1197 Yin and Lisandra's Adventure

Returning back to the research base, Shiro could see that most of the monsters have stopped spawning. Those that were still appearing were taken care of quickly by the mech pilots while everyone focused on clean up.

Seeing Shiro, Yin and Lisandra together, the party rushed over.

"Wait what happened?" Madison asked as she immediately noticed how weak Shiro's aura had become.

Before Shiro could even respond, Nimue appeared, clearly annoyed.

"She was attacked from behind by someone that could control nanobots. We're guessing she's from the side of creation so her attack was extra potent on Shiro. She's managed to halt the nanobots for now but she has to keep the seal up at all times." Nimue huffed as Shiro scratched her head.

"Let me have a look at your wounds." Silvia sighed but Shiro shook her head.


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