1 Chapter 1 Meeting Kami

In the middle of the night at the streets of Konoha, one could see a small child running from a mob that were holding weapons. Blonde hair, tanned complexion, skinny figure due to the lack of nutrition, shabby and bloody clothes.

This was Naruto, the infamous village pariah who was known for making pranks by many, and for housing the Kyuubi by few.

"Fuck! We can't let him escape!"

Yep this was happening.

Naruto ran as fast as he could, tears dripping from his eyes. He couldn't remember what he actually did for him to deserve this aside from the harmless pranks that he did.

'Shit, I'm at my limit', he thought as he made a quick jump to a normal sized fence that separated the village to a farmland outside Konoha.

"Look, he's slowing down!"

"Finally, out of the village!"

"Get that demon!"

As soon as Naruto heard the last line, he wanted to retort 'I'm not a demon!' but failed as he tripped himself and hit his head on the ground so hard that blood was gushing out of his forehead.

"We finally caught you little fucker!" The man that was leading the chase said. "Who knew a demon like you could run so fast"

Naruto was horrified as when saw the man taking out a knife and wanted to scream but was too late as the knife was stabbed on his chest where the heart was located.

"Oi! You shouldn't have killed the demon, the Hokage favors that child very much!" One mob shouted.

The man who stabbed Naruto only smirked, "I no longer care about his laws! Fuck the Hokage!" He shouted.


"We finally avenged our familes!"

"The village will thank us for this!"

The mob were cheering as they finally ended the life of the supposedly 'demon' that was Naruto while the latter's body was lifeless on the ground.

"How courageous…"

A man wearing a cloak suddenly revealed himself out of the woods.

The mob turned to where the mysterious man was and quickly raised their weapons as to fight this stranger. "Hey man, you better stay out of this." The mob leader wearily said.

"This does not concern you."

The cloaked man suddenly smiled, "Killing is for me okey-doke," but the smile became devilishly psychopathic., "But children... are off-limits."

Killing intent began to rise and choked the mob due to its malicious nature. "Tell me," the cloaked man spoke.

"Do you bleed?"

Location: *Unknown*

For what it felt like eternity, Naruto woke up to a white endless space. No sound, no movement.


Wait... did he die?

Naruto noticed he was wearing nothing; he was butt naked but couldn't see his genitals.

Oh. My. God.

Not only was he naked but he was also castrated!

"No, no. Naruto calm down." He tried to calm himself but failed to do so. "Ahh!"

This went on for a while.

Sighing sadly, Naruto looked around to see anything worth notice. There was something going on far away, but it was too far that it looked like a dot in his vision.

The blonde walked for at least an hour to see a long line of people with yellow halos above their heads.

"Look at these morons trying to look like angels." Naruto muttered, he looked to see if he had one and oh shit, he did!

Now he felt like a moron too!

No, he was the moron!

While the people in line had golden colored halos, Naruto's was rainbow that was always moving.

'Well at least mine's unique," he thought.

'I've always known I'm special anyways.'

Naruto quickly fell in line despite not knowing what the line was for. Fortunately, it didn't take too long for his turn to God knows what.

An old majestic bearded looking man wearing a white robe that had golden designs on them was patiently waiting for Naruto to go near him.

"Welcome my child" the old man said.

As soon as Naruto heard the old man's voice, he was in awe as every word that came out of the old man's voice contained absolute power. He felt like he was looking at a God.

"Well I am God, my child." The old man said as if he was reading Naruto's thoughts.

"I am reading your thoughts."

"Umm… you're weird old man, are you a magician or something?" Naruto scratch his head despite being in awe.

The old man sweat dropped but then laughed loudly, "It's been thousands of years since anyone had the gall to say that I'm weird"

"Hehe but of course, I'm the great Naruto after all!" Naruto cheekily said while flexing his arms.

The old man couldn't but laugh again, he kinda like this boy. "My child, you're something else. Tell me, do you know why you're here?"

"Oh yeah! I was about to ask you that before you creepily read my thoughts." Naruto said, "What's this place? All I remembered was getting stabbed in my boobs"

This time, the old man turned serious and sighed, "My child, this place is where I decide who goes where." He then smiled, "This is technically heaven."

Naruto had 'O' face when he heard 'heaven', "Wait, if this is heaven then who are you?" He asked.

"I am God, the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. But you may know me as Kami." He smiled at Naruto whose eyes almost popped out.

Faster than even the God has ever seen, the blonde kowtowed and yelled, "I'M SO SORRY KAMI-SAMA, I CALLED YOU WIERD AND OLD, I'M VERY SORRY!"

At this point, God laughed so hard that tears were falling out of his eyes, "It's alright my child! I kinda find it nice of you to be true and honest with your opinions!"

God helped Naruto up, "My child, there's no need to kowtow before me. The Child of Prophecy should never bow to anyone." He said.

Naruto sheepishly laughed and then sighed, "by the way ol- Kami-sama, where have you decided to put me?" He asked.

God smiled to Naruto heartily and said, "My child, do you see that halo if yours? That means you are special; you are the child of the prophecy."

Naruto got into thinking pose, "Well I've always known I'm special, but what's this prophecy thing?" He literally got no idea.

"Just know that you are very special, tell you what…" God said, "I'm gonna give you three wishes and send you back to your world." He said.

Naruto got stars in his eyes, "Really!? Like really?!" He yelled earning him a nod.

Naruto then turned serious but still smiled, "Then my first wish is to turn the total wish to 5 wishes!" He cheekily said.

This shook Kami, for the very first time in his life, he lost composure. "Yo-YOU BRAT!" He shouted comically.

"Three wishes are already taxing energy wise!" Kami shouted at Naruto.

"But wishes are meant to be kept fulfilled!" Naruto cheekily replied/shouted.

The bickering went on for minutes but Kami dejectedly gave in, there was no use arguing with a blockhead like this blonde.

"Then my second wish!" Naruto smirked at Kami,

"Is to get a system!"

"Ah, where did you learn tha- never mind..." Kami sighed and clapped his hands while sarcastically shouted "Congratulations for being amazingly cliché!"

"Heh! Whatever, my third wish is for me have an ability to duplicate anything I touch." Naruto said, "Fourth is time control."

Kami sighed; Naruto was asking too much. "Duplication skill will have a cooldown of 10 minutes, and time control can only be used twice a day for the duration of five minutes."

He said, "No objections."

"Fair enough," Naruto sighed, "my last wish… ultra-comprehension and photographic memory" he said the sentence quickly as hoping for that wish to be accepted.

Kami sighed, "I'll make an exception this time, come here, I'll bless you with your wishes." He placed his hand on Naruto's forehead.

"May you have an adventurous and eventful journey, Naruto Namikaze."

With that, a bright light shined even brighter than the already white room.

"Sorry my child... Giving you a system is no fun, I hope you understand"

Location: Forest near the farmlands of Konoha

The once dead body of Naruto regained its life, and woke the soul of the sleeping child of prophecy.

"Where am I?"

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