Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl?

This book is finished! Please give my next book a try as your support helps me greatly! The book is called Abyssal Awakening! I'm captured? Fine, I can't help it since I can't move. Experimented on? At least give me some anaesthetic. I'm freed? Let me get some revenge. Want to plead for your life? Sorry, this miss here holds a grudge. I destroyed the lab so now let me explore this world freely. I somehow joined Mr Hero's party. Fine, he seems fun. "Aiya, how cruel. For the honour of being a hero you'd kill this missy huh?" She smiled whilst bleeding out. "Che, you still have the mind to joke right now?" He said with a glare. "What is life if not to enjoy every moment? Since I'm going to die and I can't avenge myself, I hope someone else does." "No one will. You were the only one who was more powerful than I with your Nanomancy. Now with you out of th-" "Hush child. I'm trying to die in peace here." "But I'm ol-!" "Ap! Good children don't disturb their elders." "But yo-!" "Bye~" She grinned before losing strength. "FUCK!" … Why am I sleeping in the snowfields? Mr Wolves are growling at me. Hungry huh?... Me too. This is my second book please have mercy on this author. Enjoy. Cover was drawn by the amazing Aoi Ogata Nanomancer=A mage that uses nanobots Discord Server: https://discord.gg/vrdTSkj8Va

Reili · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1281 Chs


Shiro frowned hearing what Aarim said.

[What kind of business?] Shiro asked.

"Hehehe… Nothing too bad." She grinned as she walked up to Shiro.

Shiro backed off a little as she made sure she could try to fight her way out if anything bad was to happen.

"Aiya, don't be so on guard. So not cute at all." Aarim shrugged.

[Tell me what you want. No need to get close.] Shiro typed.

"Sure. I just want you to cosplay for me." Aarim said pulling out a few outfits.


"Cosplay. You don't know what it is?" Aarim asked.

[No I don't. Care to explain?]

"I just want you to dress up and take photos." Aarim said as she pulled Shiro by her arm into a separate studio.

The studio was quite big as there was a white backdrop, lights around the room and a camera in the centre.

"I want you to model for me while I take pictures of you in poses." Aarim said as she sat Shiro down.

[I have a cast on my arm. Do you honestly think it'll look good?] Shiro asked raising an eyebrow.

"Don't worry about that. Naturally, you can unfreeze your cast. I don't mind. I just want my pictures." Aarim smiled.

Shiro eyed her suspiciously as she eventually nodded.

[What dresses are they? I hope they're not erotic.]

"I like cute girls that are young enough to be my daughter. Not have them nude." Aarim said with disdain.

[That's good. But first, I want to tell you what I want. I want an underlayer of cloth armour for my friend. The dress itself should be strong to try to prevent as much ripping as possible.] Shiro typed out.

"Easy enough. I can do that." Aarim nodded as she walked over to a switch.

Pulling the switch, Shiro's ears perked up as she could hear the inner workings turn and clank.


A wardrobe dropped out from the roof as Shiro could see an assortment of baby doll dresses and other.

[So you want me to dress up in these outfits?] Shiro asked.

"Yep." Aarim nodded.

[How many do I have to wear before you'll agree to make my commission.]

"Hmm, wear all of them." Aarim replied after a pause.

'All of them?! There's at least 100!' Shiro thought but kept her face blank.

[Too much. Change your price please.]

"Che fine. 100 sets?" Aarim said playing around with one of her fans laying by the side.


Aarim narrowed her eyes as she saw Shiro try to bargin.

"75. That's my final offer."

'Helion himself is a really good craftsman. For this Aarim to gain his recommendation must mean she's good. Wearing some clothes for good craftsmanship is a small price to pay.' Shiro thought.

[Fine 75 sets.] Shiro nodded.

"Great! Try this one first." Aarim smiled pulling out a set.

The set was a goth lolita dress. It was black in colour with red frills, a small hat, a bow tie on the waist, white tights and a pair of shoes. The shoes were coloured black and had wedges.

