Naruto, Be My Son

Synopsis: After the Summit War, once hailed as one of the Four Emperors of the New World and the world's strongest man, "Edward Newgate," believed that today he would rest in peace at the Marine Headquarters. However, when he opens his eyes, he finds himself in a place called the "Ninja World" and encounters a child named "Naruto." "Gurarararara Kid, do you have parents?" Trembling in the presence of the giant-like Whitebeard, the five-year-old Naruto was scared, "N-No, I'm Uzumaki Naruto, and I... I'm an orphan dattebayo" "Naruto, be my son!" "Huh???" Note: This is a Chinese Translation 鸣人,做我儿子吧 Release Schedule: 7 Ch/Week ================== You can support me on Patreon and Read 50++ Chapters in advance pat reon.com/GMadman

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Chapter 254: The earth-shaking power! I am Whitebeard!

Whitebeard's feet stomped heavily on the scarred earth below, a visible shock wave surged in all directions.

The shock wave blew Orochimaru's hair behind his head into a wild dance.

Feeling the trembling of the ground under his feet, and hearing the beast-like breathing from behind, Orochimaru's forehead was already covered with layers of cold sweat.

Even if he had been punched in the face by Tsunade and stepped on his body before, he did not show a look of horror like now.

Orochimaru's pair of golden vertical pupils were somewhat trembling, he had just thought that Whitebeard would appear in various ways.

For example, Whitebeard would hold his big Naginata, step by step towards here, full of king's momentum.

Or, Whitebeard would first use that unparalleled terrifying momentum to deter everyone, and then walk towards here.

But Orochimaru didn't expect that Whitebeard would jump up from that big ship to here in one jump.

Coincidentally, Whitebeard's landing point was just behind him.

Everything is so abrupt.

There is no warning at all.

Although Orochimaru did not look back, he could guess that Whitebeard might be less than three meters away from him.

Everyone involuntarily stopped their hands, whether it was the crew of the Whitebeard Pirates or the few people from the Akatsuki.

"You old man can't sit still after all!" The coldness on Tsunade's face had already receded, because she knew that as long as Whitebeard appeared, basically no one needed to intervene.

Tsunade could also see Orochimaru in front of her, who was already scared to move.

This made her show a schadenfreude expression.

"Tsk tsk, Orochimaru, so you also have people you fear?"

Tsunade's tone was somewhat mocking.

As for whether there is a sense of ridicule, it's a matter of perspective.

Orochimaru didn't know what to say, his fingertips were trembling slightly.

Among the four Akatsuki members present, he was the only one who understood the terror of Whitebeard!

Orochimaru knew better that being forced by Whitebeard to within ten meters was absolutely a matter of life and death.

And his distance of three meters from Whitebeard was equivalent to having one foot in the gate of hell.

The key is that there is some conflict between him, Orochimaru, and the Whitebeard Pirates.

Orochimaru felt that the speed of his heartbeat...

Had become a bit faster.

"...Whitebeard, you've finally appeared!" Biwa Juzo carried the Kubikiribocho on his shoulder, he looked at the tall and burly figure of Whitebeard, his face showed a sense of emotion.

Once upon a time, their Kirigakure Village also had a Mizukage.

But ever since Whitebeard appeared in the Land of Water, the Fourth Mizukage of Kirigakure Village was forcefully killed by Whitebeard.

Logically speaking, if a kage in the village was killed by Whitebeard, these ninjas of Kirigakure Village should regard Whitebeard as an enemy.

But Biwa Juzo regarded the Whitebeard Pirates as "allies", indicating that Kirigakure's blood mist policy was indeed unpopular.

"No matter how many times I see him, I can always feel a king-like aura from this man." Biwa Juzo took a deep breath, "Just seeing this man can make my breathing become rapid."

"It's Pops!" Naruto had a look of joy on his face, then he looked a bit unhappy at Sasori's giant puppet.

Naruto couldn't help but mutter, "This guy's puppet is actually bigger than Pops."

Of course, Naruto doesn't think that the bigger the guy, the stronger he is.

He believes that in front of Pops, the so-called puppet is just that.

The giant puppet controlled by Sasori also turned its head to look at Whitebeard's figure.

