Naruto, Be My Son

Synopsis: After the Summit War, once hailed as one of the Four Emperors of the New World and the world's strongest man, "Edward Newgate," believed that today he would rest in peace at the Marine Headquarters. However, when he opens his eyes, he finds himself in a place called the "Ninja World" and encounters a child named "Naruto." "Gurarararara Kid, do you have parents?" Trembling in the presence of the giant-like Whitebeard, the five-year-old Naruto was scared, "N-No, I'm Uzumaki Naruto, and I... I'm an orphan dattebayo" "Naruto, be my son!" "Huh???" Note: This is a Chinese Translation 鸣人,做我儿子吧 Release Schedule: 7 Ch/Week ================== You can support me on Patreon and Read 50++ Chapters in advance pat reon.com/GMadman

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Chapter 15: Naruto's Friends!  Root's Assassination!

"Gurararara!" "Naruto, look, you've got friends now!" Whitebeard carried Murakumogiri on his shoulder and watched the three little kids walking ahead with a hearty laugh.

 "Um, hi. I'm Uzumaki Naruto!" 

 Naruto seemed a bit awkward.

 "I'm Chouji! Akimichi Chouji!" Chouji raised his chubby hand and exclaimed with amazement, "Naruto, you're amazing! I've never seen anyone eat so much barbecue before."

 "Huh?" Naruto was momentarily surprised. Chouji's enthusiasm exceeded his expectations, and he hadn't even mentioned the word "Demon Fox."

 In reality, Naruto was prepared 

 to be called a demon fox, 

 but...it didn't happen.

 Chouji was quite friendly, scratching his head and saying, "I saw you eating barbecue outside earlier. You ate as much as me. Isn't that an impressive feat?"

 "Nara Shikamaru." Shikamaru introduced himself with a grimace, clearly showing a lack of enthusiasm. 

 His instincts told him not to get too close to any kind of trouble. What he disliked the most was troublesome situations, and a giant who had stirred up a huge commotion was the very embodiment of trouble in his eyes.


 The enormous sword behind him sparkled with a chilling light in the sunlight, making Shikamaru follow his heart.

 "Gurararara! Gloomy kid, you seem somewhat unwilling, huh?" Whitebeard chuckled, half-joking. "Could it be that you don't want to be friends with Naruto?"

 "Naruto, let's be friends!" Shikamaru was so startled that he shivered, and he chose to enthusiastically say to Naruto.

 Sometimes, the smarter you were, the more you knew your own situation, and that made you more flexible,

 The more you follow your heart.

 "Ah!!!!" "Really?" 

 Naruto was both surprised and delighted, feeling a bit overwhelmed.

 "Of course it's true," Shikamaru said, struggling to put on a forced smile.

 Naruto couldn't help but say weakly, "But I'm the Demon Fox!"

 "It... it doesn't matter," Shikamaru's mouth trembled, and he could feel a chill behind him.


 Chouji remained oblivious to the situation they were facing.

 He reached into his half-eaten bag of potato chips, pulled out a handful, and handed them to Naruto with a genuine and kind smile. "Since Shikamaru invited you to be friends, then we're friends now!"

 Hey!, Don't just say it casually! Can't you see I'm just trying to end this as soon as possible??

 Shikamaru's eyelids were twitching. 

 He was thinking of quickly getting past this giant behind him, going home, and avoiding this street for a few days. 

 But Chouji's actions left Shikamaru bewildered.

 'Huh???' "Hey? Wait, why are you crying?" Shikamaru suddenly noticed someone else who was causing him a headache. He looked at Naruto, who was shedding tears and snot, and helplessly said, "Could you please stop crying? I really can't stand it when people cry."

 "I-I'm just excited!" Naruto sniffed and wiped away his tears. He explained, "I've never had a friend from childhood to now. The people in the village don't want to be near me..."

 "Even when I tried to buy things, they wouldn't let me into their stores. If I sneaked in, they would kick me out," 

 Naruto continued. Chouji scratched his head, puzzled. "Didn't your parents do anything about it?"

 Naruto lowered his head. "I... I didn't have parents before."

 "Stupid Chouji! Can't you watch your words?" Shikamaru glared at Chouji. "Stop picking at other people's scars!"

 As a member of the Nara clan, 

 Even though Shikamaru was only 5 years old this year, his astonishing IQ of 200 allowed him to understand what the elders in his clan were saying.


 He had heard the clan elders discussing and mentioning Uzumaki Naruto, so he had a basic understanding of Naruto from an early age.

 He knew that Naruto was the "Jinchuriki," housing a fearsome monster inside him. He also knew that Naruto's parents were once heroes of Konohagakure but had sacrificed themselves for some reason. 

 Shikamaru didn't know much, but he knew more than his peers.


"Hey! Stop crying like a girl, it's so annoying," Shikamaru turned away and took something out, handing it over to Naruto. 

 Naruto looked at the handkerchief in front of him and then at Shikamaru, who had turned his face away.

 "Use it to wipe away your tears, and don't use it for your snot. It's for tears only," Shikamaru said, his eyes not on Naruto, but he added, "Make sure to give it back to me. It's a birthday gift from my mom."

 "Okay, okay!" Naruto replied. ! !


 Time passed. 

 As night fell, 

 Naruto had returned home. His house was very small, quite different from the common perception of an "orphan of a hero." It was a very ordinary and even quite old one-bedroom apartment.

 The house was neatly arranged, but Naruto certainly didn't do it himself. It was Whitebeard who had forced him to tidy up.

 In Whitebeard's words, even if he couldn't keep his place clean, how could he be a Hokage? 

 So, last night, 

 Naruto cleaned up his home.

 After taking a bath, Naruto lay in bed for a long time, unable to sleep. He suddenly sat up, ran to the window, and peered outside.

 He could see Whitebeard, his dad, sitting directly on the road, using the wall as a backrest, resting with his eyes closed.

 Whitebeard seemed to sense something, and he opened his eyes and looked up.

 "Gurararara! Brat, it's late at night. Is there something you want to say?" Whitebeard had lived in even harsher conditions, so sleeping on the road was nothing to him.

 "Pops, thank you!" Naruto grinned.

 "Go to sleep, you idiot! You have to get up at five tomorrow for training. If you're even a minute late, I'll double your training!" Whitebeard ordered.


 Naruto happily lay back down on the bed.

 Today, he not only endured his dad's special training, feeling his body getting stronger, but He also made two friends - Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Chouji. He even got to eat a lot of barbecue it was his first time eating so much.

 Naruto was very satisfied today

 He realized that his dad could give him something that Grandpa Hokage couldn't

 Grandpa Hokage never invited him to eat barbecue, never helped him make friends in the village, and always refused Naruto to teach him ninjutsu,

 However, his dad, Whitebeard, had given him all of these things.

 "Is this what it feels like to have a father?" Naruto fell into a deep sleep, not sensing anything unusual outside. He soon began to snore lightly.


 Whitebeard clicked his tongue and stood up, closing the window for his stupid son. 


 He turned around and looked at the dark night

 "Gurararara! This village doesn't seem to welcome me, huh? You bunch of rats hiding in the shadows, don't you know about something called 'Observation Haki'?"

 With the perception of Observation Haki, 

 Whitebeard easily detected the Root Ninja hiding in the darkness.

 They had nowhere to hide!




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