37 Chapter 37: Sweeping Across

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The youth with the heavy hammer on his back was nearly 1.9 meters tall, with a sturdy build. After leaping onto the Martial Arts Arena, he excitedly looked at Jack Clark in the distance, "Class 19, Marcus Lee."

"…Class 3, Jack Clark." Jack Clark also announced his name.

Marcus Lee reminded, "Brother, I cultivate the Advanced Skill 'Chaos Heavy Hammer'. If you feel that you can't withstand it later, admit defeat early, don't get hurt."

Marcus Lee then grasped in his hand the heavy hammer behind him, which was two meters long, as thick as an arm, with the hammerhead as huge as a washbasin, and its surface completely blunt.

"Thank you for the reminder."

Jack Clark nodded solemnly. Nevermind the Advanced Skill, just the opponent's hammer alone was probably close to a hundred kilograms. Anyone who could use such a heavy weapon would naturally be no weakling.

With a clang, Jack Clark drew out a 2 meters long straight blade.

The strength of the First Layer Heaven Limit only gave him a basic advantage, but the outcome of the battle was not about comparing physical strength, but also depended on combat sense and the blessings of cultivational methods.


A vast outburst of Qi Blood surged within Marcus Lee, like a furious giant bear charging at Jack Clark, the huge hammerhead waving in the air caused a piercing howl, the aura was shocking.

Jack Clark inhaled deeply, his body's Dragon Elephant Power started to circulate, in an instant, all of his muscles swelled up a size, radiating a furious aura he advanced in retaliation.

Jack Clark burst out at an even faster speed, attacked in response to the attack, slashed down with a knife held in both hands.


In mid-air, at the moment when the knife and hammer collided sparks scattered, a piercing collision sound echoed, afterward, a fearsome counter-shock strength erupted, causing Jack Clark's mouth to throb with pain.

Across from him, Marcus Lee didn't fare much better. Like Jack Clark, he was pushed back a step by the counter-shock force.

After a single move, both sides appeared evenly matched, but the previously confident Marcus Lee's expression became solemn.

Because heavy weapons naturally had a strength advantage, coupled with the inertia of swinging and his charging kinetic blessing, he could have unleashed an impact force far beyond its limit.

In this situation, his opponent could actually somewhat match him with just a knife, the pure power was already beyond him, but... wasn't this even better?

Marcus Lee's blood was boiling with excitement, "What strong power, continue."

As he spoke, he circulated the internal skill in his body, a stronger force transmitted to his arms, swinging the hundred-kilogram heavy hammer - he spun around with his waist as the axis and blasted out another hammer.

This strike, carrying the inertia of power, not only had greater strength but also greater speed, the piercing howl and afterimage instantly appeared above Jack Clark's head.

But this time Jack Clark did not block head-on. His figure slightly shifted and he vanished from his original spot.


The heavy hammer, carrying over a thousand kilograms of force, smashed into the Martial Arts Arena. Under the furious power, the hard stone slabs instantly shattered, countless tiny shards splashed out in all directions.


Jack Clark appeared at Marcus Lee's side, horizontal chop, but was deflected by Marcus Lee's timely use of the hammer shaft.

But immediately Marcus Lee's face changed because the moment he blocked the blade, Jack Clark reversed his grip and gave a pull, allowing the sharp blade to slide along the handle towards his palm.

The sudden change of move scared Marcus Lee into letting go hastily. But after spinning around to retract and avoid the range of the straight blade's attack, he turned around and kicked the middle of the hammer shaft.

Under the power unleashed, the freed hammer shaft spun around with the hammer head as the center, he tried to repel Jack Clark and take back the attacking rights. Jack Clark, however, directly made an overbearing slash down.

Clang! Under the scattering sparks, a smile tugged at the corner of Jack Clark's mouth.

You've lost.

Boom! With the ground vibrating beneath him, Jack Clark rushed forward, the two-meters-long straight blade in his hand pierced the air, the gleam of the blade flashed and appeared at the chest of Marcus Lee who was three meters away.

Looking at the blade tip which suddenly stopped at his chest, Marcus Lee was still somewhat unresponsive.

Jack Clark slowly withdrew his blade, smiled, and said, "Thank you for conceding."

"Amazing", Marcus Lee slowly exhaled, then he quickly admitted defeat, picked up his heavy hammer, and straightforwardly jumped off the Martial Arts Arena.