Compared to the fear that Orochimaru felt when he encountered Whitebeard, Sasori felt a bit of excitement and anticipation when he saw Whitebeard.

"Whitebeard is finally here! !"

Sasori's tone of voice could hardly conceal his emotions, "Finally, I can see if the artwork I've worked hard to create can restrain him!"

In order to prevent Whitebeard's strange vibration ability, Sasori used a very special material to make the puppet.

He believes that no matter how strong the vibration is, it can't shake his puppet into parts.

And the defense of the puppet has been continuously strengthened by him, he doesn't believe that this time it can still be cut in half by Whitebeard.

But what Sasori felt a bit regretful was...

Whitebeard didn't even bring his Naginata.

"Ha, Pops is here, it seems we don't need to make a move."

Kisame looked at the giant puppet with a pitying look, "Fighting against us, you may have the ability to escape, but fighting against Pops... well, good luck to you!"

Kisame actually wished an enemy "good luck".

Kakashi breathed a sigh of relief, he rubbed his numb palm, murmuring to himself, "Thank goodness Pops is here, otherwise if I release Raikiri a few more times, I'm afraid my chakra will be exhausted."

Kakashi was the one with the least confidence among all the people present.

Because his chakra is really too little.

He is confident in his own strength.

But he has no confidence in his own amount of chakra.

Shisui's stern face also softened a bit, he gently sheathed the cane sword in his hand.

Although he couldn't see Uchiha Itachi in front of him, he still said in that direction, "Itachi, you just said that my biggest weakness is not having Mangekyou Sharingan. But you didn't realize that the awakened Mangekyou has also become your biggest weakness."

"It made you arrogant, you thought your Mangekyou Sharingan was omnipotent, the most invincible existence in the ninja world. But today I can tell you, there are always people beyond people, and heavens beyond heavens."

"If there is something invincible in the world, it only exists in the fantasy of an arrogant person. Such arrogance and self-righteousness will lead you step by step into death."

Uchiha Izumi didn't make any sharp comments about Uchiha Itachi.

Because in Izumi's heart, he is no longer the person she likes.

Facing such a person, what does she need to say more?

Uchiha Izumi's gaze at Itachi was only hatred and killing intent!

Like Sasuke, she wants to avenge the clan all the time.

It's just that compared to Sasuke, she's not that impulsive.

Itachi didn't respond to Shisui, because he also set his sights on Whitebeard's body.

On the night of the Uchiha clan's annihilation, Itachi knew that Whitebeard had come to the Uchiha clan's residence, but he didn't meet Whitebeard at that time.

Because that night Whitebeard met "Uchiha Madara".

In fact, Itachi didn't even know that Whitebeard had pressed "Uchiha Madara" to the ground and beat him wildly.

After all, it is impossible for Obito wouldn't tell such a shameful thing to Itachi.

This is the Whitebeard that has always been a headache for Hokage-sama! An idea flashed through Uchiha Itachi's mind: 'The Whitebeard Pirates have disturbed Konohagakure village, this is also an unstable factor that hinders Konohagakure's path to peace. If I help Konohagakure solve this big problem, can Konohagakure be peaceful?'

And the most important point... Sasuke has established a bond similar to family with Whitebeard, Sasuke has become Whitebeard's adopted son.

If I can use some ways to pull Sasuke's inner hatred and killing intent to an extreme, can Sasuke directly awaken Mangekyou?

And one of the "ways" that appeared in Itachi's mind was - use Shisui's eyes to control Whitebeard, change Whitebeard's will! Let him sever the relationship with Sasuke, let Sasuke suffer severe psychological trauma again!

Only in this way, Sasuke can have the true capacity of the Uchiha clan!

And not to stay in the Whitebeard Pirates to become a flower in the greenhouse.

Always protected by the Whitebeard Pirates.

Of course, Itachi also has a second way - use Shisui's eyes to control Whitebeard, let Whitebeard commit suicide in front of Sasuke. In this way, Sasuke's eyes can be sublimated once, and it can also solve this big problem for Konohagakure.

Just as Uchiha Itachi's thoughts were spinning rapidly in his mind, Whitebeard had already ignored the sweaty Orochimaru.

He slowly turned around.

"Gurarararara!" Whitebeard's gaze met Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan!

