Naruto: An Uchiha With A Superpower Roulette

After Uchiha Yōichi traversed, the normality of the ninja world went awry. 【Sleight of Hand】: When in contact with others, randomly take an item from the other party. Tsunade: Where are my clothes? Why did they disappear after you touched my shoulder? 【Two-Way Perspective】: Nothing can obstruct your line of sight, but when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you. Uchiha Mikoto: Have I awakened the Byakugan? Why can I see Yōichi -kun's...? 【Dance Invitation】: After the BGM music starts playing, you have one chance to initiate a dance, which the other party cannot refuse. The winner can randomly obtain an skill from the other party. Uchiha Madara: Bastard, when I said dance, I meant fight! And where's my Rinnegan?! www.patreon.com/zaelum [+20 Extra Chapters] https://zaelumtranslations.com/ [+3 Extra Chapter FOR FREE] [Chapter Schedule: 1/Day]

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Chapter 113

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Yoichi, after returning to the dream space with the Nine-Tails chakra, felt today's gains were significant.

Although he only plundered for ten minutes today, he likely seized one percent of the Nine-Tails' entire chakra, of which he took four parts.

This was slightly less than last time, but such an amount of chakra could significantly evolve Godzilla.

With over twenty days left, he could plunder one percent of the Nine-Tails' chakra daily from Kushina, accumulating nearly a quarter of the Nine-Tails' chakra.

This was no small amount, equivalent to half of the Nine-Tails, and the processed Nine-Tails chakra was sufficient to activate the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.

"Looking at it this way, it seems a bit wasteful to let Godzilla consume it. Keeping it as a trump card could be better; besides, Godzilla also has the Star Stone as an energy source, not lacking food."

After considering the strength of the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, Yoichi decided to store the Nine-Tails chakra for now. If there was danger in the war, he would use the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.

If there was no need to use the Nine-Tails chakra wastefully in the war, he would feed it to Godzilla.

"After completing the 'training', with more than thirty hours of dream time left, was the time spent in Kushina's body based on real time? Time flies. Let's make good use of the remaining time."

Then, Yoichi created thirty shadow clones, half practicing ninjutsu in the dream space, and the other half experimenting with Hashirama cells to improve the sacrificial offerings and find a fusion method.

The Hashirama cells and offerings in the dream space could be conjured infinitely, eliminating concerns about quantity.

After organizing his shadow clones, Yoichi transformed into Danzo, Hiruzen, Koharu, and Homura, stirring trouble in their dreams as before.

After tormenting each of the four for a month in their dreams, if they still managed to be good teammates and partners, Yoichi would truly admire their friendship.

Eventually, each person was beaten for an hour before disappearing, likely awakened by the pain.

With time left, Yoichi felt no need to practice ninjutsu as his real body and didn't want to disturb Mina in improving her control over the Reanimation curse seal.

After much thought, Yoichi went directly into Mikoto's dream, continuing to provoke this lady who intrigued him greatly.

Upon entering Mikoto's dream, he found she was dreaming about him, so he directly replaced the figure in her dream.

In Mikoto's dream, she was seriously reprimanding him, even calling him her husband, which surprised Yoichi.

Considering their intimacy in dreams was only twice, he didn't expect Mikoto's attitude to shift so quickly from 'husband's enemy' to 'husband.'

After some thought, Yoichi decided to continue the dream, playing the role of Mikoto's husband. However, he slightly altered the dream to include a son named Sasuke for them.

In Mikoto's dream, the ninja world was safe, and their family of three lived leisurely days, with Yoichi occasionally exercising husbandly privileges.


Mikoto screamed, then woke up suddenly.

Thanks to her uncontrolled scream, Fugaku also awakened, noticing Mikoto's sweat in the moonlight and asked, "Mikoto, did you have a nightmare?"

It was Fugaku. Realizing her surroundings, Mikoto understood it was just a dream and apologized for waking him.

"It's okay. You sweated a lot, it seems you're under a lot of stress lately. Try to rest early."

After comforting her, Fugaku went back to sleep. Recently, the police force's duties were heavy, focusing on patrols and eliminating threats around Konoha.

Seeing Fugaku lie down, Mikoto quietly went to the door and left the room.

Her sweat wasn't from the nightmare but from the activities in the dream, leading to extensive sweating.

And whether it was a nightmare, Mikoto wasn't sure but felt no aversion to the dream.

Familiar home and room, only the husband and son were different. Blushing at the thought of choosing Yoichi-kun as a husband despite their age difference, she surprisingly felt no aversion or hesitation in the dream.


Remembering the son from her dream affectionately calling her "mom," Mikoto's heart nearly melted.

While cleaning herself, Mikoto wondered if she and Yoichi-kun had a son, would he really be Sasuke?

"No, no, Mikoto, what are you thinking! You're already married, and there's a significant age difference with Yoichi-kun."

Mikoto shook her head, forcing herself not to dwell on the thought. But after cleaning up and returning to bed, she couldn't help but wish to continue the dream.

"Tomorrow is Yoichi-kun's day to head to the front lines. I hope Yoichi-kun returns safely; otherwise, who will handle all these tedious matters?"


"We leave the Land of Fire in your hands!"

Hiruzen spoke solemnly, then Sakumo stepped forward, bowing slightly, "Please rest assured, Hokage-sama. We will fulfill our mission."

