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I have experienced all the eight sufferings of this world. I do not ask for nirvana, but for you. Wild and hard-to-tame demon (gong) X Cold, ascetic and childish immortal (shou) ₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪ Notes from translator: ** Warning: novel may touch on dark and disturbing themes in certain story arcs. Nan Chan is NOT for everyone due to some of the heavy themes it covers. If this isn’t your cup of cappuccino, then please move on. This is also a bl. So, if you mind such topics, then please skip this novel. Thank you! The perspective in the story is not fixed; i.e. story is told from both characters’ perspectives. (A quarter of the story will be flashback; a quarter will be on casework.) Carp is gong, gong, gong. Gong is older, older, older Notes from Folalee: Please keep in mind that i neither own or translated this novel. I am simply uploading it for - well, reading purposes. I also do not know who the translator is. So if anyone knows, please do tell. Enjoy! *Cover was found in Pinterest. ₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪


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