To top it all off, Aarim handed her a small black umbrella.

"Change into this and we'll start the photoshoot." Aarim said as Shiro nodded.

Finding a secluded place to change, Shiro made sure no one could see her change.

'Hmm… this dress is actually quite comfy.' Shiro thought after changing into it. Both the material and the weight of the dress was delicate yet there was a strangeness about them. It was similar to how her white dress was.

Walking out, Shiro typed on her phone and showed it to Aarim.

[What is the dress made from? It's light and won't rip.]

"… nice…" Was all Aarim muttered as she looked at Shiro.

Shiro waved her hand as she snapped Aarim out of it.

"Ah ahem. The material I used for this dress was made from the material dropped by humanoid animals. The female ones actually.

For some odd reason, no matter what one did, their dresses never broke apart. Thankfully of course, since perverts would be aiming for them all the time. So I managed to get my hands on supplies of these materials from the other cities and made these dresses. They won't break in combat so females don't have to worry." Aarim smiled.

'No wonder Helion recommended her. She actually had the materials which made my dress too.' Shiro thought.

"Yet the funny part about them is that when you kill the monsters, the dresses break apart along with the monster's corpse. You get small fragments which then can be combined and sewn together to make more clothes. Naturally, only the maker can change how the clothes look." Aarim shrugged.

She could rip that dress to bits if she wanted to while others can't.

[In that case then, am I able to commission a dress for myself then?] Shiro asked. She did like a few of the dresses. Combined with the fact that they can't break, would make them a must-have for her.

Just having a plain white dress was a little boring after all.

"Sure but we'll so 150 sets of clothes." Aarim said gesturing over to the wardrobe with a grin.

[150? Can we do 120? That's my max. I have things to do later today.] Shiro replied.

She didn't mind trying out the outfits so she could find a combination she really liked later and commission it.

"Sure. 120 is fine. Now get on the stage." Aarim said with an eager grin.

Shiro nodded and walked over. She had decided to thaw her ice cast so she can have a full view on what the dress looked like.

Since she only had a few hours left before her arm fully recovered, she could at least move it a little without it hurting too much.

Opening the umbrella, Shiro stood there and waited for Aarim to take a photo.


Several shutters flashed as Shiro kept her bland expression.

"Can you smile for me please~" Aarim said as Shiro nodded.

Shifting her body slightly, Shiro smiled as her pearl white teeth were exposed by the tiny gaps between her lips.

Aarim felt her grin widen seeing such a fantastic model for all of her dresses.

The entire photoshoot continued for a few hours as Shiro was so fatigued by the end of the shoot.

She laid by the chair as she recast her arm back up. She had already changed back to the outfit she entered the shop in as Aarim was sorting out the photos.

[I've done my side of the agreement. Now for the first commission, I want an outfit for an elf. She has blond hair, and just a little taller than I am.] Shiro typed out.

"That will do. The great thing about these materials is that they adjust themselves. I just need to know her general appearance." Aarim smiled.

[I want this to go under a set of armour. The armour consists of a small torso piece, waist guards, boots and gauntlets.]

"Alright. Now what about your set?" Aarim asked.

[Hmm… I want a piece from the 42nd set. The robe. I want the shirt of the 84th set. The pants from the 3rd set, the boots and stocking of the 24th set. Please dye them into one colour scheme please. White, blue and black.] Shiro typed out.

"Sure, that isn't a problem. Nice choices by the way." Aarim smiled.

[So I've got this question. Why is your shop called what it's called?] Shiro asked unsure. If it wasn't for the fact that Helion hard warned, gave her directions and told her Aarim's name, she would have never found this store.

"Why else? Because I sell things sex related." Aarim shrugged her shoulders. It was a fact she wasn't going to hide.

[Why don't you find a better location?]

"Ehh I can't be bothered to put effort into that. I'm fine as it is." Aarim said as she pulled out a few machines for my Shiro's commissions.

Hearing Aarim's response, Shiro only shrugged.

