8 Chapter 8 Twins

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Looking at the excited Justin Welan across the table, Jack Clark discreetly kicked him under the table.

However, the kick wasn't too hard, and Justin didn't react. Just as he was about to continue speaking, a cold voice came from behind him.

"Classmate, is the 67th rank that funny?"

Instantly, Justin stiffened, recognizing the voice of their class leader.

Justin's laughter froze, and he awkwardly turned his neck. His face suddenly beamed with a smile: "Ha, hahaha... It's our class leader! Class leader Sherry, would you like to sit with us?"

His enthusiasm showed no sign of the laughter he had just made at her low rank.

"I'm only ranked 67th, so I don't dare to sit with this classmate."

With her hands folded across her chest, Sherry Lesser gave a cold, laughing look, glanced at the handsome youth opposite her, and then looked down at Justin, saying lightly.

"This classmate, I remember your name is Justin something, right? What's your rank on the new student list?"

"Rank? What rank?" Justin feigned confusion.

Seeing him play dumb, Sherry scoffed, "What, you dare to mock others behind their backs, but you don't dare admit it? Weren't you just laughing at my low rank?"

"Did I? Class leader, you must have heard wrong. You're the face of our class. How could I possibly mock you? I don't even have time to admire you." Justin spoke righteously and then looked at Jack.

"Isn't that right, Jack?"


Jack coughed, lowered his head, and took a sip of his soup: "I know nothing."

Hearing this, Justin rolled his eyes, his gaze saying, 'Bro, you're not loyal enough.'

Jack glanced at him, responding, 'Don't struggle, she heard everything you said earlier. Even if I tried to explain, it wouldn't help.'

'In this situation, I think you might as well commit suicide.'


Seeing the two boys' exchange, Sherry didn't say anything else, just snorted and turned away.

As soon as Sherry left, Justin's face soured, "Jack, it's over, I'm going to be on her blacklist."

Jack was not pleased, "Who told you to laugh at her behind her back? It's one thing to discuss rankings, but you actually mocked her."

"And as if that wasn't enough, she happened to pass by and hear it..." This kind of luck made even Jack shake his head.

However, one had to admit, this class leader was really beautiful.

Her long black hair was dyed purple, her face was white and clean, vivacious and gorgeous. Her already delicate features were accented with light eyeliner, making her narrow eyes even more enchanting.

She should be about 5'7" and slender. Her short-sleeve white school uniform shirt was puffing out, at least a B+, maybe even a C cup.

Her legs in dress pants were also straight and slender, and her youthful aura was only added by the vibrant energy particular to young girls, no wonder she had high popularity in class within just two days.

Based on the online rating criteria, her appearance alone would score at least a 90, goddess level.

But Jack originally thought this class leader would have a cold personality, he didn't expect her to be so fiery and not to be messed with.

"Speaking of that..."

Justin looked around mysteriously, then whispered, "Jack, do you know, the class leader has a twin sister."

"Twin! A sister!" Jack paused for a moment.

Justin nodded, "Yes, her sister's name is Mandy Leinster, also the class leader of Class 9. She's as beautiful as our class leader."

Even Jack was surprised by this piece of news; identical beauty in twins, wow...

Jack didn't know where Justin got this gossip, but over dinner, Justin shared all kinds of stories and rumors about their classmates.

Time passed just like that.

The Martial Cultivation Class in the afternoon was still held in the cultivation classroom.

In the 500-square-meter cultivation classroom, 40 students were scattered about, and no teachers were supervising them. Instead, class leader Sherry Lesser and Matt Watkins maintained order.

Maybe in the eyes of those martial arts teachers, students who weren't even at Foundation Establishment didn't deserve their attention.

However, Jack felt that, actually, since yesterday, the selection had already begun, selecting those with 'cultivation talent.'

This talent isn't limited to physique but also includes willpower and self-discipline.If a person doesn't work hard and cultivates lazily without the supervision of a teacher, even if they could cultivate True Martial Arts, they have little value in nurturing.

It's better to give up earlier rather than wasting time and effort.

Jack Clark found a corner to sit down, closed his eyes and concentrated, and quickly entered a meditative state.


At around four in the afternoon, accompanied by the school bell, Jack Clark, aching all over, plopped down on the floor in the cultivation classroom, panting for breath.

His shirt was soaked in sweat.

After meditating for half an hour, he took a short break and began practicing the Body Casting Skill to transport Qi Blood.

With the help of the blood light from the Essence Blood Stone he opened up behind him, he transported three turns in just over an hour, earning +3 in proficiency, +0.2 in physique, with a minimum time of 24 minutes.

Adding the +4 in meditation proficiency and +0.1 in spiritual attribute, his overall progress was not bad.

It was just that he had carried one more turn of Qi Blood, causing his physical energy to be exhausted. At this moment, Jack felt an empty and weak feeling in his body, but his channels were unblocked and smooth.

This feeling was quite strange.

"Finally, school is over."

"I'm so tired."

"Yeah, Body Casting Skill is too hard."

"Wang Gang, do you want to go to the club together?"

"I want to take a bath first."

"Then we'll leave first."

Geniuses are always few. Today Jack observed that during the first cultivation session yesterday, most of the students in the class could transport one turn in half an hour.

But today, many people still only managed two turns in one class, lasting about twenty minutes or so. There were just over ten people who finished in less than twenty minutes.

Although these people did not feel as exhausted as him after cultivation, their physiques seemed to be better, but their progress was much slower than Jack had imagined.

Of course, Jack did not pay attention to geniuses like class leader Sherry Lesser and Matt Watkins.

He was not on the same level as them in terms of talent and background, so comparing himself to them would only lead to frustration and discouragement.

Life is long, the tortoise and the hare competition has just begun, there's no need to rush.

Jack Clark rested for a while and only got up when his physical strength had recovered a lot.

Each floor of the cultivation building has a public restroom with separate sections for men and women. After taking a bath, just throw the clothes into the cleaning dryer and they will be as good as new in a few minutes.

As Jack came out of the restroom after washing and dressing, he ran into Justin Welan.

"Jack, are you going back?"

Jack nodded, "Yes, what's up?"

"Nothing." Justin shook his head, then suddenly asked, "By the way, Jack, have you been eating anything to replenish your Qi Blood these last two days?"

"Replenish Qi Blood." Jack was slightly stunned.

Seeing his clueless expression, Justin held his forehead, "I knew it."

Justin patiently explained, "The Body Casting Skill we practice is mainly used to transport Qi Blood, unblocking the channels throughout the body, and it also has a certain body refining effect."

"In this case, there is a great consumption of physical energy. For ordinary people, it's the limit to transport three or four turns in one day and practice twice a day. Any more will cause a deficit and harm the body."

"Only when the physique becomes stronger in the late period can one transport ten turns at once."

"If you want to increase the number of cultivation sessions and progress, and quickly strengthen your constitution, you must purchase some low-level resources to replenish your Qi Blood."

"Even those geniuses who rank high on the new student ranking with their innate physiques better than ours still need supplements to replenish their Qi Blood."

Jack paused for a moment.

So that's how it is. I was wondering how those people could raise their cultivation by five or seven turns in just one day. As ordinary people, how could there be such a big difference in physique?

In fact, Justin didn't need to mention it, Jack, who was somewhat doubtful about this issue, was planning to search the internet on it after returning home.

As for forced cultivation, Jack didn't need to worry about it. He knew the issue of Qi Blood deficit and just wanted to see his own limit with the help of the Essence Blood Stone in the cultivation classroom.

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