Then, turning to the accompanying jōnin, Sakumo said, "Lead your teams. After departing from Konoha, set up camp at the designated location. Move out!"


Over twenty people responded, disappearing with the Body Flicker Technique from the Hokage Building's rooftop.

A 1,500-person force couldn't depart all at once. While feasible for civilians, it was impractical for ninja.

The reconnaissance team had already left, followed by the large ninja force.

Yoichi, leading his students and a ninja force under five jōnin, departed at noon.

Upon arrival, the first group had nearly completed setting up camp. Yoichi also assigned personnel according to regions.

His three students' tents were near his, given special consideration as his students.

Once everyone arrived, barrier teams set up barriers around the camp.

With over 1,500 people, the camp was spread out to prevent the Cloud Village's Jinchūriki from targeting them with Tailed Beast Bombs.

Considering the 3,000 Cloud ninja in the Land of Hot Water, they felt undermanned.

After camp setup, Yoichi headed to the command tent for a meeting.

Soon, all jōnin had arrived, with only jōnin participating.

"First, let's discuss the intelligence we've gathered. This war is highly unfavorable for us; it's confirmed that the Third Raikage and Killer B, the Eight-Tails Jinchūriki, are here. Whether the Third Raikage's son, A, is present is still uncertain."

"There are also many renowned Cloud jōnin, like Kumogakure Kōtō and Isaza. Following the Third Raikage's defeat in the Land of Fire, they've brought a large force for revenge. We cannot be complacent."

After Sakumo finished, he distributed the intelligence for everyone to review.

After reviewing, he asked, "Any thoughts? Any strategy to repel the Cloud ninja is welcome."

With no responses, Yoichi inquired, "Sakumo-san, what's our goal with the Cloud ninja? To make them retreat to the Land of Lightning or to eliminate as many as possible?"

"Prioritize one goal. If they focus on us, it'll be hard to eliminate Cloud's lower ranks."

Sakumo explained, highlighting the battlefield's dynamics where strong ninja rarely allow opportunities for enemy jōnin to massacre their lower ranks.

Yoichi suggested, "Can we use your Second Shinobi World War strategy against the Sand Village?"

After considering, Sakumo asked others for their opinions.

"If Sakumo-san isn't present and the Third Raikage attacks forcefully, we might not be able to stop them," a civilian jōnin commented, acknowledging the challenge of facing the Third Raikage and Killer B without Sakumo's presence.

"Let's secure the borders first. They might have the same idea, and our logistics are crucial."

"Cloud ninja have advantages in infiltration. We need to be cautious."

"Sakumo-san, let's start with small elite teams spread out for reconnaissance, forming teams based on Cloud ninja characteristics."

Many jōnin offered suggestions, some proven effective in previous wars.

Sakumo nodded, "With fewer numbers than our opponents, besides fixed mission teams, let's form thirty squads to strictly guard the borders."

Yoichi remained silent, considering the potential of using Godzilla as a trump card to kill the Third Raikage.

However, the Third Raikage wouldn't be fooled again, not likely to be hit by a heat ray as before; he underestimated Yoichi's capability, not expecting a heat ray attack capable of quality change.

With major techniques unlikely to hit, Yoichi felt disadvantaged against the Third Raikage without Sakumo's presence, unsure of defending the ninja camp from his assault.

Revealing forbidden techniques could change the situation, but Yoichi wouldn't use them unless absolutely necessary.

"Yoichi-kun, will you lead your squad, or shall I reassign members to you?" Sakumo asked, offering to allocate strong teammates if reassigned.

"Your call, Sakumo-san."

Yoichi didn't make a unilateral decision, acknowledging his essential role in the war and not wanting to disrupt Sakumo's plans.

With the war just beginning, there was no rush.

"Then, I'll reassign three teammates to you. As for your students, let them take missions within the camp for now."

Yoichi, being the strongest ninja in the camp besides Sakumo, naturally had other arrangements.


"Raikage-sama, Konoha's ninja force should now be in this area. Yesterday, we lost three scouts tasked here," Isaza pointed out on the map, indicating a large area requiring further reconnaissance to pinpoint Konoha's camp.

Discovering the camp would allow positioning the Jinchūriki nearby for a Tailed Beast Bomb assault.

Konoha was likely aware, hence would deploy many teams to prevent Cloud from locating their camp.

A full-scale assault was the last resort, with the battlefield's chaos making it challenging for Jinchūriki to be effective unless at the forefront.

"Search thoroughly. Deploy fifty teams to uncover Konoha's camp location, even if it means turning the area upside down!"

The Third Raikage ordered, aiming to locate Konoha's camp for a decisive strike.

"How's Yugito doing?"

Isaza inquired, "She hadn't started communicating with the Tailed Beast when we left. It might take a while before she can join the battle, uncertain if she'll make it in time."

Yugito, the new Two-Tails jinchūriki, was talented but had been in the role for less than two months. An accident with the previous jinchūriki forced a hurried replacement, leaving them short on a key combatant.

"Just securing the Two-Tails' recognition to join the battle, even for a few minutes, would suffice!" the Third Raikage recalled his previous defeat, eager for revenge. Gaining the Tailed Beast's recognition allows it to assist the jinchūriki in battle.

However, Yugito's age and chakra likely limited her to a few minutes.

Yet, a Tailed Beast's destructive power makes those minutes more than enough.

(End of Chapter)