65 Chapter - 65

Morsh jumped up on a roof and changed his cloths,

He then transformed the earring into the plain black mask,

"Let's see what this city has to offer "

Morsh jumped from roof to roof until he saw four bald shirtless men carrying weapons walking around the market,

He jumped in front of them and said,

"Follow me, I have a few questions for you "

The 4 men looked at Morsh with confused looks on their faces but followed him to the alley,

Morsh stopped in the alley turned and said,

"Your life depends on your answers"

"Hahahaa " The men started laughing as they took out their weapons,

One of them said,

"You got guts to threaten first rate warriors "

The four men then manifested aura swords around them,

The whole alley lighted up because of their aura swords,

Morsh sighed and said,

"Just answer me before we fight... "

One of the men said,

"We will take your questions as your last wish, so ask "

Morsh said,

"Judging by aura swords strength, all of you have just reached the first-rate "

"So why do you want to die "

One of the bald men said,

"Just ask your question, don't waste our time "

Morsh nodded and said,

"Tell me about the illegal businesses in the city and who are operating them "

The four of them got angry with this question,

One of them said,

"How dare you ask us about the illegal businesses "

The other one said,

"Don't you know who we are?? "

Other one said,

"We are the silver rank adventuring party 'baldies' "

Morsh unsheathed his sword and said,

"Why do you look like thugs then.... "

He then decapitated them with one swift move and absorbed their souls,

"Idiots "

He then jumped on the roof and got away from that area,

He stopped when he saw a slave carriage,

There was a little blonde haired girl among the slaves in the carriage,

Morsh looked at the girl until the carriage passed and then continued his exploration,

After some time, he changed cloths again and transformed the mask to earring,

He then returned to the inn and sat on the bed,

He took out the coins from Pete's storage bag and counted them,

"He spent too much today, there's only 42 gold coins left here "

Morsh then puts the money back in the storage bag,

"He attitude has also changed a lot after he was enslaved "

Morsh then just sat on the bed for the whole night,

Morning arrived and Pete took over the body,

Pete heads downstairs and joined Amira in breakfast,

Amira asked,

"Now that we reached the city, what should we do?? "

Pete said,

"Let's explore the city today and we can take quests from tomorrow "

Amira nodded and said,

"Ok let's explore today "

They then walked out of the inn and were walking around market,

Amira was buying things here and there with no concern of money,

They stopped as they saw a lot of people gathered in one spot,

Amira said,

"What going on there?? "

Pete said,

"Let's check it out "

They passed through the crowd to see what's all this about,

Pete was first to reach the other side of crowd,

His eyes widened as he saw four decapitated bodies in the alley,

He quickly turned back and stopped Amira from seeing the scene,

He grabbed her hand and took her out of the crowd,

She said,

"I want to see too "

Pete said,

"You shouldn't... "

Amira tried to get away from Pete but she couldn't get away from Pete's grip,

She said,

"But why?? "

Pete said,

"Someone was killed there "

Amira stopped struggling and they both got away from that place,

They were walking past a building when they were stopped by a voice,

"Hey... Stop... "

They both stopped and turned towards the voice and saw an old man standing there,

Amira said,

"Why did you stop us "

The old man looked at Pete and said,

"Young man, do you want some young slave girls "

Amira said,

"Hey I asked you something... And we don't need a slave "

The old man said,

"I am talking to your master, girl "

Amira angrily said,

"He is not my master "

The old man said,

"Then why is he dragging you like that "

Pete quickly let go of Amira's hand,

"I am sorry... I forgot I have held your hand "

The old man smiled and said,

"You should never treat a lady like that young man "

Pete bowed and said,

"I am sorry... "

The old man said,

"I haven't seen you in this city before... Are you new here"

Pete said,

"Yes, we are adventurers "

The old man looked their cloths and said,

"You must be from a rich family "

Amira said,

"What do you really want?? "

The old man said,

"Why don't you come inside and see our products "

Amira said,

"We already told you.... WE DONT WANT SLAVES"

The old man said,

"How do you wash cloths "

Amira said,

"I don't wash cloths "

The old man said,

"So why don't you buy a slave that can wash your cloths , cook food during you quests and help you with your makeup "

The old man's words made Amira think,

'I didn't think about it, but who is going to wash my cloths.... I don't want to eat only roasted meat too '

She turns towards Pete and said,

"Let's buy one "

Pete said,

"Are you sure?? "

Pete smiled as he remembered past,

'I wanted slaves the moment I came in this world '

'But alas... Morsh is with me '

