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Uchiha clan's Pain

Itachi Nii's House...

In the room, Third Hokage and Fugaku san are seated facing each other.

While sipping the drink Fugaku san asked," In late-night what is the Hokage of the whole village is doing in my house?"

"Mnn…( clearing the voice) Fugaku why don't we drop the formalities and speak what we want"

"Ok, Hiruzen Sarutobi what do you want? Coming to my house late at Night" Fugaku san asked with a mocking smile

"I am here to talk about the problem between the Uchiha clan and the Leaf village. The crack between the village and the Uchiha clan is getting bigger as the day passes. So I thought that we should seal this crack before it gets to the point where it can't be returned"

Fugaku san just glared at the Third Hokage for few seconds

"Hiruzen it's you and the village elders who caused this crack. It has nothing to do with us. We always stayed loyal but you guys never trusted us and were always feared of the power we held. Hiruzen you and the village elders are the ones who forced us into the situation where we are now."

The third Hokage wanted to say something but he can't. He also knows that this a part of his mistake. A Shinobi's first teaching is to trust his comrade but the Village never trusted its comrade Uchiha clan. Third Hokage just stayed silent with the thought 'I failed as a Hokage'.

Fugaku san continued sadly

"During the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack, I made immediate plans for the Military Police Force to join the village's defense force, believing our Sharingan's ability to control the Nine-Tails would be indispensable in protecting the village. But what did you guys do, before we could lend aid, we received instructions from Konoha's leadership to patrol Konoha's borders instead, a sign that, even in the middle of an attack, the village already suspected us Uchiha was responsible. I, Fugaku once complied with the orders showing loyalty to the village that we are not involved in this situation without comment but you guys never trusted us and continued to do so in the future" Fugaku san said with a painful face.

"Sorry for that. But at that time Demon Fox was really under the control of a Sharingan. ; just as the Sharingan could be used to stop the Nine-Tails, so too could it cause the Nine-Tails' attack in the first place. So we also have no choice but to take precautions" Third Hokage stated his side facts and from his point of view but it didn't create much impact on Fugaku san.

"That was just an excuse. You guys are always like that. You guys didn't stop there. In the aftermath of the attack, the Uchiha clan was relocated to a compound along the village's outskirts on the pretext of it being a necessary step in Konoha's reconstruction. But in truth, you Konoha Council was convinced that the Nine-Tails' attack was done by us the Uchihas."

"Let me ask you a question Hiruzen. On what basis did you guys come to the conclusion that the Nine-Tails attack was done by us? You guys didn't even let the Uchiha near the Nine-Tails and I am damn sure all the powerful Uchihas are with me and now how the Village come to the conclusion that we were behind the attack. What an irony."

Before the Third Hokage could even answer Fugaku san continued

"This was the greatest disappointment we Uchihas ever had. Did you guys stop there No you didn't? You Konoha council put the entire clan together in order to monitor us in the name of preventing any additional attacks This was another excuse you guys come with. With this, I and the rest of the clan could no longer sit idly: to be treated with such skepticism despite all these years of service to the village, convinced us that Madara had been right"

The third Hokage got angry when he heard Madara's name. He smashed the table and said "How can you say that so casually. Do you know want that means?"

During that time Uchiha Madra told his clansman that Leaf village was a failed experiment. So they should stop following the orders of the village. But no one listened to him at that time.

"I am aware but this was the truth. Most of the Uchiha clansmen started to believe Madara. After the Third Shinobi World War, many within the Uchiha clan believed their clan leader, I, Fugaku, should become Konoha's Fourth Hokage. But I was not even considered for the position, and the title of Fourth passed to yet another disciple of the Senju. When do you think Uchiha can become the Hokage? I really sometimes laugh when I recall the history that Uchiha clan and Senju clan created the Konoha ( Leaf village ) together."

The third Hokage didn't justify his actions but he stated the fact

"It's not like I am against the Uchiha to become Hokage. It is just that Minato is more capable and shown more progress during the Third Shinobi World War. Don't forget that I had a friend called Kagami Uchiha and I never treated him differently Just because he is Uchiha"

Fugaku just smirked and didn't say anything.

"Fugaku it's like we cannot change the past but we change the future. Let's both give in for the better future"

"Hiruzen your sweet talk won't work anymore but if you give your position of Hokage to me there won't be any bloodshed. What do you say?"

"Fugaku you also know that it is not possible. I am not here to justify any of the previous village actions but to negotiate so that the relationship between the village and the Uchiha will return to the point where it was good"

"Hiruzen you also know the situation that you created isn't easy to solve and no matter generous you are do you think our clansmen will be satisfied. Their hatred grew deeper to the point where it can't be solved"


Outside the Uchiha clan

"You little brat do you think the Negotiation will succeed?" The Masked man asked me.

I just answered him with

"You also know and I also know that negotiation will ...…."


AUTHOR HERE: Sorry guys for such a long chapter on Negotiation. At first, I thought to write the small part of the Negotiation and move on to the next part where did Uchiha clan massacre take place or it was saved. But suddenly I thought that how Uchiha was treated unfairly due to the misunderstanding. So I want to express to you guys how Uchiha was treated unfairly to the point their mind was only filled with thoughts of revolt. Thank you so much for supporting the Book. Comment your views guys. If this chapter was really boring then I am sorry.


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