632 Shiro's Room

Arriving at Shiro's old room, the party could see the mountain of plushies piled up by the side as a giant 8ft rabbit was clearly bigger than the rest.

Taking off their shoes and setting them by the side, the party walked in.

Sighing softly, Shiro shrugged and dived into the pile head first before adjusting herself in the pile.

"Behold! The plush queen, queen of all plushies. Long may she reign." Yin said with a laugh.

"Hush it, why don't you try it too. It's quite nice." Shiro pouted while throwing a plush towards Yin.

Catching it, Yin was surprised by how soft it was.

"Oh my… I can see why you would want an 8ft plush now mum. I wonder if they have an 8ft chicken drumstick plush." Yin mused while also diving into the pile.

"You'll probably eat it in your sleep." Shiro rolled her eyes.

"I'll excuse myself now. I'll go prepare the other rooms for your friends." Mio said with a smile.


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