Myth Of Miracle: Reborn To Defy My Fate

Xiu Wanxue woke up and found out that she was reborn. This time, she learned that she was just a nobody in this world where the daughter and the sons of destiny existed. Looking back on all the tragic events that happened in her previous life, she sighed bitterly. No wonder; they hated her so much, even if she didn't do anything wrong but wishing to get 'her' care and love. No wonder; they all loved 'her' so much. It turned out that Xiu Wanxia, her twin sister, was the daughter of destiny, who was surrounded by heaven-defying opportunities, extraordinary men, and the powerful beast partners. Heaven and earth granted her a chance to turned over a new leaf, she won't make the same mistake and misread people again. She will only be kind to those who treat her with kindness and punish those who hurt her loved ones. The old bracelet that was worn on her wrist was actually a portable space with a small world inside where she could plant everything inside. Learning alchemy, drawing runes, contracting beasts, exploring the treasures... many more exciting things are going to happen here. Through blood and hard work, she embarked on her journey to immortality and soared beyond the sky to find her freedom and defy her doom from last life. However, something was off. What would happen, when she find out that everything was exactly different from how it seemed to be? When the secrets slowly transpire, everything turned out to be so....... This book is for participating in Webnovel Spirity Award 2024. Note: This book is a reverse harem novel, ending is absolutely reverse harem. The cover isn't mine. Credit to the right full owner. The quotes of each characters, aren’t mine. I researched from a website. Credit goes to the owners of those quotes. My DISCORD Username: littlecarrot6510 https://discord.gg/8tn2JkKs My Instagram: Littlecarrot006__ #ReverseHaremFL #Reborn #Portablespace #Cannonfodder #Romance #Beastpartners #Adventures #Darkromance #ImmortalWorld #Xianxia #TwistedPlots #Fighting #DetailNovel #Mysteriouspast #Previouslifememory #Novelwithmoral #Inspiration

Littlecarrot · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
229 Chs

Happy Birthday, My Little Princess

Zhang Qingsheng didn't look at the jar of blue snow that Xiu Wanxia bought for him. He waved his hands as the jar of blue snow appeared in his hand. He didn't touch the jar of blue snow as he threw the thing into the corner of his cave.

Zhang Qingsheng wiped the blood from his lips as he rushed to see the petals of the white and blue plum blossom tree.

At this time, he held several petals of the white and blue plum blossom tree gently, as if he were holding the precious treasures. He ignored his painful chest.

The white and blue plum blossom tree slowly changed into a ruby-red color. He kissed the ruby-red plum blossom petals gently, like he was kissing his beloved.

"Sheng'er, how is your injury?" An old and kind voice sounded as an old man with white hair and a whie beard slowly descended from the sky with his white hanfu like an immortal.