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What if someone were to be reincarnated as the daimyo of the Land of Grass during the era of the Ninja War? Will they be able to survive or transform their village into the strongest force? NOTE - First 3 chapters have been Revised. So, Sorry for the deleted comments --------------------------------------- Hello, its my first time writing a Novel so I do not know how to write a synopsis. Sorry for that and if you want to know the source of this fanfic as this is not my original idea please read the auxiliary Chapter. Support me on - P@treon.com/Kaiszer

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CH - 127 A Hidden Ace? Danzo?!

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After issuing instructions to the two new young students, Akihiko convened a meeting with three youngsters. Despite Minato's assurances that Konoha wouldn't retaliate against the Grass Village for their subterfuge, Akihiko, as the leader of his nation, couldn't solely rely on the promises of another village. So, these three youngsters would guard the border and remain here for a period of time. 

After all, He was no member of the Tsuchigumo Clan, and he couldn't put his people's safety at risk. He couldn't afford to entrust the well-being of his villagers to Konoha's word alone. He remembered how Konoha had assured the Tsuchigumo Clan, they'd be safe as long as they refrained from using forbidden jutsu. Yet, they had stood by while the Tsuchigumo Clan teetered on the brink of destruction, nearly losing its entire population.

To be fair, Minato's promise seemed trustworthy. Konoha had a history of not initiating unnecessary conflicts. Even during the Second Great Shinobi War, it had been Hanzo who declared war against the Five Major Villages, not Konoha.

"Don't worry, Sensei," Yahiko confidently patted his chest and declared, "Even if we have to sacrifice ourselves, we'll protect this place!"

However, at Yahiko's words, a series of quick smacks landed on the back of his head, courtesy of Akihiko. The Grass Village leader scolded them with annoyance, "I've put in a lot of effort raising you three, educating you, and instilling you with knowledge. Now, are you suggesting that you become mere sacrifices? Have you forgotten all the Grass Shinobi techniques I've taught you? You must learn to ensure your own safety!"

Akihiko was straightforward, showing his genuine concern for the three young students he had watched grow. He couldn't bear the thought of them being relegated to mere sacrifices. As he looked at these almost-as-tall-as-him youngsters, he couldn't help but reflect on how much they had matured. Though Akihiko could be demanding, he had been an excellent teacher and had cared for them deeply.

Upon hearing Akihiko's words, their eyes welled up slightly with emotion, gazing at him with affection. Akihiko, despite his strictness, had been an exceptional teacher who had treated them well. With unwavering determination, they assured him, "Don't worry, Sensei. We won't let you down."

"Hmph, don't exaggerate," Akihiko chuckled, rubbing his chin. He winked at them and continued with a smile, "Whether you can stand up to Konoha is still uncertain."

Akihiko paused for a moment, deep in thought. Then, he looked at the three of them and grinned. "Don't worry, your teacher has a hidden ace up his sleeve!"

"A hidden ace? What's that?" The curious trio asked eagerly. Akihiko lowered his voice, leaned in closer, and confided, "Danzo. You'll be responsible for dealing with him from now on. If Konoha doesn't keep its word, just hang him up there, and if anyone comes to his rescue, give them a little scare by stabbing Danzo. But remember, don't kill him."

Akihiko didn't believe Konoha would disregard their agreement if Danzo was in a precarious situation.

Upon hearing this, the three youngsters exchanged puzzled glances. What had Danzo done to earn such disfavor from their sensei? Why was their sensei so ready to use him in such a way?

After giving instructions to the three young students, Akihiko made his way to the place where Danzo was being held, intending to provoke him further.

"In Konoha, you're the only one I find to be a formidable opponent, Danzo," Akihiko sighed dramatically and continued, "We're fortunate that your strength doesn't match your abilities."

Akihiko continued, expressing admiration for Danzo's intelligence. "It's truly remarkable how you managed to transmit information even in such a precarious situation."

These comments left Danzo perplexed. He was certain that he hadn't leaked any information. Perhaps one of his ROOT subordinates had transmitted intelligence just before they were apprehended, and it had subsequently been intercepted by other ANBU members?

As he contemplated this, Danzo's pride and arrogance got the better of him. With a cold, resolute tone, he declared, "You're not even in the same league as me. My sole rival in life is Sarutobi Hiruzen!"

Akihiko gazed at Danzo, who appeared confident, self-assured, and unwavering. But he wondered how long Danzo could maintain this level of self-assurance, considering that he might end up hanging in front of everyone. Akihiko found this thought quite amusing, though he remained silent for a moment before sighing and saying, "But you were still Captured."