Amira said,

"Yes... I don't want to wash clothes "

Pete said,

"Well if it's something you want, then who am I to stop you"

The old man said,

"Please follow me "

He then took them inside the building,

There were salves inside the cages, some were humans, demi humans and even monsters too,

The old man said,

"These are our best slaves... "

Pete said,

"How much do they cost?? "

The old man said,

"The slaves here starts with 100 gold coins "

Amira said,

"Whaaat.... They are so expensive "

The old man said,

"We also have cheaper ones "

He then took them to a another room,

The room has mostly weak slaves,

The old man said,

"These slaves are cheaper but for a reason... As you can see for yourself "

Pete's eyes fell upon the little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes,

He walked up to her and said to the old man,

"Why is there a child here "

The old man said,

"Her fate shouldn't be like this... But unfortunately, her village was destroyed by the hero when he was controlled by the demons "

Pete's eyes widened when he heard this,

The old man said,

"She only survived because her mother ran away with her... But alas she was killed by bandits and she was sold here "

Pete's eyes were stuck at the little girl,

Amira asked the old man,

"How old is she?? "

The old man said,

"She is 7 "

Pete said,

"I will buy her "

Amira said,

"But she won't be able to do anything... "

Pete looked at Amira and said,

"Please... I beg you "

Amira sighed and said,

"It's not like I am stopping you... You can buy her "

Morsh said,

"You shouldn't buy her... you can't handle responsibility of a child "

Pete angrily said,

"I am buying her... How much for her "

The old man smiled and said,

"60 gold coins "

Amira said,

"Why is she so expensive?? "

Old man said,

"Cost depends on buyers interest... if you don't want her then there are other slaves "

Pete took out all the gold coins from his storage bag and gave them to the old man,

The old man counted the coins and said,

"These are only 42 gold coins "

Pete turns towards Amira and said,

"Lend me some coins "

Amira sighed and gave the remaining coins to the old man,

The old man happily took out the girl from the cage and said,

"Follow me "

He then took them to another room with a magic circle in the center,

He then puts the girl in the center and said to Pete,

"Please put a few drops of your blood in the circle "

Pete nodded and walked up to the circle,

The old man then gave him a knife and Pete made a small cut in his palm,

His blood dripped on the circle and it started glowing,

After couple of seconds, the circle stopped glowing and the old man said,

"She is your slave now "

The little girl looked up to Pete,

Pete walked up to her, picked her up and walked out of the store,

Amira asked the little girl,

"What is you name?? "

The little girl looked at Amira and said in low voice,

"Luna "

Amira smiled and said,

"That's a beautiful name "

Luna said,

"Thank you "

She then looked at Pete and said,

"I can walk now master "

Pete said,

"Don't call me master... Call me by my name "

Luna said,

"But how can I... Also I don't know master's name "

Amira said,

"His name is Pete.. "

Pete said,

"Call me Pete from now on "

Luna nodded and said,

"Ok Pete "

Pete then returned to the inn with Luna,

Amira took her from Pete's hand and said,

"She needs a bath... You should go downstairs and order some food "

She then took Luna to her room,

Pete went downstairs, ordered food and sat on a table,

After couple of minutes, Amira came with Luna,

Now that she is clean, with her fair skin, blonde hair and blur eyes, she looked like a fairy,

Amira said,

"We have to buy some new clothes for her "

Pete nodded and said,

"Yes.. she definitely needs some new clothes "

They then ate the food and headed towards the market after that,

They entered a clothing store and there Luna tried several dresses,

Every clothing was increasing her cuteness,

Amira eyes were sparkling as she was choosing dresses for luna,

In the end, she bought every dress Luna tried on,

They then wandered around the market, eating from the stalls and looking at places until the sun sets down,

They returned back to the inn and sat on the table and ordered some food,

The food arrived shortly after and they began eating,

Amira said,

"Isn't she the cutest "

Pete nodded and said,

"Yeah... "

Morsh said,

"It's my time to take over, send that kid with Amira "

Pete said slowly,

"Please take care of her "

Luna looked at Pete and said,

"Who are you talking to Pete?? "

Pete smiled and said,

"I am talking to myself "

His soul was then forced back to his soul space and Morsh took over the body,

The body aura completely changes when Morsh took over the body,

Luna also got scared looking at him suddenly change,

Morsh looked at Luna and said,

"Sleep with Amira tonight "

Amira was going to kneel when Morsh stopped her,

"Don't... We are in public "

Amira nodded and said,

"As you wish master "

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