1 Man-o-Violence (???)

“HIGH-LEVEL THREAT!!! I REPEAT!!!!! HIGH-LEVEL THREAT!!!! ANGRY MAN IS ON THE LOO-.” The screams of a man were cut short as a large mechanized robot slammed full force into the building behind it. A loud nerve-racking boom could be heard as shards of glass cascaded down onto the cold, cracked asphalt under my feet. Smoke and dust ran rampant upon the street as all hell seemed to break loose before me.

Half-naked men and women alike scattered like roaches as the machine used the building behind it to regain its footing.

An animalistic howl could be heard from inside the cockpit as the humanoid robot itself seemed to spaz uncontrollably. Sparks, wiring, and chunks of debris flew from its being as the giant clawed at its insides, seemingly trying to get something out.

“Pilot 16 we are on our way to assist you! I repeat! Pilot 16 we’re are on our way to assist you! Hold your ground! Friendly H.A.V.O.C in need of backup! All units converge on its location!” screamed another pilot from somewhere in the distance.

Pilot 16 was finally able to grab the object that it was frantically trying to get out of its cockpit and threw it to the ground. The object slammed into the pavement with force, completely rupturing the asphalt, and causing parts of the road to fly in multiple directions.

The object landing, of course, kicked up dust. However, I could still tell what it was. It was a man. It was a completely naked human man….. and he didn’t look happy. He stood up revealing his full height. He was probably no taller than 5 foot 9 inches…. which was odd.

“The H.A.V.O.C. was at LEAST 4 stories high and around several hundred tons so how did the man knock….” My thought process was cut short as “angry man” sprinted forward.

The ground cracked and creased with every step as the man rocketed towards the H.AV.OC. His mouth was fuming with smoke as he thundered onward. The H.A.V.O.C., now badly damaged, was trying to get up to defend itself, but it was too late. The man leaped on top of the H.A.V.O.C. clenching his fist high in the air. Pilot 16 could be heard screaming hysterically as the man’s fist ignited. His face in a nightmarish scowl and his eyes beaming crimson. The man, who at one-point was just fuming smoke, was now drooling what seemed to be burning hot magma.

I watched completely starstruck as the man glared into ruins of the cockpit. The pilot was now screaming incoherently as the man brought down his fist upon the Titan.

“DEAR GOD!! IM SORR-,” Pilot 16’s screams were cut short as the man’s fist connected with the interior of the cockpit. In an instant, the night sky brightened.

My ears popped as a deafening boom ruptured the air and was followed by the plume of what seemed to be a small nuclear explosion. Then, there was silence.

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