Naruto: An Uchiha With A Superpower Roulette

After Uchiha Yōichi traversed, the normality of the ninja world went awry. 【Sleight of Hand】: When in contact with others, randomly take an item from the other party. Tsunade: Where are my clothes? Why did they disappear after you touched my shoulder? 【Two-Way Perspective】: Nothing can obstruct your line of sight, but when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you. Uchiha Mikoto: Have I awakened the Byakugan? Why can I see Yōichi -kun's...? 【Dance Invitation】: After the BGM music starts playing, you have one chance to initiate a dance, which the other party cannot refuse. The winner can randomly obtain an skill from the other party. Uchiha Madara: Bastard, when I said dance, I meant fight! And where's my Rinnegan?! www.patreon.com/zaelum [+20 Extra Chapters] https://zaelumtranslations.com/ [+3 Extra Chapter FOR FREE] [Chapter Schedule: 1/Day]

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Chapter 107

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"It's difficult. It's best to wait for Mina to return. We have too little knowledge about sealing techniques, and the talisman improvements show no effect."

Even with ample time, Yoichi tried several times, but with virtually no effect.

His control remained as it was; his current use of the Impure World Reincarnation was basically the initial form of the forbidden jutsu, erasing consciousness and turning the reanimated body into a mere shell.

Unlike Orochimaru's Impure World Reincarnation technique, which could erase all consciousness except for the combat awareness.

In essence, the issue was a lack of accumulated knowledge. Curse marks and sealing techniques are deeply interconnected, and his skill in sealing techniques was mediocre, or rather, non-existent.

"This 'Master of Dream' should have other uses; otherwise, with just this little functionality, can it even be considered a 'master'?"

Yoichi glanced at the time, only three hours left, and his Shadow Clone was still practicing.

This was somewhat abnormal. Yoichi suddenly noticed this issue. Using ninjutsu here consumes chakra, but it also recovers, albeit the recovery speed here was unusually fast.

About five times his usual chakra recovery rate. Normally, it would take a day to recover after depleting his chakra, but in this dream, it only took a bit over four hours.

Based on his chakra volume and recovery speed in the dream, unless using long-distance Flying Thunder God Technique, it was hard to deplete his chakra, allowing for continuous practice.

"There should be other abilities besides this. Since even the consciousness of a cotton doll can be made so real, could it be possible to summon real people, like Mikoto-san?"

When Yoichi used this ability, many people flashed through his mind, ultimately hesitating between Mina and Mikoto.

However, considering if it were possible to bring the real consciousness of a person, pulling Mina from the battlefield could lead to issues.

Mikoto-san was different, she barely did household chores in Konoha, the busiest she got was helping him with paperwork.

As soon as Yoichi finished calling out Mikoto's name, the space in front of him rippled like water waves, suddenly changing the scene.

It seemed like Fugaku's house, with an open door leading to a study, and Mikoto was leaning over a desk filled with documents.

'Am I in Mikoto-san's dream, or has the dream space turned into Fugaku's house?'

"Yoichi? How did you get here?"

Mikoto suddenly woke up. Seeing Yoichi at the doorway, her heart started racing with surprise.

Since coming back from the hospital, she hadn't visited Yoichi for a few days. She was supposed to report to him but didn't go, always remembering the embarrassing incident at the hospital.

Hence, she had been procrastinating for several days.

"Me? I specifically came to see Mikoto-san. After what happened at the hospital, I went for a check-up, and the doctor told me I can't have children. It's all your fault, Mikoto-san!"

Yoichi began with a straight face, spouting nonsense. This was a dream, and he had many things he wanted to try.

"No, could it really be?"

Hearing this, Mikoto instantly covered her mouth in shock. She just wanted to escape the awkwardness of that day, never imagining that her actions could lead to such severe consequences.

"Yoichi, I'm so sorry, I didn't do it on purpose."

"Saying sorry won't do, Mikoto-san. How will you compensate me?"

Yoichi coldly approached Mikoto, taking the opportunity to appreciate her appearance in a tight waistcoat and short skirt, indeed pleasing to the eye.

"I don't know, Yoichi, I'm terribly sorry. I'll do my best to compensate you. Just tell me, and I won't refuse if I can do it."

Mikoto hurriedly apologized, not realizing the gravity of her mistake.

"Of course, you can do it, Mikoto-san. You wouldn't be unable to handle this matter, would you?"

