1193 Madison vs Poseidon

Clashing her knuckles together, Madison punched the ground in front of her.


Immediately shattering the ice caps in half, the monster that the avatar was riding on lost its footing and started to sink down.

Furrowing her brows, the avatar jumped off and threw her trident at Madison.

Curling her lips into a grin, Madison laughed out loud before biting down on the trident as it passed her head.

Shattering it to pieces, Madison grabbed the two halves of the trident and narrowed her eyes.

"If just my teeth can shatter your weapon then I must say I'm rather disappointed." Madison chuckled as she threw the pieces back at the avatar.

Glaring at her in anger, the avatar jumped back and resummoned the trident. All of the broken pieces disappeared and reattached itself in her hands as she opened her mouth.


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