Naruto: A Different Power

Born in Ninja World and granted the power of Ope Ope no Fruit, Kawano Naoki tries to utilise it's power every way possible to reach the apex and live freely. AN:- It is a non harem book. chapters ahead on my P@treon.com/Yuki7145

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Land of Fire.

Fire Town.

"Did you hear the news?"

"Princess Kazumi's injury was healed, that doctor is not a quack, he is the real deal"

"Yeah, my neighbour who was terminally ill and could die any moment came back running, I still can't believe it!"

"Same with a friend of mine!"

In the capital of land of fire, everywhere the topic of discussion was the miracle doctor, shocked faces everywhere.

Daimyo Residence.

At the huge castle, in a large hall on top of the elevated platform, on a red chair sat a middle-aged man with, donned in a orange yukata with golden linings over it, a folding fan in his hand.

"You...are you truly healed Kazumi!?"

At this moment, the daimyo had an unbelievable face, in a trembling tone asking the girl who stood down.



To his question, the tan-skinned girl giggled and suddenly disappeared from her place, flickering in the huge hall, appearing at one place, then the other.

"Thank God....Thank God!"

Seeing this, the daimyo had no doubt left anymore, choking out with tears of relief streaming down his face.

"Don't cry fathers, be happy as I'm fine now...and it's all thanks to Aizen-San!"

Said Kazumi in an emotional tone, her father's happiness at her recovery truly touching to her.

"I'm fine...and that doctor... come on take me to him, I'll thank him personally!"

Said the daimyo while wiping the tears of his face, he had given up hope on his daughter getting cured already but the happiness came too suddenly.

"Yes Father!"

Nodded Kazumi to her father's request quickly, her face red with excitement.


"I guess we should come some other time!"

Said the daimyo looking at the closed sign hanging on the door of the current most popular shop in the town.


Agreed Kazumi with him in a disappointed tone, she was so looking forward to meet him again.

After curing her, since he was busy healing others she couldn't talk much with him, now she wanted to invite him to the castle but guess not now.


5 days later,

Land of waves.

On the sea, amid the dense mist rowed a boat, approaching the land at some distance, even through the mist, the huge shadow of endless forest of land of fire could be seen.

In the boat were four people all having red hair and a red spiral emblem on the back of there attire.

One of them was around in his early thirties, standing with his hands crossed, looking ahead with a stern face.

Uzumaki Hisato, an elite jonin of Uzumaki Clan.

One had a pretty young immature face, not more than fourteen, sitting calmly in the boat, cleaning the sword in his hand with a cloth.

Uzumaki Hirito, the son of the chief of Uzumaki Clan.

The other two were busy rowing the boat, both in there thirties as well, jonin from Uzumaki Clan.

"Let's hurry to the nearest town, we'll join the leaf squad from there!"

The boat soon reached the shore, stepping on the land and looking at the huge forest ahead, Hisato the squad captain quickly gave orders.


The others nodded and followed him, quickly everyone entering the forest.



But they haven't travelled through the woods even for a minute, the ears of hisato picking something, with a solemn face raising his hand, yelling.


The other three were confused but quickly there confusion getting clear, with the sound of footsteps a figure walking out from the trees around.

He was completely covered with a black cloak, though it unable to hide his tall stature and his brown eyes not hidden by the mask.

"Sorry to interrupt your journey...but I have some important business with you!"

Said the cloaked figure in a hoarse voice, stretching his hand out of the cloak, a sword held in his hand.


The squad of four quickly got alert at the appearance of the sword, taking out the kunai, both sides gazing at each other, smell of gun powder in the air.

At the same time,

In the same forest, a squad comprised of seven people was moving through the woods, leading them the man with a fan emblem on his attire, Kagami Uchiha.

The people behind him all looked young, three probably around eight years old, other three around 14.

Right behind at the second spot behind kagami uchiha was a boy with silver hair and a short blade behind his back, an indifferent look on the handsome face.

The other two around his age one boy andgirl, boy having the uchiha clan emblem on his attire like kagami, the girl having long black hair with fringes and a beautiful face.

The other three were the famous students of third hokage, Senju Tsunade, Jiraiya and the prodigy Orochimaru.

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