17 Chapter 17:- Argument

"Are you retiring, Iruka-sensei?" Sakura's voice reflected the surprise felt by everyone.

"No, I'm not retiring. Teaching is my life's work. I will still be here at the academy, and I will still teach you. But I won't be your homeroom teacher from now on," Iruka clarified. 

"Please come in....." Naruto widened his eyes the moment a gentle hand grabbed the sliding door. 

As the door opened, the whole class fell into deep silence seeing a red-haired beauty entering their classroom. Everyone stared at the beauty in a daze. 

Kushina stood next to Iruka and then looked at everyone. Naruto felt that his mother gave him a small smirk. 

"Hello, everyone, my name is Kushina Uzumaki. Starting today, I'll be your new homeroom teacher," Kushina announced cheerfully.

Naruto could only stare at his mother in disbelief. "Wait... what?" he muttered, completely taken aback.

"No way! Are we really going to be taught by Lady Kushina?" one of the students exclaimed in astonishment.

"I can hardly believe it myself," another added.

The classroom was buzzing with a mix of shock, surprise, and excitement. Everyone, except for Naruto, seemed thrilled at the prospect. Kushina Uzumaki was a well-known figure in the village, revered and admired by many. After Lady Tsunade, she was considered the most formidable kunoichi in the Hidden Leaf Village. And now, with Tsunade away from the village, Kushina held the title of the strongest female ninja. There wasn't a single girl in the class who didn't look up to Kushina, aspiring to be as strong and skilled as her one day. The news of her becoming their homeroom teacher sent waves of excitement through the class.

"Mom, how did you suddenly become our homeroom teacher? This does not make any sense." Naruto stood up and said loudly in shock. 

However, as soon as he spoke, he also revealed the fact that Naruto was Lady Kushina's son. 


"Naruto-kun is Lady Kushina's son....!!!!" 

"But I heard that Lady Kushina lost her baby son 15 years back." 

"I don't know." 

"But now that I think about it, Naruto does resemble Lady Kushina." 

When Iruka learned of the news, he was very shocked as well. But thinking back, Naruto did look a lot like Minato and Kushina. 

"Naruto-kun is Lady Kushina's son...!!!!" Sakura was so shocked that she felt her mind had stopped working. 

"Naruto-kun really surprised us," Hanabi said as she lightly laughed. However, Hinata sitting beside Hanabi looked very shocked. She was just staring at Kushina. 

"This Naruto is becoming more and more interesting," Ino smirked as she looked at Lady Kushina before looking at Naruto. Suddenly her interest in Naruto grew. Naruto was like a Pandora's box that was full of surprises and shocks. 

"I wonder what other secrets he is hiding," Ino smirked as she thought to herself. 

Meanwhile, Sarada finally realized why Naruto was so strong. 'No wonder why he is so strong. He is the son of the Hokage and Lady Kushina after all.' Sarada knew Kushina very closely. After all, Mikoto and Kushina had been best friends. Ever since birth, Kushina loved Sarada just like her own daughter. 

Ever since the Uchiha massacre, Kushina spent a lot of time with Sarada. She even offered Sarada to move in with her but she refused her offer. Every 2 to 3 days, Kushina would go to Sarada's house to see her. Sometimes she would even spend the night with Sarada. 

But Sarada couldn't understand how Naruto was alive. After all, she like everyone else had been told that Lady Kushina lost her son. 

It was never Naruto's intention to hide the fact that he was Kushina's son. But he wasn't ready to reveal his secret like this to his classmates either. But realizing what he had done, he could only sigh. There was no turning back time.

"Well, I got special permission from the Old...cough!!! I mean..... Lord Hokage. Do you have any problem with that?" Kushina asked Naruto with a grin. 

Kushina missed Naruto a lot when he was at the Academy. So to be close to him, Kushina decided to become her son's homeroom teacher. Kushina wanted to see how Naruto's social and school life was. 

So yesterday, Kushina paid a visit to Hiruzen. It wasn't that hard to convince the old man since the old man kind already kind of had a soft spot for Kushina. From Hiruzen's perspective, Letting Kushina become the homeroom teacher wouldn't do any harm. But rather it would only bring benefits to the village. 

Hearing his mother's response, Naruto was left speechless. He couldn't argue against the decision of the Hokage, now could he?

"Lady Kushina, I will leave everything in your hand. If you need anything then please call me." Saying that Iruka took his leave. 

