855 Turning Point 1

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The battlefield was in a frozen state as the Hellfrost Peacock Technique finally revealed its true strength for the very first time in public.

With Garen's Mech as the epicenter, a thin layer of frost was created within the radius of at least ten meters. The air turned cool and the strange cry of a kid could be heard everywhere as if it had appeared out of thin air.

"What sorcery is this!!" the Red-White Mech immediately took a few steps back. Although the Mech would be able to maintain its core temperature, the strange child's cry couldn't be avoided.

Garen stretched the Mech body as if he was one with the Mech.

"Now that your Energy Field's been deactivated, what else can you do?'

Before he even finished his sentence, he'd pounced forward and attacked with two slashes which formed blades of light.



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