98 Blood Monarch

The castle was eerily quiet as Shiro kept her guard up. The main thing that they had to look out for was the mini-boss ambushing them. Especially since there were countless hiding spots from what Shiro could see.

"Why are there no monsters at all." Jonas asked with a frown.

[No idea. Maybe they're waiting in ambush near the final room.] Shiro guessed.

The worst part about a dungeon with a leader is that they're able to organise their troops. Having already experienced this with the bear leader from the first dungeon she woke up in, Shiro understood just how annoying this was. She had it easy since the bear wasn't the only monster on the floor of the dungeon so it sent out its underlings to conquer the floor first.

However, whoever was the final boss already ruled this dungeon. They had no other monsters to compete with.


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