As Yoichi approached Mikoto and extended his hand to wrap around her tightly clothed waist, he pulled her into his embrace.


Mikoto was startled by the closeness; she could feel her breath heating up Yoichi's face.

Too close. She was a married woman and definitely should not engage in such acts, especially in her own home where Fugaku could return at any moment.

Thus, Mikoto tried to struggle violently to leave Yoichi's embrace. However, as she began to push him away, she heard Yoichi whisper in her ear,

"Mikoto-san, haven't you realized yet? This is your dream."


"Correct. You've been thinking about it, so I appeared in your dream. And Mikoto-san, are you sure you don't want to compensate? After doing something so terrible, do you plan to act as if nothing happened after some time?"

"No, Yoichi."

"This is your dream, Mikoto-san. You wanted me here, and you also want this to happen. Everything in this dream is your own will."

"My own will?"

Confusion flashed across Mikoto's face; she indeed noticed something odd about this place. It was too quiet, and if Yoichi had visited, the caretaker would have at least informed her.

"Correct. And Mikoto-san, do you really want to resist?"

Seeing Mikoto's hand stop pushing him away, Uchiha Yoichi's hand holding her waist slid down further.

xxxxxxxxxxxxx~1 Hour Later~xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mikoto suddenly woke up, but the scene in front of her changed instantly. She was facing a desk and a pile of disorderly documents.

The documents were wrinkled, with sweat stains on them.

The Yoichi from just now disappeared, leaving Mikoto stunned for a moment before she hastily looked down.

Her clothes were properly worn, not a button misplaced. Was that truly her dream, albeit too vivid?

She felt sweaty all over and experienced a soreness around her waist. Was it because she slept in an awkward position on the desk?

As Mikoto got up, she felt the chair was wet. Her face flushed with embarrassment, and she hurriedly grabbed some paper to dry the chair.

"Lady, are you okay? Did you have a nightmare?"

Kazumi knocked on the door twice, asking with concern. (Is the name of the caretaker)

"I'm fine, Kazumi-san. By the way, did anyone visit just now?"

"No, I've been cleaning at the front door, no visitors."

"Then thank you for your hard work. Please rest a bit after you finish cleaning."

After Mikoto reassured herself, her heart slightly eased. That indeed was a dream; otherwise, how could she suddenly return to the study from her bedroom, fully dressed?

"So, it was a dream."

Her voice carried an inexplicable emotion, a mix of relief and an indistinct sense of loss.

However, thinking back to that dream, Mikoto wondered if it was really a product of her constant thoughts.

Although she indeed thought about the incident at the hospital, was today's dream truly what she desired deep down?


"Once the time is up, you immediately wake up, with memories and sensations truly transferred back to the body in reality. And it's only been two hours,"

Yoichi woke up and checked the time. Precisely two hours had passed since he took the sleeping pills.

He clearly remembered the Impure World Reincarnation technique, and Yoichi also felt an improvement in his Flying Thunder God Technique. Continuous practice for forty-eight hours significantly enhanced his control over the technique.

Using the Dream Dominance for practice with ten Shadow Clones was manageable for him, allowing for extended periods of training. Thus, for Yoichi, sleeping for two hours was equivalent to two hundred days of practice.

Three rounds of this amounted to nearly two years of training experience. Such a fortune.

And with Mikoto-san, in the dream space, he directly broke through three layers of her bottom line, eventually making her face her wedding photo in the bedroom. (Fugaku got NTR'ed!)

"Such a powerful ability!"

Yoichi immediately gave his first use of Master of Dreams a perfect rating, though he wished for more time. He left the dream space solely because time was up.

He then picked up the sleeping pills, took two more, and went back to sleep.

Soon, Yoichi fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Upon waking, Uchiha Yoichi noted the time spent sleeping and couldn't help but quip, "A waste of effort, no wonder it's only a partial ability, there's a limit to the number of uses!"

This ability was apparently once a day. His second attempt to sleep was just that, sleeping, with immediate wakefulness after closing his eyes.

But considering, if there were no limits to the number of uses, Yoichi could lie in bed for a month, practicing in the dream for over seven hundred days.

After sleeping through the afternoon and waking up near evening,

Yoichi had some food and then stretched a bit.

He then planned to produce more Flying Thunder God Kunai.

"First, create enough Flying Thunder God Kunai to cover the entire Land of Fire, planting a few outside as transfer points. This way, I can go anywhere in the Land of Fire."

