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{Being Edited but slowly when I have free time} Travel through the world of Naruto and become a member of the Uchiha clan. Only three months are left until Uchiha Clan genocide with the hands of Itachi, planned by konoha's high level officials. Just when Kenya was desperately finding a way to live, a voice rang out in his mind. [ The Template Character:- Aizen Sōsuke has been awakened ] ------------- patreon.com/Kazuma_trash ------------ Discord Link :- https://discord. gg/qxvX7Tvpqp (without space)

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Chapter 26 Aizen

"Aizen-sama, what's wrong?"Seeing Aizen stopped speaking suddenly, Pakura asked suddenly.

"No, it's nothing," Aizen's eyes turned slightly behind the mask, and he looked at the other Sand Shinobi Jōnin dragons who cam with him this time, "Dragons, Konoha Anbu's who is watching us around, how many people are there?"

"Yes, according to my perception, there are seven people. Of course, it is not ruled out that there are also jōnin who are good at concealment, and have not been discovered by my perception." Shirasaki said.

He is a sensory ninja. In a team, he has at least one sensory or medical type ninja, which is standard.

"No, there are indeed only seven people, no mistake." Aizen smiled lightly.

Looking at the Konoha scenery outside the window, Aizen raised his hand slightly, and a bird suddenly flew to his fingertips.

Bird didn't seem to be afraid of the weird mask on the other side's face, chuckling happily. "Very beautiful village, don't you think so?"Aizen spoke again.

"Yes, Aizen-sama" Kuragi immediately said, "Although it is a bit rude, to be honest, I really feel that it is such a blessing to be born in a village on such a rich land..."

After sighing, Kuragi said with resentment, "However, why do we Sand Shinobi can only live in a place full of yellow sand? Even the most basic things like water and food are often in short supply and dire state!!"

"Kuragi! Be careful when you speak, and be careful of Konoha Anbu who is watching us!" Pakura frowned and scolded.

Kuragi looked upset, but still shut up obediently.

The main reason was that Pakura was superior to him.

Aizen smiled and said, "I can understand your feelings, but I also hope you can believe me. One day, I will let everyone at Sand Shinobi live the same life as Konoha."

"Aizen-sama, what you mean is, to Konoha..." Kuragi was full of enthusiasm.

"Aizen-sama, what you said..." Pakura and Shirasaki looked anxious.

"Don't worry, they can't hear it." Aizen shook his hand gently, calming the two of them, and then asked, "If there is such an opportunity, would you like to follow me?"

"If there is an opportunity and sand village will be able to live Aizen-sama said, I can give my life to Aizen-sama!"

Kuragi's face is full of enthusiasm, and the look in his eyes is like the look in Tousen Kaname's eyes on Aizen Sōsuke in "Bleach".

Although that guy is blind.....

"...As a ninja, we automatically obeys the orders of our superiors. so, there is no need to ask" Pakura hesitated for a moment and replied.

"Me too." Shirasaki said.

"Don't make the atmosphere so serious, everyone is loyal to Lord Kazekage, well, it's already late, let's rest first." Aizen smiled.

Inwardly, Aizen sighed, he felt that he was able to understand his own skills without a teacher.

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At this time, Konoha Anbu is still monitoring the Sand Shinobi group of four in the hotel.

This is to prevent them from continuing to negotiate in the name of what they want to do in Konoha.

But the strength of these Anbus is no better than Jōnin, not even the elite Jōnin. Kenya wanted to avoid their surveillance and leave, and even Kyōka Suigetsu's abilities did not need to be used.

In the middle of the night, they did not notice that the leader of the Sand Shinobi group was no longer in the hotel.

In fact, let alone them, even Pakura and other three Sand Shinobi himself didn't notice it.


Although it was past 11 o'clock in the evening, most of Konoha had fallen asleep.

However, there are also a few people who, due to personal reasons, have not been able to fall asleep.

Such as Uchiha Sasuke.

Since the genocide of the Uchiha clan, the Uchiha clan has also become a forbidden area for Konoha, and no one is allowed to enter or leave. even Sasuke, who currently exists in Konoha, is the same as the only Uchiha,Sarutobi Hiruzen gave the reason that he didn't want him to cause sad memories and Sasuke did not go back once in the nearly two months since the clan destroyed, and he also didn't want to revisit the scene he had seen in Tsukuyomi again and again.

There is one more person, Kurenai.

In the past two months, she rarely even received the A-level, let alone the S-level mission task, no matter how much Kenya ridiculed her for being silly and sweet, she would be able to detect a little problem, but the inner thoughts of Kurenai have also been more and more conclusively confirmed—that she was targeted by Konoha's senior executives.

Even though Kurenai didn't care about the bounty obtained from advanced missions, or wanted to use it to improve her own strength, this feeling of suspicion was really uncomfortable.

Although Uchiha Kenya is dead, then this self-directed situation should also end by now. but Sarutobi Hiruzen, or Konoha's high-level executives by Sarutobi Hiruzen has a less glorious image of her in their heart or mind right now, at least, the impression of "suspicion" is added in their mind.

Just because she was kidnapped by Uchiha Kenya, and after that she was released without any injury or negotiation, this seems a trivial matter, but they suspected that there was some ulterior motive or secret between her and Uchiha Kenya.

This can only prove that Konoha's high-level executives are too suspicious.

Wearing a pajamas with a spooky jumpsuit, showing a beautiful figure.

Tossing over and over on the bed, Kurenai, who was finally about to fall asleep, suddenly heard a familiar sound in her ear: "Yo, how have you been recently?"

Already about to squint, Kurenai ruby like red eyes widened, his whole body shocked, likelightning strike his body, when she saw a person should be dead and shouldn't be here.

Yes, the young man sitting on the side chair with a familiar smile is Uchiha Kenya!


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if there is any mistake please comment on that paragraph with correction. like my comment on comment section of this chapter so i can get exp.

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