184 Chapter 138: The Beast Jack Clark and the Super Electromagnetic Cannon (Seeking Monthly Pass)_3

Translator: 549690339


Jack Clark was suddenly sent flying by the claw of the Dragon Armor Beast. His figure, followed by after-images, crashed into a huge rock tens of meters away, smashing it to pieces.

However, shards of rock instantly exploded. The seemingly more ferocious Jack Clark got to his feet.

With True Power Protection, armor defense, and the strengthening of the Ten Times Defense, Jack Clark's Defense reached a horrifying level, nothing short of the Dragon Armor Beast's.


The Dragon Armor Beast, with some of its scales broken, let out a savage roar. Its eyes glinted maliciously as it rushed at Jack Clark, who was charging towards it.

It refused to believe it couldn't kill this insect.

Boom boom boom!! The man and the beast once again clashed. Where they passed, the earth cracked, trees broke, and stones exploded.

Suddenly, Freya Louise heard Jack Clark's voice in her ear.



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