Naruto, Be My Son

Synopsis: After the Summit War, once hailed as one of the Four Emperors of the New World and the world's strongest man, "Edward Newgate," believed that today he would rest in peace at the Marine Headquarters. However, when he opens his eyes, he finds himself in a place called the "Ninja World" and encounters a child named "Naruto." "Gurarararara Kid, do you have parents?" Trembling in the presence of the giant-like Whitebeard, the five-year-old Naruto was scared, "N-No, I'm Uzumaki Naruto, and I... I'm an orphan dattebayo" "Naruto, be my son!" "Huh???" Note: This is a Chinese Translation 鸣人,做我儿子吧 Release Schedule: 7 Ch/Week ================== You can support me on Patreon and Read 50++ Chapters in advance pat reon.com/GMadman

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Chapter 62: The Leader... Is Dead!!

Whitebeard leaped up to a height of several tens of meters. As his robust body fell, the Murakumogiri in his hand also slashed downwards.

 A large amount of black arcs flickered through the air.

 Like a falling meteor.

 The momentum was surging and towering.

 "Quick! Protect me! Protect me!!!"

 The intense sense of crisis and death made the Kusagakure leader scream in terror, his hands hurriedly forming seals.

 The few Anbu members around him also hurriedly took action.


 The Kusagakure leader and several Kusagakure Anbu simultaneously used ninjutsu.

 "Earth Release: Multiple Earth Wall Encirclement!!!"

 Thick semi-circular earth walls rose from the left and right sides, layer upon layer of earth walls began to close rapidly. With a "bang", a mini mound appeared on the ground.

 The semi-circular mound enveloped the Kusagakure leader and several Kusagakure Anbu, providing a defense comparable to steel.


 It was useless!

 The Murakumogiri wrapped in Conqueror's Haki, this kind of overkill method, represented Whitebeard's contempt for such people.

 This Kusagakure leader is a despicable and shameless person.

 Even pirates would look down on him!

 ——Boom boom boom!!!!!

 The blade of the Murakumogiri didn't even touch the semi-circular mound, the Conqueror's Haki wrapped around the blade had already touched it from a distance. The deafening roar was like a bomb exploding in one's ears!

 That semi-circular mound was instantly crushed into dust. The unparalleled terrifying power made the Kusagakure leader and several Kusagakure Anbu inside show desperate expressions.

 Boom! Boom! Boom!

 Their flesh and blood bodies were like watermelons being crushed. All the Anbu members of Kusagakure had their bodies all exploded.

 The Kusagakure leader's body and expression were extremely twisted.

 His limbs and bones were exploding inch by inch!

 "Ahhh! Spare me..."

 Accompanied by a scream for mercy, he only managed to say one word before his twisted head suddenly exploded!

 Turned into droplets of blood rain!

 But this...

 Has not ended!

 Whitebeard's blade wrapped in Conqueror's Haki did not lose momentum. It fell on the ground beneath his feet.

 The earth...


 The entire Kusagakure was undergoing violent tremors. Invisible shockwaves turned into surging hurricanes spreading outwards. The devastating gusts of wind were comparable to an S-rank Wind Release ninjutsu.

 Houses couldn't stand for even a few seconds.

 The foundations of the houses were all uprooted.

 The Kusagakure ninjas, who had been swept away earlier and had barely managed to get up, were once again blown away by the powerful waves.

 One by one, the big trees were also uprooted.

 Several meters of soil were peeled off.

 The scene was like a purgatory!

 "Not good!" Outside the village, Kakashi narrowed his pupils, and he decisively formed a seal with both hands: "Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall!!!"

 Chakra was quickly consumed.

 A huge earth wall carved with several dog heads rose from the ground in the blink of an eye, protecting him, Naruto, and Uzumaki Fuushi.

 At the same time.

 The surging waves hit the earth wall, and the thick earth wall burst inch by inch. Kakashi was so scared that he released another earth wall, consuming some of his pitifully small amount of chakra.

