16 16 Shinobi Code

Konoha Training Ground.

"My name is Kawano Naoki and I mostly read books in my free time, and about my goal if I have to name it, probably becoming a medical shinobi"

"Pretty much as expected"

Introduced Naoki himself with a normal expression, Danzo who was told about Naoki's exceptional chakra control ability not much surprised at his future goal.

"Now that you all have introduced yourself, it's time for you three to be aware of the do's and don'ts of a leaf shinobi"

"So listen carefully...

Saying that a serious look appeared on the handsome face of Danzo, the brown eyes losing all the emotions in them.

"Having a personal goal is good, but as a leaf shinobi, there is something that never can be compromised on"

"Anything whether it's your dream, your friends, everything can be sacrificed for the sake of it"

"And that thing is the village, the village is the keystone, the last thing I want from you is to act on your emotions and end up doing something that will affect the village"

"If sacrificing your life or your partner's life can help the village, don't hesitate to do so cause I won't"

"The same rules apply for a task"

"That's what being a true shinobi means"


Danzo finished his words as both Shinku and Sayuri shook clearly, the shock in there eyes hard to be concealed.

Both of them were just eight and the reality of a shinobi's life was never told about in academy, at least not in a village like konoha.

Nor the parents informed them as this was something they had to learn themselves and learn to grow with it, this was the path of becoming strong.

Compared to Sayuri and Shinku, Naoki didn't even seem to have even heard anything, no change of expression whatsoever, the darkness of the ninja world, few knew about it more then Naoki.

"Not bad...

Seeing Naoki not affected at all and still calm after his words, an appreciative look appeared in the cold brown eyes of Danzo, muttering.

"So this is it for today, but we'll gather tomorrow morning at the entrance of the village"

"Usually freshly graduated genin do D-rank tasks and has no need to leave the village, but I don't have time to waste on that"

"Anyway the contents of the mission will be told tomorrow"

"Don't be late!"


Saying that Danzo burst into white smoke, disappearing, clearly a shadow clone was here all the time.

Danzo disappeared, leaving the three alone at the training ground.

Sayuri and Shinku though still seemed kinda absent-minded, the reality of a shinobi seemed to have hit them too suddenly.



Seeing them like this, Naoki clicked his tongue and raised his both hands, the left tapping the shoulder of Sayuri, the other Shinku.

"The more you think about it, the more it weighs you down, no one knows what your future holds"

Saying that Naoki took his hands back and calmly walked away, both Sayuri and Shinku coming back to there senses at his words, eyes stuck at the gradually disappearing back.


Hokage Office.

Next to the window stood Sarutobi over-looking the entire village, donned in the hokage robe, the pointed hat on his head.

"So, not bad right?"

Spoke Sarutobi suddenly without turning around, immense confidence in his tone.

"They have shortcomings but I can see there potential, especially that kid Naoki, he possesses a strong mind"

Said Danzo truthfully his inner thoughts to Sarutobi, at the training ground earlier he had evaluated them enough to give a report to Sarutobi.

Though further evaluation will be left on the mission tomorrow.

"It's good that this year there are a lot of potential seeds from the civilians, Orochimaru, Jiraiya and now Naoki"

"It will not only work as a wake up call for the clans, but will also act as a role model for civilians"

Said Sarutobi with a light smile on his face, his two year program seemed to have brought great results, so many potential strong shinobi had appeared at the same time.

"Hmph! I just hope you don't forget your promise hiruzen, no matter how talented they were, you know I would have never become a jonin Instructor and wasted my time teaching few kids"

Danzo didn't care much about the expectations of Sarutobi, as snorting with a cold look, he tried to remind him of his promise.

"Don't worry, as long as you can show me corresponding leadership skills, I'll allow you to do that"

Said Sarutobi casually while shrugging his shoulders, not bothered at all by his frank behaviour.

"Good, then wait for them to eventually thrash your students and prove it"

"Hahahaha, I look forward to it!"


Danzo made the declaration as Sarutobi still stayed chill and burst out laughing, Danzo snorting again and walking out of the office.

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