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Upon Hagoromo's hand resting on the coffin, the container began to emanate a brilliant green radiance. Mere seconds later, the ornate gate of the coffin swung open, revealing a man in his early thirties. The presence of this unknown individual left everyone present in a state of perplexity, for the existence of the Sage of Six Paths' sons had remained shrouded in obscurity, their names absent from the annals of history.

With eyes now wide open, the man spoke, "Father, you have summoned my soul from 'The Pure Land.' It appears that Mount Myoboku is under a dire threat."

Hagoromo acknowledged his son's observation with a solemn nod and replied, "You are absolutely correct, Ashura. I have called upon you to safeguard Mount Myoboku. Through my 'Creation of All Things Technique,' I have restored your youth, bestowing upon you the strength to counter the aggressor who seeks to annihilate the sanctity of Mount Myoboku."

Ashura, having grasped the gravity of the situation, cast his gaze upon Jiryoku. He was privy to all the events transpiring around him, as his father had employed the Rinnegan's genjutsu to convey the situation in mere moments.

Hagoromo, emphasizing the limits of this unique revival, added, "Always bear in mind, Ashura, that once your Chakra is fully depleted, you will be automatically returned to 'The Pure Land.'"

Ashura nodded with the knowledge that his father's Rinnean ability allowed for a temporary resurrection from the dead, where the individual's Chakra would burn until exhaustion, ultimately leading them back to 'The Pure Land.'

Following this, Hagoromo made his departure from the scene, leaving Ashura to address the gathered individuals. Ashura, while shifting his attention towards Gamamura, expressed his concern, saying, "Great Toad Sage, it is advisable for you to retreat from this immediate vicinity. The impending battle may escalate to levels of destructive force that could compromise your safety."

Gamamura acknowledged the warning and replied, "We shall indeed withdraw to a safer distance, but we bear witness to this confrontation for a reason. Our losses at the hands of Jiryoku are numerous, and it is our solemn wish to witness his ultimate defeat."

Understanding the gravity of their intent, Ashura nodded and consented, saying, "Very well, then. Retire to a secure location."

Turning his gaze to the assembled ninja from various villages, Ashura issued a similar directive, "To all those gathered here from various regions, I implore you to withdraw as well. The forthcoming clash will prove catastrophic, and the risk to your well-being is considerable. In the aftermath, injury or worse could befall you."

Receiving this counsel, every individual complied promptly, fully aware of the formidable power standing before them. They comprehended the imperative to exercise caution, recognizing Ashura as the son of Sage of Six Paths.

In a final turn to Jiryoku, Ashura expressed a hint of regret, stating, "I would have preferred to avoid a confrontation over mere words, my friend. It seems you are driven by a fervent desire for battle, a true aficionado of combat."

Jiryoku, while locked in this pivotal moment, felt compelled to clarify his motivations. With a sigh, he began, "Many folks argue that my attack on Mount Myoboku, fueled by a solemn vow to obliterate it, is merely a facade designed to satiate my desire for battles against formidable adversaries. However, allow me to clarify one key point—I am not the protagonist of some narrative, where an author may conveniently forget the oath I made. I pledged to destroy Mount Myoboku, and I am no protagonist who can be swayed by the charms of a beguiling female character, no matter how captivating they may be. If that were the case, I'd have been manipulated countless times before. My ultimate reason for assaulting Mount Myoboku is rooted in a far more substantial cause. The driving force behind my actions is the need to shatter the foundation of their unwavering ego. They've always known that any who dared assail Mount Myoboku would have to confront the formidable Jiraiya, the revered Toad Sage, and even the mighty Konoha—the powerhouse among ninja villages. Moreover, they possess the ace up their sleeve, the support of the Sage of Six Paths himself. I aim to dismantle this towering ego, and, of course, they must bear the consequences of dismissing my warnings—total annihilation," Jiryoku declared with unwavering conviction, his countenance remaining stoic and resolute.

Ashura, realizing the futility of attempting to persuade Jiryoku, sighed with resignation. He comprehended that convincing Jiryoku was a lost cause.

With astonishing agility, Ashura vanished from view, materializing right before Jiryoku. He thrust his fist decisively toward Jiryoku, illustrating his commitment to this confrontation. Jiryoku, however, held no intentions of taking this clash lightly. On the contrary, he regarded it with the utmost seriousness.

Employing his extraordinary 'Observation Haki: Future Sight,' Jiryoku detected the impending strike with uncanny foresight. He precisely foresaw the trajectory of Ashura's attack and executed a swift sidestep, positioning himself to deliver a sidelong punch at Ashura. Yet Ashura was no pushover; he had keenly observed Jiryoku's movements. Beneath his left hand, a secondary hand materialized, composed entirely of chakra, primed for combat. With impeccable timing, Ashura's chakra-infused hand swiftly counteracted Jiryoku's punch.

Ashura's chakra hands bore immense strength. In the past, he had demonstrated their might while facing his older brother, Indra, effectively parrying the relentless assaults of Indra's formidable Susanoo.

Jiryoku's punch, ensconced in 'Armament Haki: Internal destruction,' proved sufficient to dismantle Ashura's chakra hand, as soon as Jiryoku's punch hit the Chakra hand of Ashura. However, Ashura's genuine, unassisted hands remained free and ready to strike. In a swift, fluid motion, Ashura thrust his fist toward Jiryoku, propelling him backward with a force akin to a rocket, causing him to collide unceremoniously with the earth. The resounding impact left an indelible mark on the battlefield, echoing the uncompromising intensity of their skirmish.

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