 Only then did it barely hold up.

 The apocalyptic scene inside the entire Kusagakure made people wonder if such a large ninja village would disappear directly from the ninja world map under Whitebeard's strike?

 After a minute.

 The waves finally dissipated.

 Kakashi carefully poked half of his body out from behind the earth wall.

 He first looked at


The two earth walls he had released.

 The first earth wall had been destroyed to the point where it couldn't be looked at directly.

 The second earth wall barely remained intact.

 It's just that the few dog heads carved on it were shattered.

 Kakashi's eyelids jumped wildly at the sight.

 "If we were hit head-on by the aftershock of that wave, that feeling... I'm afraid... it's not inferior to being crushed by a mountain." Kakashi was quite apprehensive. He, as a ninja, was fine. Mainly, he was afraid that Minato-sensei's child would die here.


 He then turned his gaze to the Kusagakure in front of him.

 Kakashi was stunned.

 "Uncle Kakashi, what happened?" Naruto also weakly poked his head out. The commotion just now scared him so much that he didn't dare to come out from behind the earth wall.

 Only now.

 Naruto dared to crawl out from behind the earth wall with Kakashi.

 He also looked at the Kusagakure in front of him.

 Naruto's pair of azure eyes gradually widened.

 Until they widened to an extreme.

 "Is... is this... Pops's power?"

 When Naruto murmured this sentence, the strong shock in his tone was indescribable with words.

 "Naruto, your father... seems to have almost destroyed a ninja village with just a simple slash." Kakashi said in a horrified tone.

 Because as they looked around,

 Everything was in ruins!!

 Most of the buildings in the Grass Ninja Village were destroyed and turned into ruins, with two-thirds of the village area being leveled.

 A huge pit with a diameter of several hundred meters appeared on the ground in the village.

 As for how deep it was...

 It was simply impossible to measure. 

 Numerous cracks in the earth, centered around Whitebeard's slash, covered the entire Grass Ninja Village. Unlike the cracks caused by the Quake-Quake Fruit, these cracks were straight.

 The largest crack was as wide as a river.

 The smallest crack was at least as wide as a finger.

 Similarly, it was difficult to measure the depth of the cracks. It was known that if someone accidentally fell in, they might lose half their life.

 Even being smashed into a pulp was not impossible.

 "If I'm not mistaken..."

 Kakashi said, "The leader of Kusagakure. is probably... in heaven now, right?"

 In an instant...

 A ninja village leader was killed!



 The entire Kusagakure Anbu was almost wiped out, along with the death of the Kusagakure leader.

 The reason for saying "almost" is because the Kusagakure leader had previously sent an Anbu to capture all the children in the village to threaten the enemies invading the ninja village.

 Although such an operation is against heaven's will, it does have a lot of use if faced with enemies with high moral standards.


 When the last Anbu ninja of Kusagakure was preparing to go around capturing people, he was blown over by a gust of wind coming from behind.

 When he finally struggled to get up...

 He was suddenly horrified to find that he was enveloped by a shadow.

 He swallowed nervously in his embarrassment.

 He stiffly turned his head to look back.

 But before his head had turned halfway, he was shocked to find that he had been picked up by someone.

 Whitebeard's voice.

 Rang out behind him.

 "Ninja brat, what do you want to do?" The gloomy tone sounded like a question from the lord of hell, scaring this Kusagakure Anbu so much that he shivered all over and unconsciously felt like urinating.



 "I...I..." The only Anbu member left in Kusagakure dropped his mask on the ground. 


He tried hard to squeeze out a smile, trying to make his face look less ugly.

 "I... I want to take you to rescue the children in our village. Especially... especially that red-haired girl. She is the most special child in our village."

 At this moment, he had already seen the devastated scene behind him.

 He had already been scared by Whitebeard almost fainted again from fright.

 He realized that their leader...

 Was dead!!!


 Was also gone!!!



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