84 Tent Allocation

Getting off the train, Shiro could see the other evac trains stopping by the other gates.

"Please follow the person in front of you in an orderly line. We'll be heading to camp site 10." Someone shouted out.

"Huh… Shiro you're right. Seems like we are camping in a huge area with the rest of the refugees." Lyrica said, hearing the announcement.

"Not too surprising I suppose. But how many camp sites and tents do you think they have? Are there enough?" Madison wondered.

The city was big, very big. But she wasn't sure if there was enough room for everyone who had evacuated.

[Even if there isn't, there's the option of going underground as well. By building bases underground, they'll be able to accommodate more people in the shelter.]

"Underground… Urg… it's definitely going to be stuffy and damp." Lyrica complained.


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