Naruto, Be My Son

Synopsis: After the Summit War, once hailed as one of the Four Emperors of the New World and the world's strongest man, "Edward Newgate," believed that today he would rest in peace at the Marine Headquarters. However, when he opens his eyes, he finds himself in a place called the "Ninja World" and encounters a child named "Naruto." "Gurarararara Kid, do you have parents?" Trembling in the presence of the giant-like Whitebeard, the five-year-old Naruto was scared, "N-No, I'm Uzumaki Naruto, and I... I'm an orphan dattebayo" "Naruto, be my son!" "Huh???" Note: This is a Chinese Translation 鸣人,做我儿子吧 Release Schedule: 7 Ch/Week ================== You can support me on Patreon and Read 50++ Chapters in advance pat reon.com/GMadman

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Chapter 70: The Harvest! Tool Ninja Kakashi Hatake

 On the other side, 

 "Cough!" Naruto, acting like a little adult, strained his little face and imitated his pops's expression.

 Then, he spoke to Uzumaki Fuushi and Karin, "Our Whitebeard Pirates, first of all, it's a pirate crew."

 "The most important thing a pirate crew should do is to occupy territory, rob treasures, and recruit companions!"

 He was discussing the Whitebeard Pirates' style 

 with the two "new daughters" his pops had recently adopted.

 Looking at Naruto's enthusiastic and serious appearance, Uzumaki Fuushi didn't interrupt him. Instead, she listened to this little adult talk with a gentle smile.

 "Occupy territory, rob treasures, recruit companions? Is that what Dad is doing now?"

 Karin was holding her mother's thin hand.

 Her little face was full of confusion.

 "That's right!"

 Naruto gave her a thumbs up, still clumsily imitating Whitebeard's speaking style: "Karin, your understanding is very high. You are indeed a family member of Whitebeard Pirate!"

 "We have already taken down the Kusagakure Village. Now the entire Kusagakure Village is our territory. This is 'occupying territory'. From now on, the Kusagakure Village has to pay us taxes every year."

 "Of course, since this is our territory. Once the Kusagakure Village is attacked, it's equivalent to attacking the Whitebeard Pirates, equivalent to provoking the Whitebeard Pirates!"

 "Pops once said that if anyone dares to do this, the Whitebeard Pirates will definitely counterattack and crush the other party!"

 Naruto is now in the shape of a "pirate".

 It's just that this pirate doesn't want to become the Pirate King. After all, in the "ninja world", there is no concept of Pirate King

 He is a little pirate who wants to surpass Hokage.

 "Recruiting companions is easy to understand." Naruto said: "We are all family members adopted by Pops. This is recruiting companions. Pops once said that family is the most important! The Whitebeard Pirates have always been... been...

 "Upholding?" Uzumaki Fuushi prompted when Naruto got stuck.

 "Oh! Right!"

 Naruto who hadn't been to school suddenly realized: "Pops once said that the Whitebeard Pirates have always upheld the principle of family first. Family is everything. The Whitebeard Pirates are a family!"

 Naruto believes that he is not only Pops's son.

 He is also the first crew member of the new Whitebeard Pirates. He has the responsibility and obligation to explain some things to two "newcomers".

 In fact.

 He was also repeating what Whitebeard had once said to him.

 And it wasn't complete when he repeated it.

 Because .....

 The hot-blooded idiot can't remember very clearly.

 "Family, home." Uzumaki Fuushi's hand, holding onto Karin's slender hand, trembled slightly. Even though she was already an adult, facing these two luxurious words...

 She still found it hard to remain calm.

 She looked at Naruto in front of her.

 Starting from last night...

 This child, who also has the surname Uzumaki, is he her family too?

 With this thought in mind, 

 The look in Uzumaki Fuushi's eyes towards Naruto became even gentler

 "Hehe!" Naruto suddenly showed an excited smile like a little fox: "And now, what our Whitebeard Pirate Group has to do is plunder treasures! Pops told us to find out where the Kusagakure Village hides their treasures!"