"But Mom....!!!" Naruto was about to say something when Kushina's cold glare instantly shut him. Seeing her glare, Naruto felt his back was sweating. 

"In the Academy, you will call me Sensei. Do you understand?" Kushina said with a cold glare. It was not just Naruto who was scared of this cold glare, but rather everyone in the class shivered seeing this. 

"Okay, I understand mo...." Seeing Kushina's glare, Naruto quickly changed his words. "Cough.....!!! I mean sensei." 

"That's good." Kushina returned to her bright and cheerful self. 

"Now sit down. Everyone, take out your history book and open page number 69." So like this Kushina became the homeroom teacher. When Iruka was first told of this, although he was kind of saddened hearing this, he knew that Kushina could teach the students more than he ever could. Also under her care, the students will grow much stronger.

Less than 6 months remain before everyone from this class graduates. 



Scene change___

It was finally time for lunch. All the students took out their lunch boxes. Naruto also did the same. 

"Sarada, what did you brought...?" When looked at his side, he found that the Uchiha had mysteriously disappeared. 

"Oh, well!!!" Naruto wasn't disappointed. He knew it was going to take for Sarada to warm up to him. 

"It's time to eat." Naruto became excited as he opened his lunch box. Around the same time, another person put her lunch box next to Naruto. 

Naruto looked up only to find Sakura sitting next to him. 

"Naruto, let me feed you today," Sakura said as her cheeks slightly blushed red. 

"Sure.....!!" However, the chopsticks were picked up by another woman before Sakura could. Sakura looked for the chopsticks only to find them gone. 

"Naruto-kun, say ah...!!!" Seeing Ino going to feed Naruto, Sakura hissed at Ino like a cat. Before Ino could successfully feed Naruto, Sakura snatched chopsticks away from Ino. 

"Why did you do that?" Ino felt bad seeing the food that she picked up to feed Naruto had now fallen to the ground. 

"Ino-pig, I came here first. Why are you disturbing us?" Sakura hissed at Ino like a cat. Naruto almost felt he could see imaginary cat ears and cat fangs on Sakura. 

Just like yesterday, these two started arguing once again. Seeing this Naruto facepalmed and sighed. He felt he should have said no to Sakura. If he had said no, then this wouldn't have happened. 

"Sister, this is your chance. Goo...!!!" Hanabi encouraged Hinata to go and feed Naruto just like she did yesterday. 

Although Hinata blushed hearing this she still nodded her head. Hanabi followed Hinata. Today, she was going to guard her sister and make sure that no one gets in her Sister's way. 'As the twin sister, it's my duty.' Hanabi was very determined. 

"Naruto-kun, let me feed you," Hinata said shyly. The chopsticks that Naruto brought were constantly changing hands from Sakura to Ino and then Ino to Sakura. Both girls were snatching the chopsticks from each other and fighting over it. 

However, Hinata came with her own chopsticks. As she was about to feed Naruto, Ino and Sakura both noticed it. 

"Hinata, that's not fair. I should be the one feeding Naruto. I came first." Sakura said. 

Hearing this Hinata flinched, however, Hanabi soon came to her sister's rescue. "Sakura why don't you continue arguing with Ino while my sister feeds Naruto-kun?" Hanabi stood before Hinata and faced Sakura. 

"What did you say?" Sakura was now angry at Hanabi. 

"You heard me. Yesterday, you two were so busy arguing that you two completely forgot about Naruto-kun. I am afraid if not for my sister feeding him, Naruto-kun wouldn't have been able to eat at all." Hanabi said in a calm tone. 

However, hearing Hanabi's words, Naruto's eyes twitched. 'It's not like I don't have any arm at all. I could eat my own food without needing your help.' Naruto thought in his mind. By now Naruto was fed up. He had lost his mood to eat. 


While the girls were arguing with each other, someone else barged into the classroom. It was Kushina. Seeing her, all the girls became quiet. 

"Naruto is my son. I should be the one feeding Naruto." Kushina folded her arms under her chest and proudly said. Her words were like a declaration to the girls. 

Hearing this the three girls looked at each other. Even though Kushina was a senior and had become their homeroom teacher and was Naruto's mother, none of them were willing to back down. Especially Sakura wasn't willing to back down at all.

Sakura said in a very calm tone. "In the Ninja Academy, you two are nothing but teacher and student. You, yourself said these words in the morning." Hearing this Kushina was left stunned. She was left speechless. After all, it was true that in the morning she did say something similar to Naruto. She did not expect anyone to use her words against her. 


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