1 I Am a Traveler


Through the will of God, a 20 year old college student was chosen to become a supreme immortal who would traverse the infinite and countless cosmos. He was given no mission, no principle to follow, and no ideals to stick by, and despite the potential danger his transformed existence could bring, he was able to roam freely. Either it was destruction or salvation, the state of everything depended on his decisions, conditions, and emotions. This is a story of a chosen traveler who experienced and lost everything while being able to attain the most exalted enlightenment.

Sypnosis I:

Under the veil of the ubiquitous light, an unremarkable teenager was illuminated by its elusive glow. A shift of time, seemingly an eternity; an omni-being spawned forth it's deifying presence into the void. After a bout ceased, a new divinity was born.

Crossing over to the infinite cosmos and traversing the unfathomable mysteries within, parallel or not it may be, he arrived...

For the first time.

The origin place of the immortals.

Somewhere in a cultivation world...

"W-Wh-who are you!" A man was immoderately frightened that he stepped back in terror involuntarily as his butt plunged on the scabrous ground. Countless cadavers were in repose.

In front of him was a nebulous person concealed in the overlay of his exquisite pitch-black robe. His face was hidden in enigma but his aphotic eyes seemed to pierce through his debilitated soul as one of it gleamed in black and the other in white. His serried and boundless aura encompassed everything in the area. The elements hovered in exuberant around him. All existences shuddered by his concentrated pressure.

He answered in a deep and uncanny voice.

"I'm just a traveler."

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