17 Ch-17 Gravity Field

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Root members were startled as they laid eyes upon a mysterious figure adorned in a flowing black cloak, concealing their identity, and a fearsome monster mask tightly secured to their face. "Who are you and why are you attacking Konoha?" asked the captain of this operation. Although words escaped the captain's lips, his subordinates instinctively grasped their duties, swiftly preparing to sound the alarm within the barrier still encompassing the Uchiha clan compound.

Unbeknownst to the Root members, every detail of their actions was meticulously observed by Jiryoku, 'Gravity Manipulation': Jiryoku manipulated the gravity around the members of Root and increased it by 5 times, making them almost immobile. He also decreased the weight of his own body by reducing gravity around him by 5 times. At a fast speed, he attacked the members of Root. The velocity of his strikes was astonishing, enhanced by the amplified gravity that reduced the movements of Root ninjas to a lethargic crawl. This advantageous circumstance further facilitated Jiryoku's lethal endeavors, fueled by his utilization of the formidable Storm Chakra mode. With unfathomable speed, he systematically eliminated each Root member present in the vicinity, leaving naught but a trail of swift demise in his wake.

Just as the last two members of Root were about to meet their demise at the hands of Jiryoku, suddenly a barrage of shuriken tied with explosive tags came hurtling towards him. In response, Jiryoku swiftly unleashed a Gravity Pulse, generating shockwaves through the manipulation of gravity. The force of the shockwaves pushed everything back, causing the shuriken to be repelled and fall in the direction of the Root ninjas. Caught off guard, the Root ninjas were left embarrassed as they hastily dodged the incoming projectiles. Seizing the opportunity while they were occupied with evasion, Jiryoku swiftly ended the lives of the remaining Root ninjas who had previously escaped his clutches due to the intervention of their comrades attacking him at that time.

Even though the Root ninjas were taken aback and had to dodge the explosion caused by the explosive tag, they were elite ninjas who quickly surrounded Jiryoku. Simultaneously evading attacks, they launched a barrage of ninjutsu in his direction, including 'Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu,' 'Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu,' and 'Wind Style: Great Breakthrough.' Through his keen Observation Haki, Jiryoku, perceived these incoming ninjutsu and tapped his sword upon the ground. As he did, the earth began to rise, forming a protective barrier that shielded him within. Additionally, he increased the gravity around the barrier, further fortifying its defenses.

As the effects of the ninjutsu subsided, Jiryoku suddenly heard the distinct sound of sizzling—multiple sizzles, to be precise. He immediately realized that it was the sound of explosive tags, and if he were caught in their explosion, certain death would be his fate. Inwardly regretting his decision to employ this defensive move, as it also confined him like a coffin, Jiryoku found himself with only one option left: 'Gravity Pulse.' Without hesitation, he activated the technique, channeling even greater strength into it. The earth's surface, which had been covering him, was repelled from his center, hurtling towards the group of Root ninjas. However, this time they were prepared, swiftly employing the body flicker technique to swiftly vacate the area.

As the effect of the Gravity Pulse subsided, the Root ninjas launched an immediate assault on Jiryoku. Sensing their approach, Jiryoku anticipated their movements and, as they closed in, he unleashed the Storm Slash technique. A powerful slash surged forth, traveling in a single direction, striking those who were in close proximity. Only those at a certain distance managed to evade this devastating move. On the other side, the remaining Root ninjas disregarded the demise of their comrades, viewing it as an opportunity to seize upon Jiryoku. However, to their astonishment, when three Root ninjas approached within a three-meter range of Jiryoku, they became severely slowed down by the gravitational force surrounding him. Before they could react, all three suffered fatal wounds inflicted by Jiryoku, leading to their demise.

There were initially 30 Root ninjas present inside the Uchiha Compound, entrusted with the task of confiscating the Sharingan and disposing of the bodies of Uchiha clan members. However, now only 14 Root ninjas remained, consisting of 5 Jonins and the remaining elite Chunins within their group. One of the Root ninjas, pointing at a Jonin and three Elite Chunin, commanded, "Go and inform Master Danzo about this situation and request further orders." All three of them nodded, preparing to depart. However, at that very moment, Jiryoku, who had remained silent for whole time, spoke up, declaring, "Who gave you permission to leave? Every single one of you shall find your final resting place here, and no one shall be allowed to escape."

As Jiryoku uttered these words, a black circle manifested on his wrist, indicating the activation of the First Stage of the Evolving Amplifier Mark(EAM), which doubled his current strength. With determination in his voice, he invoked his ability, commanding, "Gravity Field."

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