Mythical Era: My Electric Eel Clone Can Evolve Infinitely

Author: I Have A Dragon Pen
Eastern Fantasy
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What is Mythical Era: My Electric Eel Clone Can Evolve Infinitely

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On March 1, 1999, during the old era, a gigantic six-winged creature with a bloodshot giant eyeball at the center of its six wings suddenly appeared over the land of Gaul, resembling an "angel" descending on earth! On January 27, 2000, during the old era, an enormous flaming giant, wearing a crown, emerged in the Arctic Iceland, standing hundreds of meters tall. The ice and snow melted, the earth collapsed, and the civilian casualties amounted to a hundred thousand! On February 13, 2000, during the old era, Mount Fuji erupted, and a colossal beast resembling an upright lizard emerged from molten lava. Three days later, the island of Honshu fell under its wrath. During the old era... In 123 during the new era, Chu Lingjun transmigrated into this terrifying world, but he possessed an electric eel clone. As the electric eel grew stronger, so did Chu Lingjun, and this electric eel could continuously devour and evolve without limit! As the body of the electric eel grew larger, reaching hundreds of meters, then kilometers, and even transforming into a dragon, Chu Lingjun's became increasingly powerful. The people around Chu Lingjun started to change their attitude towards him. His mother asked, "Lingjun, do you want a wife or not?" His relatives asked, "Lingjun, do you want a wife or not?" His friends asked, "Lingjun, do you want a wife or not?" Strange beasts asked, "Lingjun, do you want a wife or not?" Chu Lingjun was dumbfounded.

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Raw : 神话纪元 我的电鳗分身无限进化GOOD luck !please like,🙏🙏🙏🙏


this novel feels like a direct copy of "in the age of mythology, I evolved into a stellar behemoth" but a eel instead of a lizard


idk, but reading the summary, it sounds like that certain electric eel avatar novel that i read before..


There are some flaws to this story, but the core is interesting and honestly the side characters are good and interesting. More interesting than the main character at times which can be seen as the main flaw. That said because the family is written well, it at least creates a MC that has actual goals, that you can see progress, vs a lot of novels that side characters dont' matter, plot just repeats x30 times in different "realms". Also good foreshadowing for future plot lines. Hope this doesn't randomly get dropped but who knows.


Overall pretty normal novel. I love the translation and the story is fine as well. Nothing outstanding but i'd love to read more of this and bump it up. Super electric eel avatar was much worse


There is nothing special about this novel imo 😑


Thanks for the novel.... Thanks for the novel.... Thanks for the novel.... Thanks for the novel.... Thanks for the novel.... Thanks for the novel.... Thanks for the novel.... Thanks for the novel.... Thanks for the novel.... Thanks for the novel.... Thanks for the novel.... Thanks for the novel.... Thanks for the novel.... Thanks for the novel.... Thanks for the novel.... Thanks for the novel....


I will give a 4 star only because it seems like this book was a rip-off of another book of a very similar concept where the MC raises a 6 legged salamander and evolves it into a dragon. both stories use the concept of having the world be terrorized by humongous beasts, both start out with MC getting a beast clone of himself, both grow stronger as the beast clone grows bigger, both are focused on a future where martial cultivation became a thing to fight against the beasts


Niceeeeeeeee........ niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee3eeeeeeeeee... niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee3eeeeeeeeee


Reveal spoiler


Even if this is a direct copy of "In the age of mythology, I evolved into a stellar behemoth". The author has improved English grammar, translation, and story a lot. it's worth reading this


Translation is good(at least up to chapter 40, beyond that I've got no clue) and so is the stability of updates, getting that out of the way I'll start talking about the story itself. The story development has been pretty good, I really like the initial idea with the electric eel, its always been something I've wanted to see in an evolve type novel like this. The way the electric eel is put into the story is pretty good and watching it develop is pretty fun. MC is able to use lightning powers because the EE is an avatar of his and the level and the way they're used is good, not too underdeveloped and not too OP. The development of him going into school and being the genius and getting resources is pretty simple but its not bad. The power system surrounding everything doesn't seem that fleshed out but then again its not very late game, and the power system doesn't seem too bad and it reminds a bit of early WAO with martial artists and thaumaturgies. The thing that dissuades me from continuing to read is the characters. Many characters are introduced very quickly and I can't seem to remember a single one unless their 'niche' characteristic is mentioned. The characters all seem to be very flat, maybe that's just because its still at its relative start but I still can't help but find myself disinterested in the story. If it was just the side characters I could've endured as I do like the rest of the story but I also feel like the MC is also one dimensional and only when he interacts with his family does he become two dimensional. I don't ask for autonomous characters but if there is one character that should have some liveliness to it then it should be the MC but I just don't see it. That said its not like the novel is completely lacking, like mentioned before it does have a good foundation and if the characters gained some depth I'm sure this would be great.




Hoping that this gets picked as it is fun. Only issue is that it ( raw name is 神话纪元,我的电鳗分身无限进化最新章节 ) is a paid story post chapter 80 and it hasn't had any updates for the last 3 months since chapter 110.


very nice story, hope it gets the votes/picked.


The story starts off well, at the beginning the power levels are well defined, the author talks about how each sub-level represents a big difference in power or strength (For those who don't know, the levels are divided from 1 to 9, with 1 being the weakest and 9 the strongest, with apparently 3 sub-levels that have been presented to us so far in chapter 80, the stronger the greater the difference in power), however, the upper chapters are extremely confusing, there are times when the author says that the third year class has the average strength of a 2nd level Intermediate martial artist, then he says that only a few have this strength, now the protagonist, there is not much news, a typical protagonist of a wuxia novel he hides his strength (the author keeps justifying why he hides his strength), he has master syndrome (hand behind his back looking at everyone...), he manages to kill an initial 2nd level user being 1st intermediate level, which doesn't make much sense given the explanation in the levels of powers (we are given an explanation that despite being a 2nd level he was an earth esper, which still doesn't make much sense), but it's not boring, I recommend it.


Anyone know where I can keep reading the raws past chapter 80? I yearn for the remaining 30 or so chapters left in the novel before the author stopped updating it.


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