Naruto: An Uchiha With A Superpower Roulette

After Uchiha Yōichi traversed, the normality of the ninja world went awry. 【Sleight of Hand】: When in contact with others, randomly take an item from the other party. Tsunade: Where are my clothes? Why did they disappear after you touched my shoulder? 【Two-Way Perspective】: Nothing can obstruct your line of sight, but when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you. Uchiha Mikoto: Have I awakened the Byakugan? Why can I see Yōichi -kun's...? 【Dance Invitation】: After the BGM music starts playing, you have one chance to initiate a dance, which the other party cannot refuse. The winner can randomly obtain an skill from the other party. Uchiha Madara: Bastard, when I said dance, I meant fight! And where's my Rinnegan?! www.patreon.com/zaelum [+20 Extra Chapters] https://zaelumtranslations.com/ [+3 Extra Chapter FOR FREE] [Chapter Schedule: 1/Day]

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Chapter 86

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"Even if it's my shadow clone standing in front of you, it's not something you can underestimate. What do you think you're doing?"

Yoichi gripped the wrist of Rumi, and gently twisted it, making the young girl kneel before him. Simultaneously, his right hand swiftly caught a thrown shuriken and flung it back, narrowly slicing off a strand of Kurenai's hair.

"The reason I allowed you to launch surprise attacks is because you're too weak. Without resorting to surprise tactics, you don't stand a chance.

Yet, one of you attacked head-on with arrogance, and another openly formed hand seals for a genjutsu, with hand seal speeds so slow I wondered if your hands were injured.

Kazuhito did somewhat better, taking advantage of the moment his teammate was captured to launch a surprise attack. But next time, don't hold back; even if you use explosive tags, it's fine."

After critiquing the three, Yoichi finally released Rumi and continued to address them, "Due to your disappointing performance, each of you will undertake a D-rank mission today, to be completed before 1 PM, and then start training."

D-rank missions are the foundation for advancing to Chūnin. When he was advancing, he too had completed sixteen D-rank missions before applying for the Chūnin exams.

Without completing a certain number of D-rank missions, one wouldn't even qualify to apply.

"Let's go, pick up the missions."

Yoichi's shadow clone led the team towards the Hokage Building. He wasn't one for coddling in a greenhouse environment; once they'd racked up enough D-rank missions, they would immediately start on C-rank and B-rank missions.

While his shadow clone was leading the team on missions, his real body was at home.

Yoichi had ordered a device for monitoring body data, which had arrived. He had asked Mina to take a day off to help him check for any abnormalities during his training with the star stone.

This set of equipment was extremely expensive, costing over twenty million ryō in total and was comprehensive enough to detect changes in every part of the body – more complete than any device available in the Leaf Hospital.

Yoichi had a member of the Gates's clan excavate a large space underground and reinforced it several times, making it suitable for training.

"As long as there isn't too much disturbance, this underground space won't collapse."

"Lord Yoichi, the equipment has been calibrated and is ready to be activated at any time."

After Mina finished speaking, her eyes slowly filled with heart symbols, and her lips curved into a smile. The monitoring required the removal of clothing, which meant she would be able to see Lord Yoichi's physique.

"Then I'll leave the next steps to you, Mina, though there probably won't be any issues."

After connecting to the equipment, Yoichi took out the star stone from his storage scroll, and Mina immediately sought refuge behind the protective equipment.

As soon as he took out the star stone, he felt an anomaly in Godzilla within him, similar to the reaction he had the last time he examined the star stone.

Placing his hand on the star stone, Yoichi immediately felt his chakra becoming unusually active. He then sensed a strange energy emanating from the star stone.


In the sealing space within him, Godzilla woke up from its slumber, shaking its gigantic body and charging at the seal, causing the Four Symbols Seal formula to appear on Yoichi's abdomen.

Thankfully, Yoichi reacted promptly, absorbing the strange energy emitted by the star stone, which gradually calmed Godzilla down.

Unknowingly, Yoichi slowly activated his Sharingan, with the three tomoe in his pupils slowly rotating and even starting to converge towards the center.

