23 The Smell of Grass Part 1 (Ze)

“Alright get the fuck out. MOVE! MOVE!”

Several others and I stand up and make our way out of the convoy. I make sure I have all of my gear with me on my way out.

“Don’t want to forget anything.” I thought.

The merc who knew my name followed out behind me closely. I kept my eye on him and so did he. I could feel the thick crimson red from his visor analyzing me; watching my every move.

We all piled out into a clearance. Towering trees stood at our backs as we made our way deeper into the clearing. A soft cool breezed kissed my exposed face; forcing my hair into a wicked dance.

I inhaled deeply. The air was surprisingly fresh. Something I can’t remember smelling since I was kid. Back when I lived in the rich natural valley of Wesson District.

The smell of natural grown grass and mildew overwhelmed my senses. Nostalgia washed in. Memories of a happier time resurfaced. A simpler time. A time of youth and innocence. A time soured by…..time.

We keep walking until we reach the end of a large beautiful lake. The lake was frozen solid in a thick layer of reflective ice. A rainbow pattern could be seen on its reflective surface. It danced and swayed with ease in a rhythmless, yet beautiful motion.

I looked up and was automatically entranced by a alluring sight. An aurora graced the night sky with its presence. Serenading the attention of everyone present.

Murmurs and whispers could be heard from the group I was. I took notice. They had never seen something like this before. They were enamored completely and I couldn’t blame them.

This was, indeed, a sight to behold….

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