Chapter 28: Fear

“I-I’m sorry… I can’t bring your memory back.” He messed his hair. “Someone is protecting your memory. That person is too powerful,”

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes tightly. My tears won’t stop flowing in my cheeks. With the pain, I felt while trying to bring back my memories. I’m panting so hard and sweating at the same time. I touched my neck as I can still feel someone gripping it.

I immediately opened my eyes when I heard the Headmaster groan. He’s holding his right hand. My eyes widened when I saw that his hands were burnt. Like he dipped his hand in the fire. He hides it at his back as he notices me looking at it.

He gave a small smile. “As I try to look into your memory, your body suddenly is covered with fire.” He showed his hand to me.

My lips parted. That’s how he got those.

I look into my hands: I noticed that the couch is burnt, except for my clothes.