Chapter 33 Underwater Hunt

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In the afternoon, the spacious Cultivation Room had only about a dozen cultivators practicing.

The class geniuses, Crystal Lewis and Matt Watkins, and others all had their small groups and had rented a Club Practice Room.

While other classmates cultivated fist techniques, swords and other weapons around him, Jack Clark held a sword in one hand behind his back and gently closed his eyes.

Previously, when trying to cultivate the Heart's Eye, Jack Clark had never made an entry.

However, today, as he regulated his breathing and concentrated, a fuzzy image vaguely appeared in his mind.

With a Spiritual Attribute of 55 points, which is five to six times that of an ordinary person, his powerful Spirit Power naturally spread out, enveloping several meters around him.

Under normal conditions, a cultivator's Spirit Power would also improve later on, allowing them to project their Spiritual Will outside and perceive everything around them.

But when your Spirit Power senses an opponent from afar, others can also detect you at the same moment.

Therefore, the creator of this cultivation method thought of a shortcut: to tap into the five senses of the human body, pushing them to their limits and cultivating a sixth sense from the dark.

When that time comes, as long as there is a hostile gaze falling on them, no matter how far away, they will detect it immediately, and in combat, they could act later and strike first.

A set of mnemonic chant surfaced in his mind, and Jack Clark slowly focused his Spirit Power on senses like hearing, smell, and touch, stimulating these senses to magnify infinitely with the edge of a blade.

It was not clear whether it was due to an increase in strength or the reason for "Evolution," but soon, Jack Clark could feel the air moving around him with the slightest stir in the hairs on his skin.

These fluctuations were the ripples in the air stirred by the bodies of the people practicing nearby, plus the sharp tremors caused by their weapons tearing through the air.

As his mind quieted down, Jack Clark's mind became like a transparent mirror, with ripples constantly moving on it, forming incomplete and blurred lines.

This period of cultivation lasted until noon before he stopped.

Jack Clark slowly opened his eyes, glanced at the classmates around him who were done and preparing for lunch, and with a thought, he summoned the attribute page.

Indeed, in the remarks section behind the Sword Skill, the Heart's Eye had finally made an entry.

Seeing this, Jack Clark revealed a smile on his face; as long as he entered the state of the Heart's Eye once and was recorded by the attribute page, he only had to work hard on cultivation to continue improving.

When everyone had left, Jack Clark walked over to a strength tester and took a deep breath.

He saw his figure sink, Qi Blood circulating fervently within him, his right arm and even upper body muscles slightly swelling as a burst of Furious Power surged forth.


Under Jack Clark's punch, the strength tester embedded in the wall shook violently, its numbers crazily flickering, finally stopping at 1650.

With a strength attribute nearly six times that of ordinary people, Jack Clark's arm strength reached four hundred kilograms.

Moreover, with the actualization feature of his Strength after practicing Dragon Elephant Power, which doubled it, a punch instantly burst forth with a terrifying impact of over 1600 kilograms.

And this was just a pure Power Explosion.

Next, Jack Clark went to the Speed Testing Area for a test, and the data showed twenty-four meters per second.

Although this speed was already fast, Jack Clark frowned slightly.

Based on the normal speed of more than six meters per second for ordinary people, with five times the agility attribute, shouldn't his speed be thirty meters per second?

Or is it that speed, unlike strength, is affected by external gravity and air resistance when it comes to personal movement, and cannot simply be calculated in multiples?

In his confusion, Jack Clark conducted some further tests.

He discovered that aside from his moving speed being a bit lower than the data showed, his nerve responses were five times faster than those of ordinary people, and his body was flexible and coordinated.

Clearly, the agility attribute refers not just to speed but also includes coordination and nerve response.

And having reached this point, he could still slowly improve his physique and strength while practicing Dragon Elephant Power.

It seems the evolution of his Avatar also raised his limit, unlike his classmates who reach the First Layer Heaven Limit and could not enhance their physiques any further.