"No.49 Arena, student Jack Clark wins. Do you require a break?"


This time Jack Clark did not choose to carry on fighting continuously. He withdrew his blade, stood tall, and was gradually calming his boiling Qi Blood, reviewing the experience gained from the fight just now.Marcus Lee was actually quite strong, even under the full burden of his heavy weapon, his frontal strength was not inferior to Jack Clark's.

Unfortunately for him, in the very first match, he faced Jack Clark, who was not only equal in strength, but faster in reactions and greater in overall strength.

Moreover, as soon as Marcus launched his attack, Jack disrupted his rhythm by overpowering him with sheer force.

If Marcus was ever given an opportunity to wield his heavy hammer, amassing momentum with his inertia and hammer technique, it would take Jack at least ten moves to defeat him.

After a brief rest, Jack started his third fight.

The opponent was a spectacle-wearing youth. The boy…was utterly terrified when Jack powerfully cut down his weapon with a single swipe, and he quickly admitted defeat.

Then came the fourth battle. This time, the opponent was a cute girl wearing a lovely hair decoration. Her weapon was a 1.5 meter long thin sword.

However, after a mere three swift blows, the cute girl was made to cry by the aggressively spirited Jack.

The female student sobbed, "I quit!", dropped her sword, and jumped off the martial arts arena. Witnessing this made Jack somewhat embarrassed - did he perhaps go too far?

Then came the fifth match. The opponent was a student who had just crossed into the Foundation Establishment stage this month. Jack, in one swift motion, sent both the boy and his weapon flying several meters away.

After such a domineering move, the boy was terrified and promptly conceded defeat.

It wasn't until the sixth match that he had a slightly stronger competitor.

This time, it was a girl who looked haughty; her attitude resembling one who thought the world owed her a fortune. Her weapon was the same as Jack's.

The girl didn't bother with chit-chat; as though believing Jack didn't deserve to know her name. In a flash, she was at his side with an afterimage following her.

So fast! This speed was out of the First Layer Heaven category, even Jack was a little surprised.


Jack blocked the incoming knife with his blade. The collision of their bladed weapons caused sparks to fly.

But, the girl's face changed slightly as she was forced to retreat because of the furious power transferred to her through her sword.

In the First Layer Heaven, the main characteristic of True Martial Arts is power enhancement. Thus, the power doubles, becoming wild and fierce, while agility and speed are average, adhering to the 'victory by strength' route.

If a cultivator emphasizes agility, their speed would far exceed that of their peers. They would have nimble movements, but wouldn't have as much strength as the strength-based cultivators.

For someone like Crystal Leinster, who specializes in sword skills, their sword moves would be lethal and complex, but their speed and strength would be quite mediocre in comparison.

In general, each cultivator has their own merits.

Like the girl in front of him, she cultivated a method focusing on agility and her speed was startlingly fast.

Just as she was retreating, her body moved at an odd angle. Like a phantom, she reappeared at Jack's right side and aimed another stroke at his lower body.

Clang! Clang! Clang!!

Jack, immovable as a mountain, with sharp eyes, precisely blocked the phantasmal afterimages and the strange streaks of sword light surrounding him. Sparks flew with each clash.

But after just over ten moves, the girl explosively retreated to a distance five meters away. Her hand, which was gripping her long knife, shook uncontrollably, while her palm bled.

Even though her speed was fast, and her movement ghost-like, her strength fell far short of Jack's.

Each time their swords met, she felt an overbearing power shaking her arm numb and causing pain in her palms. After only ten strokes, she was already wounded.

Jack exhaled a breath, smiled gently, and said, "You have been lenient."

Humph! The girl gave Jack a deep glance, snorted coldly, and turned around to jump off the arena.

"Number 49 arena, student Jack Clark wins. You have completed your matches. Please step down for rest and wait for the results."

Knowing he was definitely going to advance, Jack jumped down from the arena with a smile on his face.

After decisively defeating six opponents in a row, Jack's performance aroused the attention of some teachers on the main stage.

Lori Parma even let out an astonished sound.

On his mind was Jack Clark, a student who had established the Foundation in less than a month. He had cultivated the power exploding Dragon Elephant Power, and his special sword skill was the Mind's Eye Bright Knife.

But his combat power performance today seemed a bit too strong; even two 'geniuses' who had cultivated Advanced Skills were not his match.

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