He didn't care at all about what kind of Genjutsu Uchiha Itachi, who had a pair of eyes, could cast on him.

"Uchiha brat, the malice emanating from you is simply too obvious!" Whitebeard's eyes were filled with a hint of disdain, "You are the Uchiha Itachi who killed his own family, mentioned by my stupid sons and daughters, aren't you?"

Uchiha Itachi looked up at Whitebeard expressionlessly, "It's an honor for me to be remembered by the famous Whitebeard."

What puzzled Itachi was, why didn't Shisui warn Whitebeard that he might use a visual jutsu when he was looking at Whitebeard?

But Itachi couldn't care less, he wouldn't let go of such a rare opportunity.

In an instant!

The Genjutsu from Mangekyou Sharingan directly entered the deepest part of Whitebeard's consciousness, this is also the strongest Genjutsu of Sharingan - Kotoamatsukami!

Yes, Itachi used "Kotoamatsukami".

Such a super-strong Genjutsu against the heavens, he believes that only using it on a man like Whitebeard is the optimal choice.

Uchiha Itachi was using Genjutsu and his own thoughts to forcibly twist and change Whitebeard's thoughts.

He chose not "Method One". 

But "Method Two"!

The crazy consumption of Sharingan's pupil power made one of Uchiha Itachi's eyes gradually bleed.

The blood slowly slid down his cheek and fell to the ground.

It was also at this moment that Itachi breathed a sigh of relief.

Because he knew everything was over, he had dealt with the biggest threat at present.

"My vision is a bit blurry... and it seems that I can't use it again in a short time." Uchiha Itachi felt the state of Shisui's Mangekyou.

As expected of the strongest Genjutsu "Kotoamatsukami", Itachi felt that at least in a few years, or even more than ten years, he would have a hard time using this extremely against-the-heavens Genjutsu again.

Such consumption and side effects are not ordinary.

No wonder Shisui didn't use this Genjutsu casually back then.

Because once it's used wrong, the next time you want to use it, it will be at least a few years later, or even more than ten years later.

The tolerance rate is too low.

But his expression was still calm, "Whitebeard, I'm sorry, after you saw this eye, I have already won."

"Let me predict what you will do next!"

Itachi calmly said, "You will turn around, walk towards Sasuke, and then wake up the unconscious Sasuke."

"Then... Whitebeard, you will face Sasuke..."

His self-proclaimed words were not finished yet, but his voice stopped abruptly.

The words he wanted to say next were all stuck in his throat.

He couldn't say a word.

His two eyes also slightly enlarged, his eyes full of astonishment.

Because, Whitebeard did not act according to his "prediction", but slowly walked towards him.

"Uchiha brat, you are the second ninja who wants to attack me with that kind of eyes. The previous one... was that brat who always calls himself 'Uchiha Madara'."

Whitebeard's smile never faded from the corner of his mouth, "Where does your confidence come from, making you think that this kind of eyes can work on me?"

"This kind of little trick maybe would work on a ninja. But I, I am Whitebeard!"

As Whitebeard's voice fell, the step he took forward triggered a strong vibration!

A visible layer of shock waves rushed forward!

Uchiha Itachi: "!!!"

The red skeletal Susano'o has not been retracted, Itachi hurriedly controlled Susano'o's arms to cross in front of him.

When the shock wave hit Susano'o hard, the entire port dock was stirred up by a strong earthquake!

Susano'o was actually pushed back by this layer of shock waves for a full twenty or so meters.

Several obvious cracks appeared on the arm of the red skeleton.

"How is it possible..." This is Uchiha Itachi's first loss of composure since leaving Konohagakure, and his eyes are full of incredulity, "This is Shisui's Mangekyou Sharingan, this is the strongest Genjutsu Kotoamatsukami of the Uchiha clan, why doesn't it work on Whitebeard?"

Uchiha Itachi doesn't understand!

It can't be that Shisui gave him a fake eye, right?

That's even more impossible!

"Hey! The newcomer called Uchiha Itachi, give me a way!" Sasori's giant puppet is already standing in front of the red Susano'o.

He, hiding in the puppet, showed a somewhat morbidly excited smile, "Your Uchiha eyes are useless! In the end... I still have to rely on my great work of art!"