However, the speed at which the three tomoe moved towards the center was very slow. At this rate, it would take at least a month for the three tomoe to converge at the center of the pupil.

"Your body temperature is rising... 40 degrees... 50 degrees... 60 degrees... Your brain activity is also exceptionally high. Lord Yoichi, are you feeling okay?"

Mina observed as the data showed abnormalities far beyond human limits, but Yoichi's face showed no sign of pain, leaving her unsure of how to proceed.


Suddenly, the shadow clone leading the mission team dissolved, sending back chakra and memories to Uchiha , instantly waking him.

"What's this..."

Awakened by the dissolution of the shadow clone, Yoichi realized his body temperature was excessively high, breathing out hot air through his nostrils as if his lungs were about to catch fire.

He quickly sealed the star stone away and jumped into a pre-prepared tub of water to cool down his body.

Hiss! Hiss!

Instantly, a large amount of steam rose, and as his body temperature gradually decreased, Yoichi started to feel better.

"Lord Yoichi, it was my fault. Your body just exhibited extremes beyond all human limits, and you didn't respond when I called you. Next time, I'll terminate the experiment earlier."

"It's not your fault, Mina. I was a bit dazed just now. We'll be more careful next time."

Yoichi reassured her, theorizing that the power of the star stone might resonate with the Sharingan, which could explain why he lost consciousness.

Fortunately, the chakra disturbance in his body also affected his shadow clone, and the chakra and memories returned from the dissolved clone helped him regain consciousness.

'The power of the star stone seems to enhance Dōjutsu, resonating with the Sharingan. Could the power of the star stone originate from the Ten-Tails?'

Yoichi pondered, feeling an enhancement in his Sharingan's power. If he were to repeat this process several times, his Sharingan's power would increase significantly, potentially even awakening the Mangekyō Sharingan.

Turning his head, Yoichi looked towards Mina, who was slowly approaching him.

"Lord Yoichi, is something wrong?"

Mina straightened up and asked when she noticed Yoichi looking at her.

"It's nothing."

Deciding to set aside thoughts of the Mangekyō Sharingan for now, Yoichi prioritized Mina over his Dōjutsu. After all, the power of a pair of eyes wasn't as important, especially now that the star stone seemed to enhance the power of the Sharingan, potentially allowing for natural evolution to the Mangekyō Sharingan.

After cooling down and assessing his body's changes, Yoichi felt that Godzilla had once again fallen into a deep slumber.

However, his body had grown significantly in just a short period, and with a few more sessions, his size could quickly reach fifty to sixty meters.

Mina then showed Yoichi the data from his body during the experiment. It was as if they were monitoring a furnace, with peak body temperatures reaching eighty-eight degrees Celsius, and other metrics four to five times higher than the limits of a normal human.

"Lord Yoichi, we haven't detected any radiation, just a tiny bit of dispersion, which you probably absorbed."

"Next time, wake me up earlier, Mina."

"I understand, Lord Yoichi."

After leaving the underground chamber, Yoichi created a shadow clone to find Kurenai and Rumi.

His students were likely unaware of what had just happened with the sudden dissolution of the shadow clone.

As for his new ability, Yoichi found it somewhat indecent and had yet to use it even once.

[Succubus Physique]: Originating from the right hand of a succubus, this ability was upgraded by a deity. It not only grants incredible powers but also transforms into a unique physique.

Uchiha Yoichi found this ability somewhat odd, feeling more like he was in a world of demon ninjas rather than in the Naruto universe. (Taimanin, research at your own risk)

However, it could be useful against female enemies, allowing them to die happily on their way to the afterlife, which might be the true purpose of this power.

"Lord Yoichi, is your hand injured? Ah~!"

"Mina, stop."

Mina thought Yoichi was examining an injury on his hand from the training and attempted to use medical ninjutsu to help.

As soon as she touched Yoichi's right hand...

Mina suddenly sat down, trembling slightly.

"Mina, are you alright?"

Yoichi hurried to help her, but upon touching Mina with his right hand, he remembered his new ability.


