Naruto: Back in Ancient Times

A young man from the earth after a slightly tragic and short life gets the option of reincarnating into the naruto world with any timeline of his choosing and wishes. Watch as he lives in the world during the era after the Ten-Tails sealing //// I've read a lot of fanfictions on a lot of anime and what they all have in common is that you'd hardly find one that goes ways back. For example, most Naruto fanfiction I've read only features either Minato's generation, Kalashi's generation Itachi's, or Naruto's you'd rarely see anyone about Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru's generation not to talk of Madara and Hashirama. I've always been fascinated by the ancient times of almost all anime that has an ancient past. DXD, DC, Marvel, One Piece, Bleach, Tensura, and many more. With this in mind, I decided to write a story from way back in the era of Indra and Ashura. There will be skills from different animes and mangas, just to let you know. The volume two would have lots of characteristics from Cultivation worlds ways of writing. So please, read at your own discretion. Every ability or theory I come up with is what it is. Deal with it like that or don't bother reading at all. Constructive Criticism is very much encouraged however. This is my first novel guys and I don't own the basic principles in the novel. I either borrow or come up with a different one altogether. **** Join my Patre@n at patre@n.com/JoshRichie2 to support my endeavors. There are 100+ chapters there. *** Hope y'all enjoy it.

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Chapter 19

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A\N: So... I figured that most of us, me included, will surely get bored with all these non-canon story line so I decided to make this arc in a run down fashion. Little conversations, lots of "Years later" and couple of info dump.

I know some of you may or may not have enjoyed the outer planet arc and are in a hurry to see how the MC overpoweredness will affect the main story line we all know. You all endured 100 chapters but I'm aware you all saw the point of that at the end.

So with that in mind, I'm going to rush through this arc and even the Madara×Hashirama arc. Just a couple of conversation till the formation of the village system. Thanks for your support so far and I hope you'll continue. God knows I need it


Title: Training Brats All Over Again


With Kisame gone, we continued our tour as we waited for the arrival of the special brats my clones would bring back for tutoring.

Not gonna lie, I was filled with expectations for what I'm going to teach them but in their absence, we had a couple of time to ourselves to indulge in our mortal desires.

We also discovered new ways to pleasure ourselves during the act. Did you guys know that Lightning release coated around the fingers could also be used as a vibrator?

I mean, Chidori and Raikiri is good and all but this new style, was ingenious.

The girls also discovered that they could use their control over their bodies to tighten their pussies to bring about the maximum pleasure. Ria even used water release to stimulate my lil brother while giving it a blow job. Ingenious, I tell you.

Other than that, we came across a swampy vegetation that was visibly drying up. No karma it wasn't drawing up at a fast pace but with our connection with nature and natural energy we discovered that it was drying up.

Mmm... This must be the area Sunagakure is located. I think this same thing happened to the Sahara desert of earth. According to geographical records it was also once a swampy area until nature took its course.

Different from that though, we found that there was something artificial yet natural siphoning the energy from the very earth. Perhaps this was the Dragon Vein with the ability to traverse time and space?

Interesting phenomenon. I would have to check it out to see if I can use it when it's done siphoning.

What? You thought I'd stop it? Never. This was the one thing with the ability to travel through time and I want to see the changes my appearance would cause in Naruto's life when he comes back to the past.

On this day, my clones all returned simultaneously as if they had a planned schedule of arrival and thankfully, we were all properly dressed.

Together with the girls, we just watched blankly as the kids began panicking and going on guard at the sight of Unknown individuals around them.

Ones reaction though was funny. This one has a lazy look in his eyes with spiked hair.

He looked around vigilantly for a while before sighing in relief and plopping on the ground with his back in the ground, he supported his head with his hand and fell asleep.

Yes, he fell asleep. Even me in all my omni- everything can't fall asleep that fast except I shut myself down.

He must be a Nara. Typical.

"Ahem!" I coughed to draw their attention. This cough was laced with chakra so their attention was forcefully drawn. Even the Nara was startled awake.

"Hello Mina-san. Welcome to my humble presence." I said and gave a curt bow. "I know some of you are scared, worried, and curios on how you all got here from the comfort of your home, am I right?"

They all nodded except the Nara who said under his breath. "Nah, I'm actually glad." Which made me chuckle and continue.

"Well, for those who are glad, I'm going to have to disappoint you as this, will be your worst nightmare or greatest opportunity you can ever come across." I said which made the Nara frown slightly.

"Now kids, you see, I'm going to give you all an option, similar to how I gave to you senpai from earlier. Become my students willingly or become my student forcefully. The choice is yours. I'm giving you a minute to think it over. After a minute I'll be expecting my answer." I said and closed my eyes.

These was another burst of noise as the kids were thinking of countermeasures.

A minute passed and I opened my eyes and asked. "What is your answer?"

The Nara rose his hand. "Yes, the one with spiky hair."

"It's Nara Shikha and I'll like to willingly become your student." The Nara kid said.

"Coward." One arrogant looking fellow said as he looked at the Nara in contempt.