The battle gear research factory, pharmaceutical factory, and ninja game development company were definite locations for planting. To be cautious, he also buried a few Flying Thunder God Kunai in other places.

Yoichi's Flying Thunder God mark was a three tomoe, resembling the Sharingan, making the production of Flying Thunder God Kunai quite easy.

Soon, he made some.


The next day,

Yoichi saw no pressing matters in the morning. He initially planned to use the Master of Dreams then, but decided to wait until evening.

By then, Mina should also be resting, allowing him to pull her into the dream space to help improve control over the Impure World Reincarnation technique and curse marks.

With improved control and reduced effort to manage the reanimated bodies, Uchiha Yoichi could immediately start enhancing the sacrifices' strength, bringing the reanimated bodies' power infinitely close to their original level.

This way, collecting more Jōnin-level corpses during wars would provide him with a force of fully obedient, fearless Jōnin-level fighters.

When Yoichi was about to proceed with his training, Orochimaru suddenly paid him a visit. Having heard that Yoichi had been discharged from the hospital for two days, Orochimaru invited him to the laboratory for a visit.

It was about a simplified version of Sage Mode that Orochimaru had developed.

With the precision equipment provided by Yoichi, the sample of the youth capable of absorbing natural energy, and Orochimaru's own insights from practicing Sage Art, he managed to invent a simplified Sage Mode in such a short time.

"Yoichi, actually creating the curse mark so quickly was due to an inspiration that came by chance. However, it's not a perfect Sage Mode, but a degraded version. It's quite similar to that clan's physique but controllable, so there won't be incidents of going berserk. As for other aspects, it resembles that clan quite a lot."

Orochimaru said with a smile, referring to changes in appearance.

Absorbing too much natural energy without proper control could lead to various transformations. Although Sage Mode from Ryūchi Cave wouldn't turn a person into stone, it could drive them mad.

Soon, the two entered the laboratory.

Located in a very secluded area of Konoha, on the opposite side of the Forest of Death, Orochimaru even kept several large snakes, over ten meters long, at the entrance to hide the entrance to the underground laboratory from others.

The ventilation was excellent underground, and the space was vast.

Upon entering, Yoichi saw Orochimaru's apprentice, who already showed signs of training. It seemed Orochimaru didn't entirely use him as an experimental subject.

"Look, Yoichi, these are the test subjects; for the newly developed Sage Curse Mark, I can control it."

With that, Orochimaru made a hand seal, and the test subjects from the Shimura clan in the cages immediately fell to the ground in agony. Then, strange patterns appeared on their bodies.

Yoichi activated his three-tomoe Sharingan to closely observe the chakra changes in these test subjects.

After the strange patterns covered their bodies, their skin changed color, and their bodies underwent transformations: their arms thickened, horns grew on their heads, and bulging tumors appeared on their backs.

"This transformation is quite noticeable."

Yoichi commented. The strength enhancement was also significant. The person's chakra was average, but after entering the second state, their chakra increased threefold.

Perhaps due to the test subject's initially low chakra, such a dramatic increase was seen.

For others, there would likely be a significant boost as well.

"People with average talent should not activate the second state of the Sage Curse Mark for more than five minutes. Otherwise, even with the Sage Curse Mark, they won't be able to withstand the erosion of natural energy, ultimately leading to death. Hehe, this inspiration came from the White Snake Sage."

Who enjoys biting people to help them practice Sage Mode.

Orochimaru handed over a scroll with the methods for practicing the Sage Curse Mark.

"This Sage Curse Mark isn't the effect I desired, but it's good for training subordinates. Yoichi, I need to continue my research. Here's what I need."

Orochimaru aims for a more perfect Sage Mode. This Sage Curse Mark, in terms of absorbing and utilizing natural energy, falls short of the original, and the Sage chakra produced is also inferior.

Everything depends on the Sage Curse Mark to control natural energy.

Besides the scroll for practicing the Sage Curse Mark, Orochimaru also handed over another scroll with a list of materials he needed, including experimental materials and the two secret techniques from Kumogakure that caught his attention last time.

Yoichi looked over the list and agreed, "No problem, these will be delivered to you soon. As for the test subjects, I'll purchase them outside the village. Can Orochimaru-sama bring them in himself?"

"Of course, I'll wait for your notice, Yoichi."

(End of Chapter)