With those final words, Akihiko left the prison, leaving Danzo to contemplate the notion of strength. Akihiko appeared to be downcast as he departed. In his wake, Danzo was left feeling both proud and regretful, clenching his fist in silence.

Following their conversation, Akihiko made the necessary arrangements for his students. With the ongoing wars and the threat looming over the Grass Village, he had to leave because he had other pressing matters to attend to.

Amidst the escalating tension, both the Sand Village and the Mist Village had declared war on the Grass Village. Despite the ongoing conflicts, they were sending their forces towards the Grass Village. Akihiko entrusted the matter regarding the Sand Village to Hanzo, the Demi-God of Shinobi. Hanzo assured everyone by saying, "While I may not be able to fight all five of them, I can certainly handle one. Leave it to me." This assurance alleviated concerns about the Sand Village for the time being.

The situation with the Cloud and Stone Villages remained unclear, but Akihiko had made arrangements based on his belief that, after years of warfare and with the Five Great Ninja Villages currently embroiled in battles, they wouldn't be able to dispatch significant forces to attack the Grass Village. He felt confident that they could defend against them without much trouble.

As for the Mist Village, Akihiko decided to stay behind and personally deal with them, who had been audacious enough to demand ten times the compensation and reimbursement for war damages. He found their demands exorbitant, especially when even the notoriously shameless Sand Village had only sought ten times the compensation. Akihiko couldn't help but find the Mist Village's demand to be beyond shameless. The audacity of their request left him incredulous.

Akihiko stared at the serene, clear blue sky over the Land of Grass. The weather was delightful today. No rain, and the temperature was just right, with a gentle breeze rustling through. It was a beautiful day to be alive. Akihiko couldn't help but stretch his limbs lazily and exclaim, "Hah~ War!"

However, his brief moment of peace was interrupted when a Grass Village ninja urgently approached him. "Leader, we've received crucial frontline information!"

"Frontline news?" Akihiko was taken aback for a moment but quickly motioned for the ninja to continue.

"Stone Village and Cloud Village have also declared war on the Grass Village," the ninja reported. Akihiko's expression turned Serious. Finally, the expected war had arrived.

Following the declarations of war by the Sand and Mist Villages, it didn't take long for the Stone and Cloud Villages to follow suit. A covert group of Stone Village ninjas infiltrated the vicinity of the Grass Village, sneaking across the already destroyed Kannabi Bridge. They sought a meeting with Mubuki and the Minister of Finance of the Grass Village, making a straightforward demand: the Grass Village needed to compensate them tenfold for the 30 million Ryo they claimed to have spent on acquiring intelligence. In return, they promised to withdraw their troops immediately.

Shortly after this, a substantial army from the Cloud Village reached the borders of the Land of Grass via the Land of Waterfall. They, too, demanded compensation from the Grass Village.

In summary, it appeared that all the major ninja villages were seeking monetary compensation. It was as if they were attributing their war losses entirely to the Grass Village, insisting that it should bear the financial burden.

In these moments, similar to the final stages of the First Great Ninja War, it seemed that unless the Grass Village acceded to the demands of the Four Great Ninja Villages, the village itself and the entire Land of Grass could be plunged into destruction once more.

Confronted with the threats posed by the Four Great Ninja Villages, the tension throughout the Land of Grass escalated. Even many smaller ninja villages, ensnared in their own wars, couldn't help but observe the unfolding situation with a mixture of anticipation and glee.

Initially, they believed that both the Grass Village and the Rain Village were embroiled in a fierce battle, experiencing heavy losses. However, to their amazement, it seemed that the two villages were turning the situation to their advantage. In the midst of war, the Grass and Rain Villages appeared to be profiting? At first, there was envy and shock at such an unconventional approach, but now, they just began to revel in the spectacle. According to them, It was a case of 'serves you right' for stirring up trouble.

Many smaller ninja villages assumed that the Grass Village, in the face of declarations of war by the Four Great Ninja Villages, would undoubtedly capitulate and yield to their demands. However, to their utter astonishment, the supposed Minister of Finance from the Grass Village, wearing a cold and contemptuous expression, delivered a one-word response: "F*ck O*f!"

This audacious reply left the entire ninja world dumbfounded. The Grass Village displayed an unparalleled fearlessness, as if they valued money more than their own village. In the face of the audacity of the Grass Village, the Four Great Ninja Villages hesitated no longer and launched their attacks on the Grass Village. War was once again on the horizon, and the entire ninja world witnessed another significant shift in the ongoing conflict.





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