Chapter 30: Hiding

“I didn’t know that you had her, I thought she’s---”

“Shhh… some might hear you.”

“But, Cecil, it’s dangerous! I thought you have a mission in the other world for years, and I never thought that you took the responsibility!”

“I had to! I want to help---”

“Then, why didn’t you tell me?! After all these years, you kept this. Stay out of this, Cecil. They’re going to punish you if---”

“I don’t care!”

I suddenly sat in bed after I opened my eyes. Where am I? I look around: I realized that I’m in the infirmary, in Headmaster Darius’ school. My heart starts to beat fast when I remembered Cadmus. Tears pooled again.

I instantly stood up and opened the curtains. I saw Tia Cecil and that tall man before I faint. Their eyes were wide open, and they stopped talking when they saw me going out. The man’s Adam’s apple moved. I think he just cleared his throat.

“J-Jasmine… how a-are you?”

“Where’s… where is Cadmus?”