upon hearing those words.

Hiashi suppressed his shock and spoke, "I had high expectations from a genius like you. Why did you do this?"

Jiryoku replied, "If you have already heard about what happened in the hospital, then you must know the reason behind it. Therefore, I don't see the need to waste your time or mine by repeating the same thing."

Hizashi attempted to convince Jiryoku by saying, "Jiryoku, what you did was wrong. The branch family is responsible for protecting the main family and carrying the legacy of the Hyuga clan even further."

Jiryoku responded calmly, "Do you really believe that from your heart? I don't think so. If you truly believed it, then you wouldn't have tried to stop your son, Neji, from receiving the same cursed seal, the Cage Bird Seal, that you received. You wouldn't have begged your elder brother to spare your son from the same fate."

Hizashi was rendered speechless upon hearing Jiryoku's words and did not say anything further.

Hiashi declared, "Enough, Jiryoku. Starting today, you will no longer be allowed to reside within the Hyuga clan compound. You will live in the area where all the orphaned civilians reside. As your parents died fighting for the village, you will receive a proper living allowance. Furthermore, from this day forward, you will have nothing to do with the Hyuga clan. You will not be allowed to use 'Hyuga' as your title."

Jiryoku firmly expressed his acceptance of the terms, except for the last part. He said, "I agree to your every term, except the one where I cannot use the Hyuga surname. It's not because I want any benefits, but because this surname was given to me by my father and mother. It's impossible for me to not use it. However, I am not proud of this surname. If I had to choose, I would rather not have it. Therefore, I won't announce my name as Hyuga Jiryoku, but only Jiryoku. However, on an official basis, my name will be Hyuga Jiryoku."

Hiashi glanced at the Hyuga Elder, who nodded in agreement. Hiashi then turned to Jiryoku and said, "Alright, you can leave now." He then addressed the Hyuga ninja who had brought Jiryoku and said, "Take him to the place where war orphans live after they become independent. He will be allowed to live there."

"Understood, Clan Head," the Hyuga ninja bowed to Hiashi. He then turned to Jiryoku and said, "Follow me." Jiryoku complied and began to follow the ninja.

"Wait a minute, isn't he blind? How can he walk so easily?" one of the Elders spoke up.

"I agree. This must be a conspiracy. He must have conspired with someone in the hospital and faked everything," said the other Elder.

"Stop and open your eyelids. Show us your eyes," said the Elder.

The Hyuga elder, too, had doubts so he refrained from stopping the other elders.

Jiryoku couldn't resist shaking his head and smiling mockingly as he opened his hollow eyes. The elders were rendered speechless when they saw this.

"This incident proves that what I did was absolutely correct." Jiryoku said while shaking his head. Jiryoku turned towards the Hyuga ninja and spoke "Please take me to my former house first. I need to collect some of my essential belongings before moving to my new residence."

Subsequently, Jiryoku and the Hyuga ninja departed from the meeting hall.

One of the Hyuga clan elders expressed their concern about Jiryoku's intelligence, stating, "He is very clever. He must be eliminated, or he could become a threat to the Hyuga family in the future."

"Firstly he can't be killed if we do this we will offend Hokage sama. And secondly Jiryoku is a rational person we didn't do anything that harmed him nor did anyone misbehaved with his father or mother so he doesn't have any point to have enmity for our Hyuga clan."analysed Hiashi calmly.

"Besides, Jiryoku is not a threat to our clan as long as we don't give him any reason to be. We just need to keep a watchful eye on him and make sure he doesn't cause any trouble," added Hiashi.

The elders nodded in agreement, realizing that Hiashi was right. It was better to keep Jiryoku alive and under surveillance rather than risk offending the Hokage and creating unnecessary enemies.

The Hyuga elder affirmed Hiashi's stance and advised against any actions for the time being, reminding the listener of their previous words.

All those present nodded in agreement, except for one elder who had remained silent throughout the meeting and had always been in favor of Jiryoku's death. Hiashi then adjourned the meeting and everyone dispersed. The elder in question was Hyuga Tanai, who returned home where his son asked him if Jiryoku had been killed.

Hyuga Tanai stated that "The Hokage had intervened in the matter and that they were not permitted to kill Jiryoku or subject him to the Curse Mark Cage Bird technique. Furthermore, since Jiryoku had no animosity towards the Hyuga clan, it was deemed to be a relatively insignificant issue by most people."

"He won't have any idea what happened, right?" asked Hyuga's son.

Hyuga Tanai became enraged and smacked his son on the head. "This is all because of you! If you hadn't done what you did, like everyone else, I wouldn't have to worry so much!" he exclaimed.

"What can I say? I was just having fun, and she died. She was so fragile," replied the elder's son. However, this time his face was twisted with madness and lust, making him look disgusting. "And what can he do? He's blind and doesn't have any family support, so we don't have to fear him," he continued.

"Shut up! Don't even mention it. It's because of your madness that I have to face so many problems," scolded Hyuga Tanai. "I fear him because of his cleverness and the way he does things so calmly. And if he really knows the truth about his parents and yet remains composed, then there's no one more dangerous than him."

"I hope my worries are unfounded," said Hyuga Tanai.

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