Mina's cheeks flushed with embarrassment, and tears welled up in her eyes, but it somewhat brought her back to her senses.

"Don't look, Lord Yoichi, please don't look~!!"

Mina, shaking and crying, said she would have left the embarrassing scene immediately if she had the strength.

She worried that Yoichi would think less of her, possibly even looking down on her with contempt.

The thought made Mina feel even hotter.

"Then, I'll leave first. Mina, you're not to blame for today."

Yoichi initially considered using a shadow clone to help Mina up, but hearing her tearful voice, he knew she was deeply embarrassed. After offering some comfort, he quickly left the underground chamber.

It was better to let her calm down alone at such a time.

After leaving, Yoichi thought to himself, "This power is too strong. I wouldn't fear even Ōtsutsuki Kaguya now.

However, it only works on the opposite sex, and only direct contact with my real body triggers it. Contact with a shadow clone should be safe."

His shadow clone had touched Rumi, and the young girl was unaffected by the power.

Fortunately, shadow clones did not inherit this ability; otherwise, Yoichi might have become infamous in the village for all the wrong reasons.

"I need to be extra cautious this month, avoiding contact with the opposite sex as much as possible."


"Sorry, Minato, for calling you here in such a rush, but this mission seems to require someone with your skills more than anyone else."

The Third Hokage extinguished his smoking pipe, then spoke with a somewhat solemn expression to Minato.

"This mission may take you to a place called Roran. Only Kakashi seems suitable from your squad to accompany you on this mission, so I'll temporarily suspend your squad's duties and assign two new members to assist you."

"Why? Lord Hokage, Rin and I are also qualified ninjas now. Why can Kakashi participate but not us?"

Obito protested, feeling it was unfair. If it was just their teacher Minato going, that would be one thing, but if Kakashi could go and he and Rin couldn't, that seemed unjust.

"Obito, Kakashi has already experienced similar missions, but you and Rin have not."

The Third Hokage tried to console him, recognizing Obito as a young ninja full of the Will of Fire, and patiently explained the situation.

"Lord Hokage, I would like to know more about the mission first. If it's not too dangerous, I'd like to take them along for the experience. After all, we're a team."

Minato intervened, preferring to keep the team together if possible, unless the mission was exceedingly dangerous, in which case he would leave Kakashi, Rin, and Obito in the village.

"Understood. This is an A-rank mission, but it's unlikely to involve combat with other ninjas."

The Third Hokage explained: "At the northern border of the Land of Wind lies a small country named Roran. The ANBU came across it while gathering intelligence on the Hidden Sand Village.

A minister there seems to harbor great ambition, and the country is rumored to be teeming with puppets, which could potentially threaten the world."

"Threaten the ninja world? That sounds serious!"

Obito clenched his fist, excited at the prospect of playing the hero.


Kakashi rolled his eyes, warning Obito not to interrupt the Hokage.

Rin also tugged at Obito, who sheepishly apologized after realizing his mistake.

The Third Hokage continued: "Though the idea of 'threatening the world' is a bit far-fetched, Roran is too small to pose such a threat; it doesn't even have its own ninja village.

The ANBU intended to investigate any connections between Roran and the Sand Village, but they found no Sand ninjas there. Instead, there's an abundance of puppets.

It's believed that Roran guards a power known as 'Dragon Veins', and these puppets are somehow linked to it."

"Lord Hokage, do you mean..."

"Go and investigate the Dragon Veins. If they truly pose a threat to the world, then deal with it."

The Third Hokage revealed his true intentions, noting that the village's seal experts were few and far between. Aside from Kushina, Minato was among the best, making him the prime candidate for this mission.

He then relit his pipe, adding: "Given that Roran doesn't have its own ninja force, the only challenge is crossing the Land of Wind and dealing with the inter-country aspects, which is why I've classified this as an A-rank mission. Minato, your thoughts?"

"I have no objections, Lord Hokage."

After pondering for a moment, Minato placed his hands on Kakashi and Obito's shoulders, smiling confidently, "Leave it to our team."

(End of Chapter)