Chapter 18 Heavy Weapons

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Having reviewed all the cultivation methods, Jack Clark leaned back on the sofa and pondered.

He realized that all cultivation methods had only three levels, with the maximum cultivation limit being the Third Layer Heaven, which was the limitation of low-level martial arts.

If there were low-level martial arts, then there certainly were senior and even top-tier methods that ordinary people could not learn, requiring higher access permissions.

Permission correlated with how quickly they achieved Foundation Establishment; the faster the breakthrough, the higher the initial permission.

No wonder Crystal Lewis and those others, with their innate talents, spared no resources to achieve a rapid Foundation Establishment, they must have known about the permissions long ago.

Remembering this, Jack couldn't help but recall the time Justin Welan waited especially for him to tell him that Qi Blood resources could supplement Qi Blood and accelerate cultivation.

At that time, Justin's intention may have been not only to remind him to take care of his health but also to subtly suggest he buy resources with money to accelerate his Foundation Establishment.

Unfortunately, even if Justin had spoken plainly, he couldn't have done anything about it back then.

Because he had no money, and his aptitude was inherently poor. That he managed to break through within half a month was due to the Avatar Evolution and the attribute page solidifying proficiency.

Pensive, Jack's attention returned to the choice of cultivation methods.

Each of these martial arts had its tendencies, but they could be roughly divided into those focusing on body enhancement and those on weaponry.

The body enhancement category further subdivided into those specializing in strength, defense, speed burst, and short-distance movement footwork, while the weaponry category was even more diverse.

However, Jack found all kinds of weapons to be extremely exaggerated.

For example, the sword cultivation method required the chosen sword to be no shorter than 1.5 meters, with a maximum length of 2 meters.

Man, a 2-meter sword is already a huge sword, right?

And the cultivating meteor hammer method suggested that the hammerhead alone should weigh 100 kg; otherwise, it would be unable to exhibit its power, and the heavier the weapon, the better.

Beyond that, several sword skills were no exception, with the most extravagant being one called Hegemon Ten Slashes requiring the sword to be 3 meters long and 0.5 meters wide.

That's not a sword; that's a plank of wood.

However, remembering that these martial arts were designed to combat Mutated Beasts, Jack gained some understanding.

After all, those Mutated Beasts were several meters or even a dozen meters in size. Not to mention the giant beasts — if the weapons were too small, wouldn't they just be tickling the enemy?

After much contemplation, Jack finally chose one primary cultivation method, "Dragon Elephant Power," and a sword skill, "Mind's Eye Bright Knife," with the recommended weapon length being 2 meters.

Once he had decided on the Cultivation Methods, Jack let out a sigh of relief.

That's the trouble with choice difficulty; although all these martial arts were low-level, they all seemed very appealing. As long as they were fully mastered, they could ignore light firearms.

Moreover, each cultivation method was designed to maximize a certain advantage in a person, created specifically for combat and slaughter.

Next, he would redeem the materials needed for cultivating the chosen methods.

Indeed, True Martial Arts were powerful, but also troublesome to cultivate. Many of the body-focused methods required accompanying resources for beginners.

For instance, to start practicing Dragon Elephant Power, one needed to smear one's body with the blood of a Mutated Beast known as Tyrant Elephant during cultivation, granting the body a trace of the elephant's attributes.

Once the martial art was mastered successfully, one's strength would significantly increase.

By the time Jack had settled on his martial arts, a virtual helmet-like piece of equipment slowly descended onto his head. Having read the introduction, Jack, without hesitation, put the helmet on his head.

"Identity verification in progress... Verification complete."

"Please relax, student, do not be nervous. Beginning the transmission of Dragon Elephant Power, Mind's Eye Bright Knife data..."

A screen appeared before Jack's eyes, and in the projection, a burly middle-aged man, at least 2 meters tall, started practicing Dragon Elephant Power.

Around him, Qi Blood circulation paths appeared, like arrows following a certain pattern in motion...

Thanks to a special memory-assistance light beam for the pupils, these images could remain in the brain for a month without being forgotten, achieving a state of photographic memory.

One month was enough time for the freshman to get started.



By the time Jack Clark came out, Lori Parma had already left.

Taking the elevator to the Third Floor, Jack didn't see Lori Parma but instead found Justin Welan, who was cultivating not far away. His eyes lit up when he saw him.

Justin Welan excitedly ran over, ready to slap Jack on the shoulder with his hand covered by a helmet-sized, spike-studded glove, but Jack hurried to block it.

"Are you trying to murder me?"

"Ha... sorry, it's a habit."

Justin chuckled and lowered his hand, then curiously asked, "Jack, tell me, how much is your basic data like punching strength?"

There was no need to hide it; Jack casually said, "Arm strength 102, punching strength 210, kicking strength 290, just enough to reach the threshold of the First Layer Heaven."

"Arm strength 102, punching strength only 200 kg, it seems like you haven't learned any combat skills, Jack."

Normally, people who have undergone professional training can achieve three times their arm strength in punching power, and even those who have specifically trained for muscle enhancement can reach four times that.

Justin said with a grin, "But that's already good, reaching the First Layer Heaven threshold with basic data, you get contribution reward points every month, which will let you enter True Martial quickly."

The gate of the First Layer Heaven means that after Foundation Establishment, one's basic arm strength exceeds 100 kg, and their physique is strengthened to twice that of ordinary people.

"And I remember you only had an average physique at the beginning, probably not even up to the standard of ordinary people."

"Right," Jack nodded. His body had always been weak, looking somewhat undernourished.

"That means your body is highly compatible with strength-enhancing and physique-strengthening cultivation methods, practicing Body Casting Skill has enhanced your physique by 0.6 times."

"Only then does it make sense for you to break through to the First Layer Heaven all at once."

At this point, envy couldn't help but show on Justin's face.

Because high compatibility with certain cultivation methods, such as strength and defense, is also a type of hidden talent; choosing the right method can yield twice the result with half the effort.

"Lucky, I guess," Jack humbly responded.

He knew Justin had misunderstood, but that was just fine.

Once his Avatar evolved again, his physique would certainly improve significantly, a reason he could use to conceal any sudden bursts in strength in the future.

"By the way, Mr. Willard, what were your data when you established your foundation?" Jack asked in return, wanting to know the stats of these 'geniuses' who had established their foundations within a week.

"Me? Not too bad."

Justin chuckled, a proud expression on his face, "My arm strength was 140, punching strength 340, kicking strength 420, what do you think, impressive right?"

"You should know, Crystal Lewis only had an arm strength of 130 when she completed Foundation Establishment, I was even stronger than her."

Jack nodded, "Indeed impressive."

Based on the average arm strength of 50 kg for an untrained ordinary person, Justin's physique must have been at least 28 points when he completed his Foundation Establishment, which was 6 points higher than his.

The Body Casting Skill must have only given him an increase of two or three points in physique, otherwise, he wouldn't envy Jack's '0.6' times increase.

Plus, with an estimated increase of about 10 points during Foundation Establishment, his physique would have already reached 16 points before cultivating, far surpassing ordinary people from the base.

With some Qi Blood resources to supplement him, no wonder their cultivation speed was so fast.

"Jack, don't listen to his nonsense."

At that moment, Freya Louise came over: "Justin, don't forget that the average arm strength for women is only 40 kg."

"Even if the Class Leader had learned some physical arts before, having 130 kg of arm strength after completing Foundation Establishment means her base physique was three times that of an ordinary person, which is even a higher increase than yours."

"Is that so? Could it be that I remembered it wrong, isn't the base strength the same for men and women?"

Exposed, Justin appeared lost.