Naruto: A Different Power

Born in Ninja World and granted the power of Ope Ope no Fruit, Kawano Naoki tries to utilise it's power every way possible to reach the apex and live freely. AN:- It is a non harem book. chapters ahead on my P@treon.com/Yuki7145

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11 Control

Ninja Academy.

But Shinku was worthy of being ranked 4th overall, both hands quickly joining and making a hand sign.


The fist of Naoki connected with Shinku's face, who burst into smoke and a log appearing in his place.

Xu!! Xu!!

It was followed by a serious of sharp sounds, from front, back and the sides shuriken enclosing on him.

Despite being surrounded, Naoki didn't show any signs of panic as quickly he squatted a little and shot towards the sky next moment, evading the shuriken attack from all sides.


Naoki who had jumped up and was still in mid air, heard a buzz from above as a wind cutting sound spread, Shinku already in the sky holding the blade that was shot up earlier by Naoki.

"Nice bait, he has good combat sense"

In the hokage office, Sarutobi who was watching commented with a look of approval on his face.

In just a moment, not only Shinku had dodged the attack of Naoki with substitution jutsu, but had also deliberately attacked him from all sides so that the only way to dodge is upward, where he waited already.

Now in mid air, it is not possible for Naoki to dodge, the outcome of the fight already decided.


Even the chunin teacher took a step forward, ready to interrupt as if continued shinku's blade will seriously injure Naoki at least.


The blade made it's way towards Naoki, headed straight towards his face but a clap resounded at this moment, the approaching blade suddenly halting.

The hands of Naoki were clasped in the mid air, between them the sword totally still, blue energy surrounding the hands of Naoki could be clearly seen.


Still in mid air Naoki yanked his clasped hands back, the shocked shinku who still was holding the hilt feeling a monstrous force like earlier again, pulling him along the blade.

Next Naoki in the air stretched his body completely, his arms moving over him as he threw the blade in his palms downward with shinku who was pulled along, not even getting the time to let go of the blade.


From the sky, like a thunder roaring, shinku crashing down at high speed, his head on the course to hit ground forcefully.


Though just when he was about to crash, a figure flashed and grabbed shinku, saving him.

"Thank you sensei!"

The chunin teacher put shinku who had a somewhat fearful look in his eyes down, thanking with some gratitude in his eyes.

Today he truly experienced something like never before, with the force he was shot down, he had no ability to resist and could only watch the ground enlarging every moment.

Never has he been so close to possible death before, or even if he had lived, he would have sustained permanent injuries at least.

"No problem, I'm just doing my duty" said the chunin teacher at shinku's thanks, turning his head towards Naoki who landed on the ground.

"The winner of the first fight is Kawano Naoki"


The voice fell, as the kids around who were too focused on the battle finally came back to senses, cheers erupting.

"Damn!! How did he stop the blade with his bare hands?"

"Yeah, his movements were so amazing as well despite being in mid air"


Everyone who watched the fight discussed what they just witnessed, the feat of Naoki catching the blade and easily fighting mid air truly impressing them.

"At that moment, It was surely that!"

Though Tsunade was surprised as well, her focus was more on what she had discovered unlike most of the other kids, it was just for a moment, she seemed to have seen chakra covering the hands of Naoki.

To make chakra so stable and concentrated to increase the defense, it requires extremely good chakra control, she can do it but most experienced ninja can't do it.

And for why she can do what not even most experienced ninja can do, naturally it was due to the blessing of her senju bloodline and top chakra control.

"Not just superb chakra control, but he has great control over his body as well, truly wonderful"

Nothing escaped the eye of Sarutobi who watched the fight through his surveillance jutsu, analyzing everything.

He could see Naoki had excellent chakra control, and his body was trained quite good, in pure physical aspect Naoki seemed far ahead then his opponent.

"Any more time in academy won't improve him much, but for now let's see how others perform"

Sarutobi circled the name of Naoki on the student list before him on the table and once again focused on the crystal ball, still a lot of analyzing to do.

Naoki who won the fight was quite satisfied with his performance, he hadn't revealed too much and was able to win quite easily, achieving the effect he wanted.

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