1 Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Boss, I did everything!

In the middle of the night, the rain was pouring ruthlessly without care. Lightning flashed in the sky, illuminating everything momentarily before followed by a roaring thunder.

Yet, even with such harsh weather outside, business can't wait.

In an empty and abandoned warehouse, the classic transaction place, a business is being conducted.

"Boss, everything was disposed of neatly. No one will hear the name Victor Kress anymore," a man wearing a fancy suit said to another man who was wearing an even fancier suit than him.

He had sleek brown hair and a sharp, beautiful jawline; his mannerisms alone tell a lot about himself. Behind that man are two buff bodyguards watching every move the latter makes with alertness.

"Hmmm, good," the boss said and snapped his fingers.

One of the bodyguards stepped forward and handed the boss a cigar, lighting it up at the same time.

"Hoo," he blew and stared right into the eyes of his subordinate.

"Chris," he said and took a pause.

"You are great at your job, very great, that I think you have a bright future ahead of you if you continue," the boss slowly muttered.

"But," bringing a full stop to his words, he looked at Chris with a piercing, chilling gaze.

"You are too... too... attached to your morals."

"You are too good for this job, too kind," he muttered and stood up.

This brought Chris in confusion. He did his job perfectly; there was nothing the other party could comment on, yet here his boss was complaining.

"Boss, I don't understand what's going on," Chris said, confused and quite frankly scared.

"What was my order?" Boss asked.

"Dispose of everything that Victor Kress is," Chris answered concisely.

"That's right, but why didn't you kill his family?" Then, with a cold and emotionless tone, Boss asked.

Then it hit Chris. Victor Kress is a rival businessman of the Boss; he owned an enterprise called Kress Enterprise, which was ringing loud in the public quite recently.

But Victor Kress just had to catch the Boss's attention. A poor guy.

Because of this, the Boss ordered Chris to dispose of everything Victor Kress has and erase the latter from the earth, and so Chris did, but there was just one problem.

Victor had a family, a young twelve-year-old son and a loving wife. Chris can't bring himself to kill the two, so he secretly saved the two of them and led them out of the country, out of the Boss's sight.

But Chris's subordinate snitched on him, and that led to this situation.

"Boss, the kid and his wife have nothing to do with this; they don't have any power to be a threat to you, so I spared them!" Chris protested.

"I know that we dabble in some illegal activities, but I won't bring myself to kill a child and an innocent woman—"

"Shhhh!" Boss put his finger on Chris's mouth, bringing the latter's protest to a halt. Chris saw the gentle blue eyes of his boss, but instead of feeling admiration for its beauty, he saw chaos and pure evilness.

"You heard my order. I was clear on it, yet you disobeyed it."

"I'm disappointed." Removing his finger, the boss turned around.

"I'm afraid that I'll have to dispose of you, Chris,"

Fear ran through Chris; he panicked at the word of the boss. Everything started to whirl into a circle. After fear settled in, anger came after.

"But I did everything!"

"I crawled through the mud to serve you! I did things men would vomit just for you! And this is how you repay me!" Chris shouted in anger at the boss. With his shout, the boss puffed smoke and, without turning back, he spoke.

"And who brought you wealth? Who gave you a helping hand when you were but a mere insect?" Boss said coldly, which brought Chris to a halt.

"A good subordinate is one who doesn't question his superior." And as Chris was about to protest once again, Boss snapped his fingers, and the two bodyguards pulled out their pistols.

"You! You piece of human garbage!"

"You asshole and cunt! You fucking savage!" Chris threw insults knowing that the Boss would hear them full well.

"You will go to hell!"

The Boss turned his head back and looked at Chris.

"Then I guess Satan will have a competition." Then with another snap, bullets hailed, killing Chris the Disposer.

Boss walked out of the warehouse and headed straight to the car.

"Oh, how ironic, isn't it? Chris the Disposer got disposed of. Life is very unpredictable, isn't it?" He questioned his chauffeur, which made the poor old man nervously and frantically nod.

The boss pulled out his phone and looked at the notification. Then his previous cold and emotionless face disappeared, a happy smile emerged on it as he stared at the notification.

"Nice, Nano Machine posted a new chapter," Boss said and clicked the notification.

Well, even if you are a ruthless man, that doesn't mean you don't need to have a hobby. And for someone as cold and ruthless as Boss, his only joy came from reading novels, manga, and manhwa.

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