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Myth Beyond Heaven


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Yun Lintian, a man from Earth, found himself in a clichéd transmigrated situation and ended up in the Azure World, a magical cultivation-oriented world. Unlike the protagonists in the novels he had read, Yun Lintian lacks any cheating devices to assist him on his journey. Did the God of Transmission forget about it? However, as a crisis unfolds, an ancient power dormant within him suddenly awakens, entangling him in a mysterious destiny... Watch the journey of Yun Lintian in a foreign world as he rises in power ranking alongside his precious all-female sect! ————————————— DISCLAIMER: The protagonist of this novel is exceptionally powerful, resourceful, and mature. If you don't enjoy stories with an overpowered protagonist who frequently use logic from novels he has read to solve the problems he encounters, this novel may not be to your liking. Besides the cultivation adventure, this novel also focuses on romance, comedy, and the bonds between the protagonist and his fellow disciples in the sect. The author is not a native English speaker, so you can expect some grammatical errors in the novel. Please bear with me, and trust me, I am trying to improve it. Everything in this novel is pure fantasy based on the author's imagination. It does not reflect the real world. Hence, readers should not attempt to apply their common sense and logic to this novel. Constructive criticism is always welcome. ————————————— All rights to the cover belong to the original artist.


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