 "Uncle Kakashi! Please!" Naruto turned his head to look at Kakashi, who had a speechless face and was full of black lines

 "...I know."

 The dead fish eyes that Kakashi showed were full of resistance.

 But he had to compromise.

 Because it was not Naruto who was asking him.

 It was Whitebeard asking him.

 "Ninja art: Summoning Jutsu!" Kakashi took out a scroll, bit his thumb, 


and slammed it hard on the scroll.


 "Woof woof woof!"

 A group of ninja dogs wearing Leaf Village headbands were summoned by him. This kind of summoning technique made Naruto's eyes shine.


 "Uncle Kakashi, can you teach me this?"

 Naruto's eyes were like flashlights.

 Kakashi ruffled Naruto's hair and decisively refused: "Let's talk about it after you understand the Three Body Technique I taught you a few days ago!"

 "Kakashi, why did you call us out again?"

 The only talking ninja dog "Pakkun" had a more depressed dog face than Kakashi.

 It even yawned.

 Kakashi put one hand in his pocket and the other on Naruto's head: "Pakkun, you should be able to smell the ink of money, right?"

 "I can." Pakkun was confused: "You want me to track money? I don't like that smell. Money is the dirtiest thing that human have."

 "Hmm!" Kakashi said: "It would be best to find where the Kusagakure Village hides their money."

 Pakkun was listless: "This doesn't seem like your style, Kakashi. Could it be that Whitebeard asked you to do this?"

 Kakashi looked at Pakkun.

 Pakkun looked at Kakashi.

 Three eyes met.

 Silence without words.


 Pakkun, the dog, sighed dejectedly, feeling that his future life as a dog would be difficult. Would he have to smell money every day?

 Kakashi said to Naruto: "If you follow Pakkun, you'll be able to locate Kusagakure Village's money."

 "Great!" Naruto was very happy, with a brilliant smile.

 The efficiency of the ninja dogs was very high. Even though most of Kusagakure Village had turned into ruins and there was still a faint smell of blood in the air.

 They still found the place with the strongest smell of money.

 It was under the collapsed office building of the leader of Kusagakure Village!

 But a large pile of ruins from the collapsed building.

 Made Naruto scratch his head.

 "Uncle can you move these things?" It wasn't until Karin timidly suggested it.

 Naruto: "Right!"

 Kakashi: "..."

 "Uncle Kakashi~" Naruto looked up at Kakashi.


 If he had another choice, he'd rather disobey the Third Hokage rather than follow Whitebeard and Naruto.

 Taking a deep breath.

 Kakashi said: "You guys step back a bit."

 He quickly formed hand seals.

 "Earth Release: Earth Splitting Technique!!"


 The earth...

 Split open!

 A large amount of building ruins also retreated to both sides, revealing a not-so-small underground space in front of them. The area of this underground space is estimated to be nearly a thousand square meters.

 Kakashi looked down.

 Even he.

 Was stunned.

 "How much village funds did the leader of Kusagakure Village embezzle?" He couldn't help but blurt out such a sentence.

 The underground space of nearly a thousand square meters was filled with piles of banknotes, each pile at least 1.5 meters high.

 The length and width are about the same as a double bed.

 There are more than ten piles!

 In addition, there is a small pile of gold bars stacked in the corner. Under the sunlight, it looks extremely golden. Those who don't know might think they have dug into a bank vault.

 Uzumaki Fuushi next to him was shocked and murmured: "These banknotes add up to 200 million Ryo, right? These gold bars added up might also sell for 200 million Ryo?"

 "Four hundred million Ryo?!" Kakashi's dead fish eyes also widened.


EvenKonoha, such a super large-scale ninja village.

 The annual budget is only one billion Ryo.

 "This village leader... he's really good at making money..." Kakashi was shocked.

 No wonder Kusagakure Village looks so poor. Even the ninjas don't have a few exploding tags on them.


 All the money is right here!



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