In the afternoon, after finishing his daily cultivation at four o'clock, Jack Clark didn't leave the school; instead, he went to the thirty-three-layer data room.

Apart from his daily cultivation, he would visit the top floor to read books whenever he had time. These books helped him broaden his knowledge, ensuring that he wasn't completely in the dark when venturing out into the world.

And under official control, this kind of information simply couldn't be found on the internet.

When Jack picked up two books and arrived at the reading area, he saw the girl with hair black as ink, sitting as usual by the window, quietly reading with her head slightly bowed.

As Jack sat down opposite her, Freya Louise seemed to sense his presence and looked up slightly.

Seeing it was him, the girl's pretty face displayed a faint smile. She nodded at Jack as a greeting and then continued to read her book.

Jack responded with a smile and also began to read the opened book.

Outside the window, the sunlight was just right, shining on both of them, bringing warmth and also making the atmosphere seem a bit lazy, serene...


Ten meters beneath the surface of the river, water exploded as a Unique Beast clad in heavy armor, measuring seventy-five centimeters long, burst from the riverbed and bit into the belly of a big fish swimming above.

This was a 1.5 meters long black fish, weighing several tens of kilograms, with a mouth full of sharp teeth.

The attacked fish twisted its body frantically, trying to break free with powerful bursts of strength. Just then, a claw with astonishing force slapped its head.

Crack! The skull of the black fish with a snake-like head was crushed by a blow from the Heavy Armored Beast.

Having killed the black fish that was twice as long as itself, the Heavy Armored Beast began to feed, its sharp teeth and strong biting power easily tearing apart its prey.

However, the Heavy Armored Beast, with human-like consciousness, was picky and only interested in eating the flesh, not the innards.

Those scattered organs slowly sinking were immediately swarmed by small fishes the size of fingers, frenziedly tearing at them.

When the big fish fed, small fishes picked up the scraps; this was the river ecology at work in the Great River.

Soon, a nearly hundred-kilogram black fish was devoured completely. With terrifying digestive ability, the food was transformed, and the Heavy Armored Beast's body visibly swelled.

The grown Heavy Armored Beast appeared even bulkier and more ferocious.

Gurgle gurgle! Exhaling a series of bubbles, the Heavy Armored Beast flicked its tail, ready to search for its next target.

But just then, a dark shadow flashed through the turbid depths.


A powerful impact came from below the Heavy Armored Beast, sending it flying several meters, as its hefty body tumbled in the water.

As the Heavy Armored Beast righted itself, the creature that had attacked it burst forward again at a tremendous speed, aiming for the Heavy Armored Beast's head this time.

It was then that Jack finally saw the attacker clearly. It was a big fish over 2 meters long, with a body covered in gray scales, resembling a sturgeon.

But its mouth, full of sharp teeth capable of biting through a human's thigh in one bite, was far more ferocious than a sturgeon's.

This fish was swift, nearly appearing in front of the Heavy Armored Beast in the blink of an eye, and then...

With a muffled 'bang,' the Mutated Sturgeon Fish was hit by the Heavy Armored Beast's reversing tail-smash on its mouth, its body was flung upside down by the terrifying force.

Although there was a threefold difference in size, it was the one getting flipped over, leaving the less intelligent Mutated Sturgeon Fish somewhat dazed.

At that moment, the Heavy Armored Beast pounced, stretching out its double claws to grasp violently at the sides of the Mutated Sturgeon Fish's body, tearing apart its scales.

Wounded, the Mutated Sturgeon Fish struggled to swim away, trying to shake off the Heavy Armored Beast clinging to it, but it was unable to break free, while the Heavy Armored Beast also opened its jaws wide.


Under the Heavy Armored Beast's terrifying bite force, the spine of the Mutated Sturgeon Fish was snapped in two, its body suddenly stiffened, losing the will to resist, becoming food.

In these waters devoid of powerful Mutated Beasts, the Heavy Armored Beast – frightening in strength and remarkable in defense – had virtually no natural enemies.