Once upon a time, Sasori had to exaggerate his head to see Whitebeard.

Now, he has to look down at Whitebeard with the help of the puppet.

This feeling makes Sasori feel very good.

Although his puppet has not fought with Whitebeard yet, he feels that he is not much worse than Whitebeard in terms of momentum.

"Whitebeard, you probably don't remember me, do you?"

Sasori, hiding in the giant puppet, raised a smile at the corner of his mouth, "More than a year ago, we met once! This is a puppet I specially made to deal with you, and it is also your nemesis!"


Whitebeard paused, he looked up and down at the puppet with interest, "Gurararararara, little ninja, so you want to use this puppet to kill me?"

Sasori's smile became more excited, "Yes, I also want to use your unique body and my puppet to create a new puppet! That will be the most powerful puppet in the entire ninja world!"

"You are very ambitious! Little ninja!" Whitebeard not only did not get angry because of this, but also praised Sasori.

Then, his hearty laughter echoed through the sky, "But your ambitious goal is obviously misplaced!"

As soon as Whitebeard's voice fell.

The Conqueror's Haki has enveloped the whole field!

The demeanor of the Sea Emperor made everyone's hearts sink.

At this time, Shisui, Kakashi, Izumi, Naruto, Kisame and others immediately left their positions.

Because they know Pops is going to make a move!

They don't want to be affected by Pops' power!

That's definitely a killer move!

Biwa Juzo was a bit sweaty, Uchiha Itachi provoked Whitebeard-sama to death, and a Sasori actually came out and jumped wildly next to the thunder area.

The most critical point is that his identity is not suitable to hide in the same position with Naruto, Kisame, Kakashi and others.

Otherwise his identity will be exposed.

He still wants to continue to infiltrate the Akatsuki to get more information!

He wished he could draw his sword and cut Uchiha Itachi and Sasori from behind.

If these two bastards don't want to live.

Don't drag me into it!

Orochimaru doesn't have Biwa Juzo's "undercover troubles", anyway, he and the Akatsuki are just using each other.

He doesn't want to be buried with Uchiha Itachi and Sasori.

Orochimaru wanted to escape immediately, but was stopped by Tsunade who followed closely.

Seeing Orochimaru's extremely ugly expression, Tsunade's face became more and more smug, "What? Are you scared? Do you want to run?"

Tsunade tsked, teasing and mocking, "This is not the Orochimaru I know! The Orochimaru I know is not so cowardly!"

Orochimaru: "..."

On the other side.

Feeling the terrifying pressure of Conqueror's Haki, Sasori was not afraid, but his tone became more excited, "That's it! That's it! The stronger you are, the more 'artistic' the puppet I will create in the future!"

Under Sasori's control, the giant puppet stretched out two palms, and two black tubes emerged from the palms of each hand.

"Scroll·Inferno Formation!!!"

"Scroll·Black Thunder Roar!!!"

The right hand spewed out raging flames, and the left hand spewed out dazzling black thunder. The combined Ninjutsu of thunder and fire increased its power several times.

Sasori took the lead and made a move against Whitebeard.

"Gurarararara! It's so dazzling!" Whitebeard's face was calm, his right hand clenched into a fist, and a layer of white vibration light wave was wrapped around his fist.

The power of the Quake-Quake Fruit was activated!

Facing a puppet larger than himself, Whitebeard's arm muscles tightened, and veins wrapped around.

The faint smile on his face suddenly turned into a unique sneer of the pirates!

As Whitebeard punched the air, it triggered a very special "airquake"!


The sound of glass shattering echoed through the sky.

Only to see dense white cracks appearing in the atmosphere, the combined Ninjutsu of thunder and fire, at the moment of colliding with the intense vibration of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit, was easily dispersed!

The power of Whitebeard at his peak...

Is beyond everyone's imagination.

In an instant.

The power of vibration completely erupted!

The entire port was spinning, and the violent vibration affected everything!

When the visible vibration wave like a hundred-meter tsunami rushed towards the giant puppet, the smile on Sasori's face, who was hiding inside the puppet, stiffened.

Behind Sasori, Uchiha Itachi, whose body was protected by Susano'o, also changed his expression!

When they realized something was wrong.

It was already too late.





(End of Chapter)

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