1 Prologue

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I've already written this in the synopsis but I know most of you are sooo daft that they'll ignore it and put some stupid review which I will eventually delete.

Reading this FF, you ought to know that this volume one is just all about the MC overpowering himself, random bullshit conversation which will not affect anything and some other boring stuff which will bore you.

The Volume two is typical cultivation bullshit. No one know the makeup of the Otsustsuki clan, I took it upon myself to creat one. If you don't like the Normal Cultivation Trend, then please before reading further, stop here.

Thirdly, the third Volume will start rather uniquely, if you don't have the patience, don't bother beginning the novel in the first place.

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In an empty void with nothing but darkness as far as the eye can, floats a soul.

Opening its eye, the soul gasped as if wanting to take as much air as it could. It was a painful experience, not something worth experiencing again.

It looked at its hand seemingly transparent as were its legs and the entire figure.

Having stayed in the void for some time trying to familiarize itself with its surroundings and trying to understand what brought it here, he suddenly felt a wave of memories being stuffed into his head.


1st POV

My name was Stephen Dias, born into an average Brazilian family of three. I grew up in a loving family until my father died in an accident. I was told it's was due to brake failure, but that wasn't all, my mother couldn't bear the death of her husband and for a time became depressed.

I had to take care of her for some time with the money that was left behind by my father. My mother later came out of her depression after some months and went back to work. We were happy for some time until she decided to remarry. It was shocking news to me because I was already used to just the two of us, and considering that I was already in college I couldn't make peace with it for some time, though I gave my blessing.

Two years later my mother got diagnosed with an illness and months later, due to the expenses needed for the treatment, her husband ran away, so it was back to the two of us and she was all I had. I had to drop out of school to work out the needed expenses.

Months later I was called to the hospital urgently, knowing full well that it was about my mother I rushed there in anxiousness and anxiety. Reaching the hospital, I was called into my mother's room and there, I saw some nurses and the doctor in charge of my mother's case looking at me sympathetically.

Pushing down the fear creeping into my chest, I asked "What's wrong". With a sigh, the doctor said "I'm sorry" and left the room with the nurses.

Coming to my mother's bedside I held her hand and called out in a shaky voice "mom, mom, answer me, mom". Forcefully opening her eyes, she looked into my eyes, and with a loving and apologetic smile, she said "I'm sorry" and closed her eyes.

Deep down I knew she was dead but I didn't want to believe it m, so I kept shouting for her to wake up all to no avail till I was pulled out of the room.

Days later, I buried my mother. There were some of her friends in attendance, and though I knew them, I never saw them during her sickness. So much for friends. After everything was over with I couldn't go back to school as I felt it was of no use. I had nothing I was living for, I had no friends, no family, no nothing. I felt empty, and there was no drive to do anything.

During my depression, I happened to find some books talking about ascending to the heavens and stuff like that. The book brought a little bit of light to my eyes because it majorly talked about the hard truth of life, survival of the fittest, and the stronger fist is always right.

During my search for more books like that, I chanced upon what was known as manga and anime. They were of different genres and backgrounds. These things were the only thing that brought back light to my eyes and also peculiarly stirred my emotions.

It also brought questions as to which way of life is better, the normal short life filled with adventures, actions, and life or the long life filled with nothing but getting stronger for nothing at the end. It was a mind-boggling question and with that came the desire to experience these worlds from the beginning of their ancient time to the current time or canon.

It was a deep desire I held for a long, long time until I met my unfortunate end due to a lack of certain nutrition coupled with a lack of sleep.


And now here I am, in this void with nothing to do, I started diving back into my memories trying to make sure I remember every single novel, anime, and manga I've ever read. ND was during my reminiscing that I heard a deep voice in my head.


And opening my eyes I saw a figure in front of me, and while in a daze I answered"hello"


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