"Yawn, think what you want. This fellow could abduct us all from our clan without alerting our clan members. This proves that he's far, far stronger than anyone in our clans. Want to go against him? Be my guest." The Nara kid said and Walked toward me before moving behind me and taking a comfortable position on the floor once more.

His words made me nod in appreciation as it's not every time you see a reasonable child outside the Tengoku clan.

His words seemed to have an effect on the others as realization finally dawned on them. With this came an even greater dear and terror which I felt and said. "No need to be afraid. I'm not gonna bite and kill any of you. I'll only be using a little bit of force to make you acknowledge me as your teacher. Isn't that better?"

"What if we accept willingly?" A blond haired skinny kid asked.

"Well, I'll patiently teach you what you need to know with minimum force required." I amswer with a smile.

"But there's still force." The Nara behind me muttered which I ignored. What kind of teaching doesn't require a little bit of force? Even my kids from those years had to wear weight seals from the moment of their birth.

Long story short, a good number of them willingly accepted while three of them refused to which I opened a Portal beneath them and one above them. "Toodles." I said, and they fell to continue falling till they make up their minds.

What? You thought I'll really use force? What do you think I am? I'm humane, 100% humane, plus they're kids immature ones at that.

I made the requirements for abduct-, I mean, recruitment to be at least 12 years and at most 15 years old, and all of them present were between 12 and 13, which makes them kids.

Turning to the willing individuals, I said. "Now, for introductions, my name is Shun Tian and behind me are my wives and your co-teachers, Hinami and Ria and Kaguya. For the duration you'll be spending with us, ask us anything and we'll answer to the best of our knowledge. Now, your turn."

The blind haired kid from earlier spoke first. "My Name is Yamanaka Inozen."

"Yuki Mori." "Akimichi..." "Iburi..." "Chinioke..." "Tenshido..." "Kaze..." "Hagoromo..." "Hozuki..." "Fuma..." "Inuzuka..." "Kagetsu..." "Kaguya..." "Aburame..." "Kamizuru..." "Kodon..." "Rinha..." "Shirogane..." "Tenki..."

They all introduced themselves and thankfully I already knew what their bloodline limits were as my clones passed the info when they released.

Clans like the Kagetsu, Rinha and Kodon clans were apparently good with medicine production with the help of their chakra, guess Hinami and Ria already have students to teach.

Iburi clan were natural born Smoke-men or something. They could move from material to immaterial in an instant.

Shirogane clan had a natural affinity with puppetry so perhaps I could give them some diluted knowledge on Puppetry.

The Tenki clan could control the weather depending on their emotions. This should be the clan that Yota kid was from. Kaze clan were sand benders for lack of better words. This should be the Future Kazekage lineage.

There was nothing special about the Hagoromo clan as they were just adept in absorbing natural energy. Jugo may have been a descendant of this clan as they were wiped out during the Warring state era. Perhaps one or two survived and Jugo was born.

Fuma and an innate ability to control sounds, so Ria has her work cut out for her. Aburame and Kamizuru could communicate with insects, weird. Hozuki could transform into water. Good ability. They are suited for assassinations and Genjutsus.

The rest, Yamanaka, Nara, Kaguya, Akimichi, Chinioke, and Inuzuka, are already well known.

The Tenshido clan had their innate affinity with space.

"Good, with the introduction done, I'm going to tell you my one principle when it comes to teaching." I said and looked them in the eye seriously.

"Whatever I teach you should be used as a reference. That's it. After I teach you, go and do a research on your own, learn your own thing, discover new ways to implement the knowledge I'll be giving you and at the end of the year, perhaps you could go back and make your clans the strongest clans in the world. Am I clear?" I asked.

"Yes Sensei." They all replied.

"Good. Now, any questions?"

The Nara kid raised his hand. "Yes. Nara-kun."

"Are we staying with you for a year?" He asked.

"Of course. Didn't I just say that?" I asked back while looking at him like an idiot.

"Yes, you did, but my confusion is, where will we be staying? What will we be eating? You know, thinks like that." The Nara kid clarified.

"Oh that? Simple. This should be my first demonstration to you. Pay attention." I say and stomped the ground with my feet for the effects and in front of us, a building gradually manifested.

I built it in form of a dorm so one person can stay comfortably in his own room. I also created some beddings for them while I was at it.

"This is the Wood Release. A Kekkai Genkai of sorts. With the perfect mixture of Water, Earth and Yang nature chakra, Wood release is born."

"From tomorrow, you'll all be waking up at exactly five in the morning and run for a straight one hour." I say and walked in the girls.

"Oh, I forgot to say. There's a saying that you can force a horse to the river but you can't drive it to drink. My forcing you to become my students is a privilege people will die for. But I won't force you to actually train."

"I didn't stipulate how many laps you'd have to run, I just gave you an hour. If you make the best use of it, good, if you slack off, good. At the end of the year, your accomplishments will show and I will be fulfilled. Dinner's at seven." After saying that, I disappeared with the girls.

Atleast, to them we did disappear but we were still where we were. I only used a minor illusion to obstruct their views.

With a wave of my hand, a two story building appeared in front of us. This will serve as the dinning hall for the lower floor and lecture all for the upper floor.

As for where we'll stay...

"So girls, any thoughts on this?"