Mysterious App

Author: Bakakeju
Anime & Comics
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What is Mysterious App

Read ‘Mysterious App’ Online for Free, written by the author Bakakeju, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ROMANCE Fanfiction, R18 Fan Fiction, SYSTEM Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Yamaguchi Ryuichi, discovered a mysterious app installed on his smartphone. Thanks to the app, his ordinary, flat life h...


Yamaguchi Ryuichi, discovered a mysterious app installed on his smartphone. Thanks to the app, his ordinary, flat life has taken a 180% turn. An ordinary man, but not ordinary if you get to know him closely. Tag : #Gender Bender #Netori #MindControl #Harem #Romance ================== But if you feel like you can't wait, you can go to my patreon or check the link below PA TREON LINK:https://www.patreon.com/touyama I WILL POST MANY INTERESTING NOVELS THERE

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It has such a great potential and the story is pretty interesting too, but you just had to ruin the story by bringing Fe**s into this. WHY!!! That horrible Mann! I can deal with waterworks, but this is just too much even for me. Please edit that part of the story and never introduce it in the future. That will 10x more enjoyable to read and suggest to other cultured people.


it seems like this fanfic will become my favorite plus it has only 4 chapters released, so we can't expect much or we will disappointed. OVERALL IT IS GOOD 🤩💯 BUT i noticed the change of gender text like ( he --> she and she --> he ) a little 😅


Please give your reviews so that I can make this novel better and this is not fanfiction.


I know it's just the beginning of the novel but need more character and like everything and it's good


i don't know why i like it so much even though I clearly don't like it. but i can't read anymore. bye bye


"When do the new chapters come?"???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????jdhdjbcjebdidwhjdhsjdhdjdhsjsjdjdjdjhdjdhdj


I didn't read it completely, but I liked it. Although some strange things were added, it's good. Keep it up ،whehahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


i'm at chapter 9 i just hope nothing gay will be ahead


I'm at the chap 10! And sofar so good. The rwinting cloud be better, but the exploration of the fetiches and the sexual deviances is very good. The author has no shame in doing what he likes and explores the mc's sexual fantasy's, with can be a no for most of the people.


ngl this is a hot potato, touching my lsp so much. like it 5 star.


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