Naruto, Be My Son

Synopsis: After the Summit War, once hailed as one of the Four Emperors of the New World and the world's strongest man, "Edward Newgate," believed that today he would rest in peace at the Marine Headquarters. However, when he opens his eyes, he finds himself in a place called the "Ninja World" and encounters a child named "Naruto." "Gurarararara Kid, do you have parents?" Trembling in the presence of the giant-like Whitebeard, the five-year-old Naruto was scared, "N-No, I'm Uzumaki Naruto, and I... I'm an orphan dattebayo" "Naruto, be my son!" "Huh???" Note: This is a Chinese Translation 鸣人,做我儿子吧 Release Schedule: 7 Ch/Week ================== You can support me on Patreon and Read 50++ Chapters in advance pat reon.com/GMadman

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Chapter 19: Five-Year-Old Sasuke! The Inevitable Encounter in Fate!

In the late hours of the night, after removing the anbu mask, Itachi Uchiha silently returned to the Uchiha clan's compound.

 He moved with utmost stealth, careful not to disturb those asleep. 



 A swooshing sound came from his right. Itachi's expression remained unchanged as he swiftly caught a wooden shuriken.

 It was a wooden shuriken 

 thrown at him by none other than Uchiha Sasuke.

 Itachi expertly threw it back, and in the darkness, he heard a panicked cry,

"Ah!!!! Big brother, you hit my eye! It hurts! It hurts! My eye!" !

 "What? !"

 Itachi's expression shifted to surprise as he rushed to Sasuke's side, "Sasuke, are you okay? I didn't mean to."


 The wooden Kunai was pressed against the Itachi's throat, and Sasuke Uchiha, who was only five years old, had a victorious and mischievous smile on his young face, "Hehe, didn't expect that, did you? You fell for it!"

 Father once said that using cunning and deception is normal for a ninja. If this wooden Kunai were made of iron, you'd be dead now.

 Is that so? Itachi questioned, a hand gently squeezing Sasuke's small head and ruffling his hair.

 Itachi's teasing voice came from behind Sasuke, "My foolish little brother, take a closer look at what's in front of you."

 Pufff--- ! !

 With a sudden poof, the "Itachi" that Sasuke had stopped with the wooden Kunai vanished.

 It was a clone.

 Itachi dismissed his doubts and let a small smile grace his lips, saying, "If you want to ambush me, you'll have to wait another ten years!"

 "Hmph! Big brother, it's not fair to pick on a kid with ninjutsu"


 Whack! Itachi flicked Sasuke's forehead, "Silly Sasuke, What kind of ninja doesn't use ninjutsu?? Plus, it's almost dawn, and you're not sleeping? 

 Sasuke grumbled, "I want to sleep with my brother!"

 "You're turning five soon. Half a year from now, you'll be entering the ninja academy, and you need to mature a little."

 "Then Big brother, teach me Uchiha clan techniques, and I'll become mature."

 Sasuke couldn't hide his little thoughts.

 Itachi frowned, "Father promised to teach you the Great Fireball Jutsu after you join the academy. You're too young for ninjutsu right now."

 "Can't I study a year earlier?" Sasuke complained, "Aren't we Uchiha different from everyone else?"

 "No!" Itachi declined.

 Sasuke didn't give up, "Then, can you teach me shuriken and kunai throwing?"

 Teaching throwing techniques, huh? Itachi considered. 

 "Alright, I'm quite busy lately, but I'll take a day off tomorrow to train you. Only tomorrow, though. If you don't learn by then, I won't teach you anymore."

 Sasuke cheered, "Great! Can we practice at the clan's training grounds?"

 Itachi pondered. 

 He didn't want to stay around the clan during the day, as tensions had been rising.

 If he stays here during the day, he is sure to get into trouble.

 "How about the outskirts? We'll have a little camping trip while I make your favorite rice balls."

 "Yay!" Sasuke exclaimed. ! !


 The next day, at five in the morning, 

 It is still dark

 This is Whitebeard's third day in Konoha.

 On the first day, he injured an anbu ninja, adopted Naruto as his son, fought three Uchiha, confronted the Hokage, had a feast at Ichiraku Ramen, and started special training with Naruto.

 On the second day, he still trained Naruto and took him to eat barbecue, find two new friends for Naruto, defeat over a dozen Root ninjas, and nearly destroy a whole street in Konoha.

 On the third day, he woke up from his sleep.

 "Gurararara! You foolish son! Get up! Life can't be wasted in bed, especially when you promised to become Hokage!" Whitebeard's thunderous voice startled Naruto, causing him to jump out of bed.

 "Alright, Pops! I'll come after I wash up!" Naruto knew what would happen if he lazed in bed with his father around.

 After that, he quickly put on clothes.

 With his hair in disarray, he hurriedly made his way out. 

 Suppressing a yawn, he stood upright before Whitebeard, looking like a schoolboy reluctantly facing early morning drills.

 "Gurararara! Let's go to our usual training spot!" Whitebeard laughed.

 "But this time, you'll run there yourself."

 "Huh?" Naruto was shocked. "But, Pops, that's over ten kilometers!"

 In a straight line, it wasn't that far, but navigating through the village's streets made it quite far.

 "What? What's wrong? Giving up already?" Whitebeard narrowed his eyes and flexed his muscles, ready to deliver the fist of love to Naruto.

 "No!" Naruto shivered. "I'll run!"

 "Gurararara! That is my son!"

 Whitebeard smiled and started running.

 He didn't care if his voice disturbed people.


 On the roof

 "Aaah...." Kakashi, who was still half asleep, sighed in frustration. He opened one of his dead fish eyes and looked at Naruto and Whitebeard's backs and yawned as he complained, "Is it really necessary to wake up so early?"

 But he had no choice. His mission was to keep an eye on Naruto and make sure he didn't leave Konoha.

 He had to pull himself together and run after them.


 At the training ground

They arrived at the same old training ground on the outskirts of Konohagakure Village. Whitebeard had taken over this area as his base for training Naruto.

 Naruto ran from his house to the training ground without stopping for a moment.

 By the time he finally arrived, 

 he was exhausted.

 "*Gasp* *Gasp* *Gasp*" Naruto felt like a dog panting with its tongue hanging out, but he didn't care about his appearance at all. "Pops, I can't run anymore. I didn't eat breakfast this morning!"

 Naruto was worried that he might starve to death if he trained without eating breakfast.

 But before he could catch his breath,

 he was picked up by Whitebeard.

 "Gurararara! You foolish son! If you don't do this, how are you going to unleash your hidden potential?"

 Whitebeard grinned. "The special energy inside you always comes out when you're on the verge of death. So, you have to keep yourself in this state of near-death every day!"

 Naruto was devastated. "Pops, this is going to kill me!"

 "Gurararara! You can't become Hokage without the determination to die!" Whitebeard swung his Murakumogiri down at Naruto, startling the sore and exhausted boy into dodging.

 "Get moving!"

 "Foolish son!!!" 


 Kakashi, who was standing on a nearby tree, was scratching his head. "If I remember correctly when a jinchuuriki dies, the tailed beast dies with them. The Nine-Tails inside Naruto, could it be that it doesn't want to die, so it's using its power to help Naruto?"

 But he also remembered that tailed beasts could be revived.

 He couldn't understand why the Nine-Tails were using its power to help Naruto recover. 

 "Forget it."

 Who knows what the tailed beasts are thinking?


 Kakashi suddenly looked in the other direction. He saw two figures, one big and one small, walking towards them. "That's... Uchiha Itachi? And the other one... could it be his younger brother?"




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