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"I fuck!"

Sitting in the courtyard in front of the door, Ri Xiangchen couldn't help cursing secretly.

"Why isn't this system still moving? Throw me at Naruto World, a bird that doesn't shit, and don't even let a fart go, so it's gone?"

Ri Xiangchen can't help but complain, this system is too unreliable!

Ri Xiangchen had a good life in Tianchao. I didn't know what was poisoned. I opened my eyes to Naruto World and tmd was a baby!

Suddenly, the sound of system sounded, and after a while of rejoicing, Ri Xiangchen found out that system only appeared for such a short time, and then farted.

System update, system update, every time I use this excuse to block Ri Xiangchen's mouth, it has not been updated for 3 years.

But there is no other way, the novice reward has reached the hands of Ri Xiangchen, giving him a reason to be honest.

When the system was online, he returned it to Ri Xiangchen Otsutsuki Clan's Bloodline, and in order to sublimate Bloodline, he also specially washed him.

After this series of work was completed, Ri Xiangchen owned Byakugan. The help of system brought him a lot of convenience. In addition, Otsutsuki Clan's Bloodline made Ri Xiangchen start with Tenseigan. Hang it!

So this also gives Ri Xiangchen a sense of security, the strength given by Tensigan, and the system's previous training. The improvement of innate talent for Ri Xiangchen is simply such an insignificant ability. Even if the system is always offline, when facing a crisis, Ri Xiangchen can save his life with one skill, but it may take a period of time to dominate Ninja World.

Ri Xiangchen took out a mirror and looked at his Tensigan carefully. His blue eyes were like starry sky. Ri Xiangchen laughed while watching, such a cute little face. Those big sisters couldn't help but watch the waves?

"Hey, don't say anything else, just my face, and I will be hungry even after I ask for food." Ri Xiangchen is narcissistic.

"It's a pity, this Tensengan is good, but it just won't work. Otherwise, maybe Moon could make me split in half." Ri Xiangchen touched his eyes, very sorry.

Tenseigan is a good thing, but it also requires more Chakras, and Ri Xiangchen can't afford it now.

If you forcibly start Tensigan, it is not impossible, it is only a matter of Chakra quantity, but you can solve the problem by consuming life. This method is used by vortex Nagato.

But the ghost look of vortex Nagato is not what Ri Xiangchen wants. Let's talk about it when Chakra slowly grows to the point of Tailed Beast.

Anyway, now that there is a Bigline Bloodline, Sage Body has also been obtained, and when it slowly grows, Ri Xiangchen can at least reach the level of Senju Hashirama.

Time is not a problem now. Second Shinobi World War is not here yet. What's the matter?

"Ri Xiangchen, you hybrid, Bloodline is not pure, did you see the caged bird imprint on my forehead? Elder is talking about me, and the pure bloodline genius of Hyuga Clan like me is the man of choice, you Kind of little brother, let's go back a bit! "

Ri Xiangchen was still sitting in a daze, and a fool suddenly yelled, showing off the caged bird imprint on his head to Ri Xiangchen.

Ri Xiangchen is completely speechless. He doesn't know how to explain to him. This is just a time bomb. There is nothing to be happy for you. It's not bad to cry.

"Don't run the train with a big mouth and a mouth full of mouth, hurry up and go cool!" Ri Xiangchen didn't want to ignore him, talking to him was a waste of time.

"Do you have this imprint of me? You are jealous of me, you ca n't eat grapes and say grape sour!" Hyuga iron plate is still immersed in his own world, without seeing Ri Xiangchen's expression at all, like eating a fly.

"It's not too much for you to be sold and count money." Ri Xiangchen cursed in his heart.

This is how Hyuga Clan's brain-wash Dafa has reached a point. It is considered a pride to install a time bomb. This tm is too abnormal!

When Hyuga's mind is awake, and thinking about it, he must think he is a fool.

Ri Xiangchen thought secretly in his heart that the corners of his mouth could not stop rising. I don't know if Hyuga would cry at that time.

Seeing the rising corners of Ri Xiangchen's face, Hyuga's iron plate burst into flames, and shouted out loud, "Who do you look down on? At worst, fight me?"

Ri Xiangchen didn't think of it, then hehe said with a smile: "Where can I dare, but I envy you from the bottom of my heart."

Talking about Ri Xiangchen's envious expression, Hyuga iron plate's mood suddenly improved, vanity was satisfied at once, and his chest was patisfied with satisfaction, start to talk, "Who will be bullied in the future You, I cover you, I am your big brother! "

Ri Xiangchen sneered, and finally managed to dismiss this annoying mental retard.

"This Tenseigan also accidentally arises from many causes, so that I can avoid it, or I am cursed by the caged bird imprint now.�� Ri Xiangchen secretly happy.

"It's no wonder that in Hyuga Clan, I don't know anything, it's just a rubbish. Give me such a caged bird imprint, isn't it just a waste of time?"

Ri Xiangchen hasn't considered it carefully. If Tengigan's secrets are exposed, they must have the ability to protect themselves.

There is a vicious Danzo in Konoha, and if he is followed by him, he will be speechless.

But in this Ninja World, there is a more vicious Black Zetsu, and Ri Xiangchen is not sure if Otsutsuki Hamura owns Tenseigan, and whether Black Zetsu knows that Tenseigan exists.

But still the old saying, be careful to sail the ship for 10000 years, even if it seems that Black Zetsu, who seems to have no control over his hands, ended up dying of Old Man Madara, it should not be underestimated.

At Ninja World to go through arduous training or hard work for so long, no one knows what he does.

The current Ri Xiangchen only has some advantages in the beginning, but it is still a ant and has a lot of room for growth.

If Tengigan 's secrets are revealed, he will not be able to control the development of the situation. When the time comes, the first person to take action is definitely Hyuga Clan. They must not be able to bear the temptation of Byakugan Evolution.

Prior to transmigrated, he was a mature adult. Although he is now a child, this kind of energy is still a small matter for him and can be tolerated.

At least compared to before transmigrated, always looking for their own boss, this Hyuga Clan is nothing.

After a while, Ri Xiangchen left and walked over thinking about Hokage Rock on Konoha mountainside.

Ri Xiangchen walked slowly on the street, and a steady stream of people greeted him.

Although Ri Xiangchen did not receive respect in Hyuga Clan, Ri Xiangchen is a cute male child with high popularity among other people.

Ri Xiangchen did not put up an aloof and remote shelf, and he responded one after another in the face of warm greetings.

Finally came to the destination mountainside, Ri Xiangchen started to exercise, now he is still young, only 3 years old, it is unimaginable to get Chakra Refining.

But in order not to waste the Sage Body's ability to recover, Xiang Richen still chooses to exercise his ability from now on.

Even if Chakra is not available yet, Ri Xiangchen can still use the basic recovery ability of Sage Body.

It's like even if you have Tensigan, but if you spend your time, everything is just a passing scene.

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