Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl?

This book is finished! Please give my next book a try as your support helps me greatly! The book is called Abyssal Awakening! I'm captured? Fine, I can't help it since I can't move. Experimented on? At least give me some anaesthetic. I'm freed? Let me get some revenge. Want to plead for your life? Sorry, this miss here holds a grudge. I destroyed the lab so now let me explore this world freely. I somehow joined Mr Hero's party. Fine, he seems fun. "Aiya, how cruel. For the honour of being a hero you'd kill this missy huh?" She smiled whilst bleeding out. "Che, you still have the mind to joke right now?" He said with a glare. "What is life if not to enjoy every moment? Since I'm going to die and I can't avenge myself, I hope someone else does." "No one will. You were the only one who was more powerful than I with your Nanomancy. Now with you out of th-" "Hush child. I'm trying to die in peace here." "But I'm ol-!" "Ap! Good children don't disturb their elders." "But yo-!" "Bye~" She grinned before losing strength. "FUCK!" … Why am I sleeping in the snowfields? Mr Wolves are growling at me. Hungry huh?... Me too. This is my second book please have mercy on this author. Enjoy. Cover was drawn by the amazing Aoi Ogata Nanomancer=A mage that uses nanobots Discord Server: https://discord.gg/vrdTSkj8Va

Reili · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1281 Chs


*clack clack clack

Her footsteps rang out as the passage seemed to be endless. Having walked for quite a while, Shiro couldn't help but wonder if she should turn back.

'Maybe it's a trial of patience.' She wondered to herself while examining her surroundings somore since she had nothing else to do.

The passage was crafted from smooth stone and had metal stands that held torches.

Grabbing one of the torches, she started to flip it in the air while continuing down the path.

"Hmm… how long is this place." She muttered tiredly.

Looking back, she saw that the entrance had long disappeared.

Shaking her head, she looked forward once more but frowned when she realised a slight inconsistency.

Previously, she had taken the torch from the wall so realistically, that empty stand shouldn't be seen again. But right now, in front of her, she could see the same stand once more.

"Hmm… tch so it's this kind of thing." She clicked her tongue.