[How long are you going to take to make the outfit?]

"It's gonna take a day or two to make the outfit. But a few hours to dye your outfit. Wanna stay here and wait?" Aarim asked.

[No it's fine. I'll go collected both in a few days. Here's my contact information, just text me when they're done.]

"Alright. Make sure to come often little one." Aarim winked.

[Sure. Your outfits are very well done.]

"Ah no I mean for the main merchandise of my shop."

"…" 'The f*ck.' Shiro thought.

[I'm 13.]

"Age is just a number."

[So is a prison sentence.]

Aarim only shrugged seeing Shiro's reply.

"Fine. But just remember not to be alone. There are perverts who aren't as nice as I am. They'll definitely force themselves." Aarim warned.

[I'll keep that in mind.] Shiro nodded as she exited the shop.

Stretching her body slightly, Shiro walked out of the alleys.

'It's been a few hours. I wonder how far Lyrica is in the Dungeon.' Shiro thought with a frown.

Quickly heading back to the dorm, Shiro sat down on her chair and frowned.

'No she'll be fine.' Shiro shook her head.

Pulling Yin from out of her pocket, she fed it a D ranked mana stone and played around with him.

"When are you going to be useful ah?" Shiro asked as Yin avoided eye contact.

"Fine fine. I'll be patient." Shiro smiled and rubbed Yin's head.

"But if you turn out to be useless, I might turn you into quill soup." She teased.


Yin chirped in fear as he hid his head.

"Hahaha" Shiro giggled slightly seeing Yin's reaction.

"You're cute. I won't eat you don't worry."

After playing with Yin for a bit longer, Shiro decided to sleep since it was getting late.

"Helion!" Aarim screamed out as she stormed Helion's workshop.

"Hey Aarim. Did you like Shiro?" Helion asked looking up.

"Yes I did but you could have just called me over! Why did you have to ask her to come over to my workshop?!" Aarim frowned as she sat down and crossed her legs.

"Hahaha, don't worry about it. Shiro is easy to get along with." Helion grinned.

"Yeah I know that. But now she knows what I do ah."

"Afraid she'll avoid you like the other cute models you found?" Helion smiled.

"I'll hit you." Aarim frowned.

"Hahaha, don't worry about it. She wouldn't be repulsed by things like that." Helion shrugged.

"If she did I'll be coming for you." Aarim narrowed her eyes.

"Ai. Don't be like that hahaha. We knew each other since we were children. Both you and I know you won't hit your childhood friend." Helion grinned.

"And I wish you were wrong." Aarim sighed.

"So you took another interest in a loli? You sure she ain't a married woman this time?" Aarim grinned.

This caused Helion to slip slightly as he coughed.

"She's only 13. I'm not that bad." Helion said.

"Right…" Aarim rolled her eyes.

"I heard you got some materials for your class up."

"Yeah I did. Some C ranked materials. But dang, they're hard to shape." Helion sighed.

"What do you expect? You only have D ranked strength. Who told you to aim to get the class, Hammer Saint? You know not many people have gotten that right? Even if you're a genius, you're wasting your talents."

"What is talent if not to aim for a higher goal? What about you? Aren't you going for Mage Saintess as well." Helion gestured at her.

"That being said, how goes your advancement." He asked.

"It's going well. I've done 4 out of five advancements. BUT, the last one is troubling me." Aarim sighed.

"You haven't done it yet?!"

"No. I can't just grab any random monster. It has to fit the requirements for a perfect match. Hais… I've been stuck on this for so long." Aarim tilted her head back.

Her next advancement was for to reach the class Veteran Source Mage. After constant study, she had finally found the way to get this class. Yet when she got it, she was shocked at the requirements.

[Veteran Source Mage Class Up Requirements.]

10 C Ranked Mana Stone

100 D Ranked Mana Stone

1000 E ranked Mana Stone

Solo a D ranked Dungeon

Earn the trust and companionship of a magic based monster. The monster must have rationality and reach C class in strength.